Video: Breaking down UF receivers with Chris Doering


The Gainesville Sun’s Robbie Andreu sits down to talk Gators football with Gator great and former NFL player Chris Doering.


  1. Exited about the receiving group. Think if receivers are taught to get open, then the qb’s will look better too. I only wish that the excitement talked about in the video would start showing up in the recruiting results. Sooner than later would be nice. I’m beginning to get concerned.

  2. Gonzales definitely knows what he’s doing this whole staff does and that’s why I’m excited for the future they know to build a successful WRs go I agree with Doering there very talented and if Gonzales can get there full potential out we’re gonna be just fine at that position and it will help the QB a ton

    • Garrett. Florida just needs decent play from the QB and OL this year for the WRs to be very good. Heck, I can see this group even becoming better than the Ole Miss group if both Jefferson and Grimes get their transfer waivers approved and are in the WR rotation this year. I think a combination of Cleveland, Jefferson, Grimes, Toney, Hammond, Swain, Wells, Copeland, and Lewis is going to keep a lot of opposing DCs up late at night before they play Florida in the fall. And I just have a feeling that Krull is going to become a standout and a serious red zone weapon at the H-back position.

      • Touché Tampa! Add the tight ends with some rbs that can produce. IF the OL can be decent. A Franks that plays to his talent. Trask unknown but think there might be something, Jones i think will be a weapon. What do you think of two QB a la Tebow and Leak. With a wildcat option. I’m not personally a fan of gimic stuff but I see the potential to rattle some defenses. Especially if they change gears occasionally.

  3. Here is a perfect example of a pic (4:00 mark) that’s showing Cleveland putting his hands up, in order to use his body to catch the ball. Someone hand him a damn baby, PLEASE! Or else do it the right way: USE YOUR HANDS ONLY, players! Any passes, long or short, tend to hit the shoulder-pads and BOUNCE OUT when the receiver’s body is used to catch the ball. I’d love to see their hands go up in an over the shoulders pass, or in a quick-slant pass. Either way, please use your ”dog-gone” hands, Gator receivers …and not your body. Go Gators!
    P.S. – If I can see this bad habit, with only little-league to varsity high school experience in football, than so can the other teams.

      • I know, it was very fortunate, I was there, too, in the Swamp. He rolled down to the ground and it took an instant replay decide if it was a legal catch.
        My point is made, no body catches, and then they’ll have no INSTANT REPLYS necessary. He scored, but his technique was not correct.
        Go Gators! They’ll do much better this year, with Billy coaching ’em up.

  4. With every article and interview, this one with Chris Doering especially, the terrible coaching that this team has suffered through in recent years is being exposed again and again. We’ve got a real, battle-tested SEC coaching staff now. Football is gonna be fun again in the Swamp!