Daily Football Fix: Teammates see Franks developing into QB position

Florida Gators quarterback Feleipe Franks throws during Spring Practice. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

For those who are thinking — or hoping — that Feleipe Franks will NOT be Florida’s starting quarterback this season, there is some disturbing news to report.

He’s having a good summer. A really good one.

That’s the word from a few of his teammates who I recently interviewed.

 “A lot of growth,” junior wide receiver Freddie Swain said of Franks. “Especially with Coach Mullen now. You can see he’s changing. Just from camp, he’s getting smarter, he’s learning and he’s getting bigger, he’s getting faster. He’s just becoming an all-around quarterback. That’s great.”

Franks, a redshirt sophomore who started eight games last season, has emerged as a team leader on the field, in the weight room and in the film room.

Starting middle linebacker David Reese said Franks’ work ethic and conscientious approach have earned him the respect of his teammates, who are ready to follow him.

“He’s come a long way, especially mentally, just growing and maturing as a person,” Reese said. “He always had the ability. Just mentally and being more vocal as a leader, he’s come a good way.”

Swain said Franks is a workout warrior in the weight room, where he’s bulking up to be able to handle the physical demands of being a dual-threat QB.

“That’s actually who I work out with,” Swain said. “We’ll be going back and forth. I’ll get a big weight and he’ll try to outdo me. I’ll try to outdo him. We just push each other. That’s what we need.”

It’s early yet, but Franks might just turn out to be the quarterback the Gators need. We’ll find out in a few months.


    • I agree, but the bias against Franks is so deep among some fans that I sometimes wonder what it will take to satisfy them. No doubt, his performance last year was less than stellar, but aside from his own mental bloopers, a lot of that variance was accounted for by the OL. So what if he has improved? In the final analysis, the judgement call is Mullen’s and that’s who we better get behind!

      • It wasn’t just his play, which was in the toilet, it was his defensive postgame interviews, lack of personal accountability, and lack of focus in my opinion that makes alot of people turn away from him. Making mistakes is one thing, but not being committed to improving yourself is another. Look at Tebows post-game after ole miss loss in 2008 and Frank’s after the fsu game. Better yet look at Frank’s post-game after practice this spring and look at Trasks. Trasks is laser focused and Frank’s is making excuses about the rain, new system, and unrealistic expectations, on top of joking about it. I’ll get behind anyone Mullen puts out there, but damn Frank’s need a ton of physical and mental improvements

        • But Matt. The circumstances could literally not have been more different. The expectations for Meyer’s teams were consistently at the absolute top, while last year’s team was a nightmare. McElwain himself offered no leadership, no example, no responsibility. Were he a player, Jesus himself would have been looking for a stone to cast after most of last season’s losses. I’m willing, in every possible way, to forget all the crap of last year to focus on the good side. Franks has the athletic chops. He just needs a good, strong, relentless hand to make him realize his potential. While we can hope that he had this commitment regardless of his coach, it’d be a pretty amazing kid who could have kept pushing for improvement under a coaching staff that basically gave up.

          • Tebow was just an example of personal commitment and I’ll admit he was a rare find. However, Trasks was on the same team with same leadership as Frank for the same amount of time. You must have not listen to each of them speak. Physical talent doesn’t make upwere people are lacking between the ears. I want him to improve and I know other things were effecting his play, but a little personal accountability and ability to grow from your previous mistakes would be a refreshing change from him

        • your post contradicts itself which says you want be behind him no matter what. If the guy comes out looking great, you will probably hope he fells so trask can come in. trask is far from being ready. He’s not a leader at best. let the coaches coach and support whoever it is they put out there. you guys cant always expect to have a cam newton or tim tebow behind center nor does any other team in the nation but you support your team win or lose and i see a young man that really wants to be good but didnt have the right guidance in the last coaching staff. when a person believes they can be better and work hard at it, they eventually become better. tom brady had a lot of doubters when he came into the NFL but he wanted to be great so he worked hard at it and is now one of the greatest to play the game. I think franks will prove you guys wrong and then you fair weather fans will be kissing his behind. its like spurrier said at the halftime of the south carolina game when he gave a speech and they were booing him.. He said heck when we won a lot of games, those same people that was booing me was cheering me on….

          • I’m gonna say something I’ve never said…Tim Tebow, you’re a moron. I support the Gators always. I’m just done drinking the koolaide! Franks has shown absolutely zero progress. Alot had to do with coaching, but atleast be a man and hold yourself accountable. If Mullen says he’s the guy, I’m with it. Hope he proves us wrong and ill come here and proudly say it. Don’t ever call me a fair weather fan for calling a turd a turd.

          • Matt….was that a new persona for TebowCurse or something? Where in the hell did that guy come from?

            No worries, you back up your opinions with fact and nobody here is going to call you a fair weather Gator fan. Just keep on calling ’em like you see ’em, and I’ll keep on hoping Franks can turn this around.

          • Dang Tim. I thought you have learned spelling and punctuation while in Gainesville…

        • Matt. Did you even read the article? Franks is doing all the things this summer that you are accusing him of not doing. I am sure Trask is doing the same, along with Jones. But all are obviously pushing one another, which likely comes from leadership from the top, something that was clearly lacking under McElwain and his staff.

    • It’s the millennial way, Matt… You take credit for anything/everything possible, own no shortcomings/mistakes, and expect/demand to go from the ground floor to the penthouse instantly… Sounds like Mullen is kicking off a good bit of that rust, though. Also, remember that Matthews started spring 90 as the 3rd stringer. No one remembers the 2 guys he beat out.

  1. It is not the desire or even the skills that were missing last year, it was the decision making. I guess I just have to hope he wasn’t being coached properly by the quarterback-whisperer. Frank’s has demonstrated all the pieces of the QB puzzle sans one, good decision making ability. As we saw, all the other fluff ain’t worth a hill o’ beans without that. Look no farther than our own Danny Wuerffel. OK arm, tough as f’n nails but his greatest asset was great decision making.

  2. A lot of times with players, it just comes down to who’s coaching them, and if they even want to be coached. Seen some great athletes come through here with some if our best coaching staffs that didn’t amount to anything, and some that weren’t 4 ir 5 stars, worked really hard, and became great players. All skills can be coached up to be better, as long as the player is getting good coaching and is wanting to be coached. Sounds like Franks wants it, and I think we have the coaching staff to make his skills better.

  3. Just another fluff article full of BS. What did you think the players were going to say? They would say virtually the same thing about any player younasked them about. When’s the last time you heard a player say about another player that he ISNT progressing, that he ISNT getting better, that he ISNT having a good summer, the he ISNT going to be the man?? When?? This is the exact same stuff said and written every year.

    • LT agree completely. Been hearing summertime bs for years. Got alot of faith in Mullen and the staff, but I’m done letting news articles build off-season hype only to have the same donkey show trotted out come fall. Know these guys gotta write something.

  4. LT and Matt, couldn’t agree more. Year after year we hear this crap only to see one of the worst offenses in college football put on the field. Hoping for the best but Franks hasn’t presented much to get excited about.

    • Michael and everyone else questioning the offense, here’s some numbers for you. We all know what Mullen’s offense’s did at UF before. Here’s some 7 year averages at MSU. Keep in mind this is the same competition he’ll be facing at UF with far superior talent than he was able to accumulate at MSU, and some might say playing in the West the competition was even stiffer.
      Scoring offense 7-year average of 30.9 pts per game
      Total offense 7- year average of 429.67 yards per game
      If the Gators can average almost 31 pts a game and 430 yards of offense a game with the defense they have, this team will be competing for the playoffs every year. Mullen has clearly had success at every stop he’s been at so no reason to believe he won’t continue that trend. I understand everyone’s been hearing the same BS every offseason for the last 10 years, but let’s put the past 10 years behind us and focus on the positive possibilities. Mullen’s had success with pretty much every QB he’s coached, so no reason to believe he’s not having more success with Franks than Mac did. There’s absolutely no evidence that suggests this regime will suffer the same results as the previous 2 coaches, so lets stop lumping them and every story that’s put out as same ole same ole. This is the most successful regime this program has hired as far as track record, since Meyer, and some would say this regime might be more successful considering Meyer only had a 4 year sample size at lower tier programs.

  5. If Franks can actually progress, then more power to him. The problem is that in the vast majority of cases, when a QB has glaring mental breakdowns – and doesn’t seem to make any progress in fixing them after a year or more – they never will figure it out. The odds are simply stacked against him making true game-day improvement … so let’s try out someone who has a better chance.

    • After everything that’s come out about how Mac ran his program, do you truly believe Franks was being provided with expert coaching that should’ve resulted in progress? Hell Mac could care less if his players even lifted weights.

  6. Brissett and Driskel were both here during our QB drought and most thought they were not very good. Both went on to get drafted by the NFL after leaving a bad system and bad coaching. Maybe we get lucky this time and our qb develops while still at UF.

    • Charlie Weis (an offensive mind) thought Brissett was very good and lobbied for Brissett to start over Driskel, but he was overruled by Muschamp (a defensive mind). Brissett transferred after learning Driskel would be the starter. And Brissett has clearly shown himself since to be a far superior QB over Driskel. That decision by Muschamp likely sent the Florida program into the decline we have witnessed, mainly because of poor QB play. Muschamp might still be the Florida head coach if he had made a better decision concerning those two QBs. But he didn’t. Too bad for him and Gator Nation. But we are in far better hands now (but three years delayed by the poor selection of McElwain to be the HC by Foley) under Mullen.

      • I think that’s a pretty good analysis of where the offensive decline actually started, Tampa, and it sure got a life of it’s own after that for at least a few more years. Of course, it’s always multivariate….but I can’t help but wonder too how different that history might have been had Muschamp made a different decision at that one point.

        I certainly hear the frustration in Matt’s voice tho…..he’s in that group of loyal Gators who have been built up and let down so many times in the last 7 years that now he says, “Stop telling me, actually SHOW me”. In fact, I think all of us are in that group, to one extent or the other. Still (notice that I didn’t say ‘and yet’), there is certainly something different in the air now. It’s a great time to be a Gator again!

      • Tampa lets not forget it was also Muschamp who decided to replace Driskel with Harris in 2014 instead of going with Grier. Another decision that likely sent the program even further into decline and one that certainly would’ve kept him at UF

  7. “Proof is in the pudding.” I hope, for the sake of Gator Nation, Franks transformation is legitimate! Right now, we are not dealing with reality, but conjectering within the bubble of fantasy. I am not in the Never Frank’s crowd, but the O&B did not convince Mullen the QB job was sewn up. Yes, Mullen said the summer could define who becomes the starter. So, I hope this is more than fluff. Gator Nation needs Frank to have a break-out year! I guess the Kentucky game will show us the real Feleipe. With all the weapons Franks has this fall, HE OUGHT TO BE THE MAN! Let’s hope he DEFIES REALITY! Oh, and he better become a film room warrior, because that will be the difference between contender and pretender.

  8. I was really impressed with two things at one of the open practices this spring. After what appeared to be a lackluster practice by Franks (threw an INT that was returned for a TD and made multiple overthrows and poor decision throws during the practice). After the INT, in particular, I noticed that Franks did not put his head down and sulk. He immediately started to clap his hands to encourage himself and paid close attention to the coach talking to him about the bad read. I do not think Franks would have reacted either way under McElwain and Nussmeier, or even if Nussmeier would have spoken immediately to Franks since Nussmeier liked to hang out during practices in the defensive backfield to evaluate. Nothing beats on the field coaching and I did not see much of that with Nussmeier (he was a film guy mostly). The immediate help and coaching Franks is getting from Mullen, Johnson, and Havesty on the field during practices is noticeably different, and likely much more productive and helpful for Franks. The second thing was what I saw after that practice ended. Trask was first walking off the field and he hardly took time to hang out with his teammates or speak with fans on the sidelines. He fairly much walked off the field with little interaction with the fans and his teammates with the fans. But Franks and several of his teammates (including multiple wide receivers) walked directly to the sidelines and hung out and talked with the fans and each other for a long, long time. To me, that showed more leadership from Franks and better and more positive interaction with his teammates. I am sure the coaches noticed that as well. And by the way, Jones did the same thing and stayed long after Trask was long gone. I think leadership ability might separate both Franks and Jones from Trask this summer and fall. How your teammates feel about you matters, and I think the players may be responding to Franks (and probably) Jones better than Trask because of his personality. But, obviously, Franks has to improve tremendously this summer to win the starting job this fall. From the article, it appears Franks has dedicated himself to exactly that. No QB has ever won the starting role between spring and fall practice, but many have built the foundation to win it. I hope that is what Franks is doing, as he is a tremendously gifted QB physically. The issue has always been his mental approach and execution on the field. Florida really needs Franks to excel this summer and fall if they want to compete with Georgia and others for the SEC East and SEC championships. Go Gators.

    • Tampa the saying is certainly true, the backup QB is always the fan favorite. It’s funny how quickly most Gator fans forget that it wasn’t too long ago that everyone was clamoring for Franks’ redshirt to be pulled and put in the lineup as if he was the second coming, kind’ve like most of them are doing with Trask now. The fact of the matter is Trask hasn’t started a game since pee wee football. It’s shocking to me that so many people believe he’s ready to be thrown into the starting position for a blue blood SEC program simply because he’s “looked” good in O&B games. Hell it wasn’t too long ago that Del Rio went 10-11 for 176 yards and 2 td’s in the O&B game and how’d that turn out? People need to get a grip and realize Trask isn’t this golden boy QB that just hasn’t been given a chance since going into high school and is suddenly going to morph into Tom Brady. It’s mind boggling!

      • I see your point, for sure Joe. Maybe the right description of Trask is as a curiosity. Everything you’ve said is true, but then again he had to have shown somebody something to get recruited by an SEC team, even taking into account the coach that recruited him.

  9. This time last year, Robbie was churning out articles on how the offensive line was going to be a bone crushing juggernaut that would leave devastation in its wake, defensive lineman being dragged from the field bleeding from every orifice in their bodies, their minds and bodies broken by the all-powerful force that was our offensive line. It tuned out the line was fat, weak and looked more like a backwards roller-skating team than an offensive line that had any business taking the field for a SEC team.

    Recall also the insane ramblings about how Malik Zaire had magically transformed from a jacked up, over the hill back up quarterback into a world beating super star who was elevating the play of all around him, and yeah, these articles are not reporting, but the creative musings of a closeted fantasy novelist.

    Still, I do believe that many of the bad mental habits exhibit by Flippant Felipe were instilled in him by Coach Idiot and Coordinator Stupid. The excuse making, the whining about the fans, the treating poor play and loses like big jokes– all of these attitudes were passed down by a gross freak with deformed, yellow teeth along with an inept offensive scheme that seemed to have been designed by a group of orangutans with butcher paper and finger paints. None of the QBs got any kind of coaching, and the primary reason Del Rio was able to somehow get some production out of the garbage scow system was that his Dad wasa coach and he came to UF having gotten quality coaching elsewhere, so he could wisely ignore Nussmire’s incoherent babbling and actually play the position correctly.

    We have to wait and see, but I do know we now have a real coach and a real staff, and they will find a way to get first down, to score touchdowns. to win games. If Franks casts off the loser attitudes that Yellow Teeth instilled in him, great. If he wins games, no one will care what happened last year. If he throws interceptions and dances around the field screaming “I’m Tom Brady!” he’ll be wearing a baseball hat and holding a clipboard on the sidelines.

  10. Like the new NCAA commercial rudely says to our big screen T.V.s, ”You don’t know me! I am a student-athlete.” So, I ”don’t know you”, Franks. But I know what you can’t do, so show me what you CAN DO, Felipe! Go Gators! Just do it!

  11. Let us all hope that whom ever it is that starts will be the man that we have sorely missed since Tebow. I have to state that I have faith in Coach Mullen, until which time there is a reason to lose such faith. We all know how miserable we have been these past years, but let us wait and see what transpires this year before we say things that we might regret later. I am going to wait until football season is here before I pass my judgement on good vs not so good players. Unless they do something bone headed to embarrass the school and it’s fans. Then I will take aim and share my opinion with both barrels…LOL. GO GATORS!!!

  12. Franks is another Jeff Driskel. He’s the same dunce on the field, but even, if that’s even possible, more clueless off of it. The first hint of him being as smart as a rock was in the high school all-star game, and he has maintained his status as a first class blockhead.
    This nonsense from players isn’t new. We heard it before…remember how the same was said about Driskel? He had improved, the perfect “system” under Roper, etc.?
    If you’re gullible enough to believe a word of this nonsense again, you’re hopelessly delusional. The adage about a duck…walks, quacks…applies here. End of story.

    • Remind us: who is Driskel’s current employer?

      Again, we can hope that every player is blessed with impeccable maturity and complete self-motivation. Franks seems to need coaching. He got it last year….really awful coaching. The dumb errors he made, which were numerous and varied, indicate he can’t learn and react on his own. But virtually all of them can still be attributed to coaching. We all saw him lock into his primary, leave the pocket too early, and fail to make the right decision once out of the pocket. Still, I can’t imagine that his skills simply evaporated, like Driskel’s appeared to have. With repetition, with non-stop instruction, with a clear system, and with his skill set, he can succeed.

      • Just because Driskel is in the NFL doesn’t mean he’s a good QB. He’s still awful and yet to take a snap. Someone very dumb fell in love with Driskel’s measurements and is dumb enough to believe the same nonsense you spewed about “coaching.”
        Coaching has nothing to do with Driskel being a bad QB. Nothing! It wasn’t coaching that made him freak out and blow the Miami game, the same as it wasn’t coaching that made Franks do the same against FSU.

  13. Lots of great comments here guys. Reading the different points of view is interesting.

    Reflecting back on last year and I remember that is was beyond exasperating to endure the play calling from Nuss/McElteeth. It was exasperating to see Franks get rushed and not have time to throw the ball….and of course watching him not see the whole field and throw to only a primary target. But as Matt mentioned it might have been most exasperating to watch his post game comments and demeanor.

    And the last 8-9 years have been hard on Gator fans. Real hard. But….I’m at the stage right now as a fan where (probably because I have no choice) I am giving Dan Mullen my 100% support and I believe that whoever he puts in at QB….will be the guy he has deemed is the best guy for the job. Dan wants to score points. Dan wants to win. He doesn’t have “his favorite” guy. He just wants to win. So whoever wins the QB job….they’ll have my support 100% because if Coach Mullen thinks he can win with him, that’s good enough for me.

    • “Dan wants to score points…” That’s a reason Florida will have a good offense? Here’s a hint. Meyer, Muschamp, and McElwain also wanted to “score points” but didn’t have Tim Tebow. It takes more than wanting.

      • Actually the offense started falling off when Dan Mullen went to Miss St. not when Tebow left. Tebow’s Senior yr they struggled on offense. Dan Mullen was able to score points with Chris Leak running the offense. Mullen knows offense..

      • Agreed that it takes more than “wanting” So let me amend…..Coach Mullen wants to score points….and knows how to. How’s that?

        Obviously McElwain (and Nuss) didn’t know how to. Not sure Muschamp really wanted to score points….other than just enough to win with a strong defense. And jhud covered that pretty well noting that when Mullen left…so did his offense.

    • Well said, Rog, and if anything captures the feelings of most Gator fans, that surely does. And, I really think that most of us consider Dan Mullen “one of us” too.

      So what’s the latest poop from the hometown press up there in Knoxville? Last I heard, Pruitt had made a statement to the effect that UT fans were really “great”. Couldn’t help but think, “Yeah, unless you don’t turn this thing around in 20 minutes or less”! Damn, it’s great to be a Gator, ain’t it just?

  14. Guys,
    I dont think any of us should get too excited either way for these summer articles. Every year there are 4 or 5 articles about how some player is wowing the coaches and players only to never hear from him again(Massey, Trask, Clayton, and Hammond jr. were last years i think). If anything, this is a bad sign for Frank’s, a summer article touting a player’s skills usually ends with a poor season.

  15. I’ll also say this….. I totally get the frustration with Franks. I watched last year too. But when Robbie starts off this article by noting how fans not be happy to hear that Franks is apparently killing it in his summer preparations, that to me, sort of misses the bigger point. I think 98% of the fan base would be 100% on board with Franks being the starter….if he was truly improving and proved to be the best option. We ALL hope that!!! But past results just don’t give anyone a warm fuzzy that this will happen. But…we’ll see.

  16. May the best man win and I don’t care who starts at QB for us this year – he will be a vast improvement over what Coach Mac had out there for 3 years.

    And not trying to throw shade on Franks, but i just saw an article ranking Felipe as the 13th best QB in the SEC going into 2018.

  17. I will get behind and support who ever Coach Mullen puts out there but Franks did not leave himself any leash by the way he carried himself last year. If he come out and makes the decisions he did last year Gainesville will be one hot dumpster fire!

  18. Well what I read i like coming from the players! First of all yours if weather fans don’t know anything about football if you judge the kid on last year POORLY ran scheme ,first of scenic view sucked for the kid,poorly understood views of what was going on in offensive system that what had the young man battled help anybody sounded sucked in that scene! With COACH MULLEN backing him up with pride,positive words ,Coach Johnson also doing his role! Remember what COACH MULLEN said from the beginning the summer will separate the players from followers to leaders by example!! So just listen to what MR.SWAIN IS SAYING TO THE FANS ATTUIDE,DESIRE ,COMMUNICATION,LEADERSHIP ROLE! TO BE A CHAMPION YOURSELF YOU NEED TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE EVERY DAY THAT WHAT MR. SWAIN IS TELLING GATOR NATION!! CASE CLOSED NAYSAYERS!!!!!!!!

  19. Keep in Mind it is only Summer.

    2 & 3 a – day practice’s & preparation 4 the SEASON Will make a world of a difference & set the Standard 2 be Measured.

    New Coach, NEW WORK ETHIC & New Team.

    It takes a couple SEASON’S 2 Reach Our Full Potential.


  20. U don’t have to go back as far as driskel member when according to some of those gullible “teammates” ol treon was better dude on the feild then grier lol all steroid stuff aside that’s a joke! They didn’t even belong on same field. But listen. Frank’s can throw it hard and far but cant read a defense and is not accurate AT ALL just stop it

  21. here is an analogy from a different world than football. In my time in the military new squad leaders (coaches) usually got the underperformers (Franks plus others) for their squad (team). Many of these underperformers had the skills but maybe not the right training (coaching) for them to excel. If the new squad leader was able to turn the underperformers into a cohesive group and start to perform (execute missions military) (win games in football) the new squad leader was proven to be worth the promotion to the position. Our new team leader has proven he can take talented players and turn them into overachievers. The current talent pool is very good. How fast good leadership and coaching can turn things around is the question. Mullen has proven he is a leader as a squad leader (offensive coordinator) and as a commander (head coach). Franks has talent maybe not enough for the Gators or maybe it was poor coaching and poor leadership. Getting the most of your squad is what makes success in the military. Getting the most of your team in football. Having a leader like Tebow as a player was part of what made us great. having good leadership took us to championships. Putting our QB (whoever it is) in the best position for success is what will when games. Each QB has strengths and weaknesses maximizing the first and minimizing the later is coaching. Yes Franks made some poor.. very poor decisions. Maybe it was coaching, thinking under pressure is something not all people are good at, making good decisions under pressure even less so. An article read that Mullen is keeping things simple. Franks was shelled last year and made poor decisions. Trask has very little experience for a QB but has displayed talent, Jones has 4 years experience can he bring it to this level? My take Franks will start and we will likely see all three in games where play are designed for their individual strengths. Until ones leadership and decision making define them as starter.

  22. I don’t know if Franks will be any good or not but at least it seems like Mullen has him doing the right things and he is actually putting in time during the summer and knows what he needs to do to get better. Ultimately, it will come down to his play and his ability to put the cerebral part together with his athletic ability.

    Just one thought on his defensiveness in press conferences…if you are the starting QB and you aren’t getting the right coaching and the scheme is awful, what are you supposed to say? If he didn’t understand the scheme or it was too complicated and the coaches weren’t helping, what was he supposed to say? If all of the players were out of shape and poorly conditioned, what was he supposed to say? There was plenty of blame that he could shoulder, but I can also see where he wanted to say it wasn’t all his fault but he couldn’t just call out his coaches in an interview.

  23. Tampa, I agree top down the team wasn’t getting the leadership and direction they needed (deserved). This goes back to Muschamp and maybe even when Mullen left as OC. Meyer may not be the best leader but he has recognized this and puts good leaders on his staff. The last regime was lacking on all counts. But I think for the last two the program was too much for them and when under pressure they reverted to what they knew (not enough). With Mullen he has been in this environment and put the players the best position to succeed (fitness, knowledge, training.) From there it is on them to execute the plays be corrected for their mistakes and not repeat them over and over to learn on their own. If you don’t tell someone they are doing wrong and don’t tell them how to correct things and put them in position to not utilize their strength you are setting them up to fail.

  24. Ive watched the Gators just like all of you have. Ive watched all the games and never did I think that
    Franks showed anything resembling an SEC Q-back caliber. He is a second string type of player at best.
    running out of bounds, tracking a receiver, throwing interceptions into coverage, all are examples of immaturity and (maybe) lack of coaching.Thats why i think we should all take this thing as a grain of salt.
    Lets wait until the season begins. Let see who Mullen puts out. I can attest the if Franks starts, thats the best we can do and it may turn out be an ok season. Maybe win 6-7 games.

    • I don’t know Jacob, seems like Robbie hit a sensitive nerve there c this topic. He has a way of doing that, which is one reason I like his style so much. Besides, it’s the slowest part of the off-season, and a little stirring of the pot is OK….at least got our juices going again!