Daily Football Fix Video: Which New SEC Coaches Will Have Success?


Gainesville Sun staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley talk college football.


  1. ”The Beach Boys” agree that Florida’s new Head Coach Mullen just needs to ”score some points, win 8 games, and show us next year…” Say what, at U.F.!?!?
    Again, name ”the 4 teams” U.F. will LOSE to this upcoming season? You can name the most successful seasons for the ”new coaches in the SEC” for 2018, but you won’t name the 4 loses to U.F.? ”Come on, man!”
    Florida has the most favorable schedule in years, and you all see Florida back at 8-4 as success? My fellow Gators, 4-7 (last year) was an anomaly, not the ”value” of this team. Just watch! Go Gators!

    • GI, I was calling next year at 8-4, and a good bowl win for 9-4. In the last month I’ve revisited the issue and now I call it 9-3 and a good bowl win for 10-3. That’s about the right balance for me, still being conservative but acknowledging all the recent pluses despite the “other” opinions. But I still cannot tell you for sure who we lose to. I can tell you we beat FSU and surprise the hell out of Georgia.

      Well, as if my opinion matters anyway, but Dan Mullen will make a statement with this team, and recruiting should take off right nice next year. I believe it.

    • At first blush I thought, “Because he’s not an SEC coach, dumb***”, but then I had to ask myself who the dumb*** really is, after all. If they didn’t, it’s a huge oversight and somewhat of a slap in the face, particularly since he’s supposed to be the second coming, yadda yadda yadda.

      I couldn’t get the thing to play on my computer….I don’t know what kind it is…..something about “Atari” or “Commodore”. Are those brands? Anyone?

      • As a Gator fan, I don’t really care for Jimbo, but he’s a proven coach and will definitely affect the SEC more than most of the new coaches….hopefully not more than Mullen though. From a journalism perspective, it’s pretty bad work though. GO GATORS!

        • Well to tell you the truth, Matt, I always kind of liked Jimbo, pretty much in the same way I always liked Phil Fulmer. But given all the hoopla surrounding his salary, it really is a pretty big miss to leave him out. I still can’t get the damn thing to open, but it’s really not like Pat to make that type of error.

          It won’t be an easy road at TAMU….I follow them since I live fairly close to Bryan/College Station here in Central Texas. It would be a lot easier if they were still in the Big-12, but I’m still glad they made the move to the SEC. Go Gators back at ya, bud.

  2. I’m just giving him hell. Enjoy listening to them both, especially the post game videos from the field. You’re right though…i think I let my hatred for fsu cloud my judgement of fisher….always kind of liked him until he went to tallahassee.

  3. Fisher might not out coach Mullen but from what i’ve seen so far, he will out recruit him by a wide margin. Mullen and his assistants have not been impressive recruiters to say the least. Fisher is, and Smart might be the best we’ve seen other than Saban and Meyer. If Mullen can’t improve recruiting dramatically in the the next year or so, he will be, not only behind those programs, but remain behind FSU and potentially Miami.