Daily Football Fix: Which coach would do better?

Florida coach Dan Mullen. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

[Updated] They have come out with projected win totals in Las Vegas and I have come up with a new game for the bettors.

Actually, I am sure this IS a bet you can make out there, but stay with me on this.

Which team will win more games this season — a coach who used to be at a school or the coach who is there now?

Like I said, stay with me.

First example, who wins more games in 2018 — Kevin Sumlin or Jimbo Fisher?

Now you’re with me.

The Vegas line on Arizona is 7.4 wins. Texas A&M is projected to win seven.

Gentlemen, place your bets.

I’d take Fisher by the way.

Here are some more to think about:

Tom Herman (Texas) or Charlie Strong (formerly Texas): They are both projected to win 8.5 games. Always take the coach in the weaker conference.

Chip Kelly (formerly Oregon) or Mario Cristobal (Oregon): Oregon is supposed to win 8.5 games to UCLA’s five. Five? I like that bet.

Will Muschamp (formerly Florida) or Dan Mullen (Florida): Believe it or not, Florida is projected to win a half game more than South Carolina. It could come down to their meeting in The Swamp.

Mark Ruhle (formerly Temple) or Geoff Collins (Temple): Baylor won a single game last year, but was competitive and is projected to win six games to Temple’s 6.5. Stay away from this one.

Mike Leach (former Texas Tech) or Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech): Washington State is 6.5 and Tech is six. Kingsbury is on the hot seat and Leach keeps putting himself on hot seats.

Chad Morris (formerly SMU) or Sonny Dykes (SMU): Both are projected to win six games. I’m not sure Arkansas can get to .500.

Scott Frost (formerly UCF) or Josh Heupel (UCF): The defending pretend national champs are expected to win nine games to Nebraska’s six. Looks like a blowout.

Mark Richt (formerly Georgia) or Kirby Smart (Georgia): Miami is projected to win 10 and Georgia 10.5. Oh, to have them meet in a bowl game.


  1. why would dooley ever think a Muschamp program would ever be more highly regarded than a florida team. that accidental victory with spurriers players against a gator team that gave up for the season against Georgia is more of an indicator of what a mess champ made here than his coaching superiority. how much more of this pro Muschamp nonsense do we have to endure? hes gone, and will never be back. can it be forgotten?

    • I agree c the second part, Scott…..Mullen trumps Champ hands down. And I don’t mean that politically in case anyone gets upset c my choice of words.

      Not sure about the first part, though….while I can’t base it on anything concrete, I think the guy really starts coming into his own this year, finally. However, in the final analysis, you may well be correct. So much + going on for the Gators I’m having trouble making myself pay attention to much else!

      • I don’t understand rooting against Champ. Yeah, he was a poor fit for UF mostly because he could not adapt but he was a good guy and a player’s coach. I wish him all the success in the world except for that one day in November. I think he has found a good fit in SC.

        Now Oscar Meyers on the other hand …

        I guess we all have our own biases.

  2. Muschamp is a good man I don’t get all the ragging on him. Not like he lied about death threats , of retired due to health issues and popped up a year later. Say what you like but his players loved him . Just couldn’t get the job done but was everything else a good coach should be. Hell I miss his recruiting right about now

  3. Herman v Strong, Strongs defense first over the BIG 12 mostly offense was not a good fit. Vote Strong
    Kelly V Christobal (So glad he didn’t land at UF)
    Muschamp V Mullen Mullen of course
    Ruhle v Collins
    Leach v Kingsbury Leach strange dude but wins
    Morris V Dykes wash does anyone care?
    Frost V Heupel Frost was tied for 2 imo for US with Strong. Be some time before he proves himself in the power 5. Heupel has a solid base I am not sure where UCF is in recruiting but vote Huepel
    Richt V Smart this is the closest in my eye. Richt in ACC with less top contenders 145-51 OA record v Smart 21-7 % wise closely matched. Miami toughests LSU and FSU, Kirby still has to prove he can do this with his own recruits (yes on paer he is doing great) SC, FL, LSU, Auburn, Richt wins
    All this is for 2018

  4. Taggart V Jimbo Taggart comes to a program with talent though there appear to be issues as why would he leave a program that was successful. T A&M has been up and down but seems to be getting on a better foot. Vote Taggart even with the w/l record. Easier path.

    • Agreed. I’m not sold that Taggart is all that when it comes to X’s and O’s…. maybe he is but I haven’t seen real proof yet (one 10 win season at USF isn’t proof). While I admire (sort of) Jimbo for wanting to test himself against the best, I think he’s in for a tough row to hoe as he faces Bama and Auburn and LSU, etc year after year. He won’t be playing Wake Forest and Boston College every year…….

      • I think the jury will be out for a while, Gary. Don’t get me wrong, I think he really is a good coach, certainly has the pedigree, all that…..but TAMU is no easy place to recruit in since Texas is basically Big-12 country, and secondarily, AAC country. Some really good programs competing for the same blue chippers, and a lot of emotion attached to those kids when they do finally choose.

        He may do as well as old RC Slocum, maybe better, but I wouldn’t put money on an SEC title or NC just yet. And I say that even liking the guy!

  5. I don’t get why people hate on Muschamp either. I believe he’s a good coach he was just too green when he came to Florida and recruited way too heavy on the defensive side of the ball . If you look at his last two years of recruiting he was more balance but it was too late the damage was done.as a person he was great I liked his personality and really loved the program. I really do think he’s finally figured it out at South Carolina but we’ll see

    • I’m with you, Garrett….I think he’s found his sea legs and will do well at USC from now on. Wish him the best, except for when they play us, but it sure won’t break my heart if they beat anybody else in the East. After all, there was a reason Mack Brown pre-selected him as coach-in-waiting at Texas, sure, that’s all well and good…..but as you said, he wasn’t quite ready for the SEC when he came out of Austin. Can’t fault him for not having fire in his belly, though–that’s for damn sure.

      Now, for the contrary view, there are some really good guys who, at the same time, apparently wouldn’t p*** in Champ’s mouth even if his teeth were on fire. Mveal comes to mind, and he doesn’t usually post anything unless he’s convinced about it. Guess we’ll see.

  6. Lastly I say about Muschomp. Blame Jeremy Foley. Foley didn’t back Spurrier and caused him to leave. Hires an unproven coach in R Zook. Hires a top 5 scumbag in cfb as his one “successful” hire. Then hires a never before headcoach in Muschamp, ( and hell for a defensive mind why didn’t he hire Charlie Strong ) . Why would Muschamp say no to the Florida job they say he was the HC in waiting at Texas. Blame Jeremy Foley folks. Not too educated on the Spurrier situation as I’m only 23

  7. Speaking of my age. Can someone explain to me the difference in what Lane Kiffin did to Tennessee and what Willie Taggart just did to the Oregon Ducks? Why is Lane criminalized almost and noone but of course a couple of Taggarts former Oregon recruits called him out on what he’s done

    • I think because Kiffin has a long history of poor character and being a liar, where as Taggart, while being basically a .500 coach at least has a long history of being a pretty decent guy at the end of the day. But you ask a really good question….let’s see if anyone else bites on it.