Daily Football Fix: Gators on tape

Florida head coach Dan Mullen walks into the practice facility for the second spring practice at the Sanders Practice Fields on the UF campus in Gainesville. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]
Our first random (and leftover) quotes of the spring was so well received that we’ve decided to come up with a sequel.
Afterall, everyone likes quotes, right?
So, here is our, “Spring (Tape Recorder) Rewind II.”

Dan Mullen on wanting Franks to be a game manager:

“I think he is taking steps forward. The one thing I notice, he works at it. He has football intelligence and he works at it. I think he works at studying the game and trying to understand game situations. Now we’ve got to get him to learn how to manage the game, because he understands the situations. But now how to manage a game.
“I know you people hate the word game manager for a quarterback. I love it. That, to me, is the greatest word ever, to manage the game. The management job means you do what it takes for us to win the game.
“You might have to make checks and hand the ball off and have us run and you complete a couple of passes here and there. You might have to come out and throw it 60 times for us to win. You might have to go in a battle, back and forth, and walk onto that field with a minute and 20 seconds left and put the team on your shoulders to win. All of that is managing. You are the manager. You’re the boss. You’re going to do what it takes for us to be successful. And what we have to do is make sure to continue to work.”


Safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson on former players coming back and getting involved in the program:
“It was stressed before, but it never really was heavy on our minds. This spring has been a learning experience for us. Bringing our guys back, guys that’ve been here, done that. Those championships on the wall, that’s them. So we’ve got a chance to put one on the wall hopefully this year to make them proud.
“It’s humbling. You’ve got to just take it all in. You can’t really go higher because they’ve been here and done it. We’ve got to learn from them and take a step forward.”


Mullen on working to get Tim Tebow back on campus:
“That’s the boss right there, Mr. Tebow. I’m looking forward to it and I think it’s always awesome to have him back. I know that I’m waiting. We’re going to work to have him back. We shared a special time and we’re going to make sure that he gets back and makes a connection with this team and they understand from him what it is to be a Florida Gator, what that Gator standard is from him like we have with a lot of other players. That’s important to me and I know he does so much, but we’ll make that work.”


Middle linebacker David Reese on the three freshmen LBs who missed last season, one to injury, two to suspension:
“I feel like they all have done a great job. Ventrell Miller had some big plays, had a lot of tackles, you know he did well in coverage, so you know he’s a linebacker who’s coming up quick. James Houston and Nick Smith they’re both on the edge, great pass rushers. They did that in high school also, so, they can drop back also.”


Mullen on the impending facility upgrades, including a stand-alone football facility:
“Man I’m fired up about it. I’m really excited. Our goal is to build the premiere facility in all of America. And when I look at a premiere facility it is the ultimate facility to develop players. Everything about our new facility will be to maximize the performance of our players. The efficiency, to be extremely efficient and everything is around the development of players, how to make them the best players on the field, off the field in every aspect of life. How do we help them become the best they can be?”


Mullen on how much he’ll be involved in the planning of the new facilities:
“I’ll be very involved in that. As a coach, a lot of times architects are looking at making the building look pretty. But as a coach, I’m talking about everyday functionality. This is what we need, this is how we need the building to flow, this is why we want one room next to another room, or doors in a certain location. Because I want guys efficiently moving around the building. I don’t want a line walking out of the team meeting room. I want to efficiently get in and out fast. How can we do that? So I’ll be involved in every aspect of the facilities.”


Cornerback CJ Henderson on making second team All-SEC as a true freshman last season:
“I guess I had a great freshman year, but I’m not satisfied at all with it. I’m going to continue working hard. I need to continue working on my technique and stuff. I have a long way to go.”


Sophomore cornerback Brian Edwards on the overall secondary, which is still fairly young:
“Man, we can be good. Especially since we played a lot of guys last year. We are together as one unit. We’re DBU. We’re just coming together now knowing the scheme and playing a lot of different coverages. We’re going to be tight. We’re going to be cool.”


Sophomore safety Shawn Davis on true freshman cornerback Trey Dean:
“He is very physical. He loves contact. He is a press corner to me. so I feel like he is very aggressive.”



  1. Sure, talk is cheap; we’ve heard it all before, yadda, yadda, yadda. But this is a little different, I think. And I think it shows a lot more true Gator heart than the double talk we heard last year, when reality was one thing and facts were another.

    • Gator Steve: O’Sullivan is scheduled to meet the media on Friday morning. We’ll know more about JJ then, but he’s still day-to-day. Unless you know different, Singer is fine. Dyson in same boat as JJ, we’ll know more Friday. Maldonado is the usual DH. If he comes back, JJ will either play first base (more likely, with the Regional MVP catching) or catch.

    • Arnold. But I think you just made his point. One of the Gatorsports writers could have posted a story that stated those things in paragraph form, don’t you think; instead of worthless filler material? PLEASE BRING BACK…..ZACK. And pay him. His reporting will upgrade this site journalistically, and get you guys a lot more hits (revenue?) for sure.

      • TampaGator: I didn’t give anything new UF baseball fans didn’t already know. Daily Football Fixes are just that, a quick hitter of info to keep those who come to the site for just football material to read. It’s a different take on what other college football and NFL sites do during the offseason. I just read one from a South Florida paper finding out who is the fastest Miami Dolphins player. Robbie had a chance to talk to some UF football players recently and will have feature stories on site soon. Pat also has a couple things in the works. Stay tuned.

  2. After 8 years of terrible offense and a bad defense last year – I think the fans will have a deaf ear to all the talk and will await what kind of performance we get on the field. It’s all double talk until we see positive play on the field.

    • Yeah, I suspect you’re probably right Steve. Still, when it comes from Dan Mullen, who probably should have been here all along after Urban, I guess at the end of the day it just has more of a ring to truth to it.

  3. Why would anyone pay any attention to anything coaches or players say? They only, surprise, regurgitate the same B.S. every year. They only tell you what want to hear and it’s never the truth. Only the names change. When a player or coach, for example, says, what is obvious to anyone with a pulse, that Frank’s is as smart as a box of rocks and is too stupid to be the QB, let me know. Until some honest comes out of a player’s or coach’s mouth, it’s just Groundhog Day dejar vu.

      • It’s the same claptrap at every school, including FSU. By the way, the only lesson Francois needs to learn is how to choose better women, The troubles he’s went through are the results from one crazy woman who wants to hurt him. She even tried to get him sent to prison for being a “drug dealer”, which was total nonsense that turned into a two month undercover police investigation.
        By the way, it’s silly for a Gator fan to say anything about Francois since he’s already whipped Florida’s tail once and, if he reclaims his starting job, will whip Florida again this year.

      • Gator-6. Notice that Mikey the FSU troll (Steve Jones, Mike Jones, Mike Winter, BlackJuJu, Tim, GatorG, GatorGod, Tebowcurse and many others I am sure) is not stealing and cannot steal your name on here anymore since you now identify yourself with that photo that he cannot duplicate? But try to keep the politics (NRA) out of discussion on here, which is Mikey’s MO.

        • Thing is, nobody could have used my screen name before, photo or not, since I’m a member; also the reason I couldn’t have had more than one screen name unless I had more than one email account–which I don’t since I can barely keep up c how to use the one that I do have. I’m an old man, throw me a bone!

          I don’t know about the others, except for TebowCurse, but I am quite sure that GatorG is not a troll, and that Tim is not either. Both of them are good men, IMO, and true Gators.

          I am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA, which I don’t consider being a political statement so much as it is a reflection of my life long love of shooting sports. To each his own, it doesn’t bother me one bit that you probably don’t share that passion. My reference of it in reply to Leland’s jocularity was meant as a joke, in context, nothing “political” about it. You can look up my history of posts under the “members” heading, you’ll see that I rarely, if at all, cross that line on this sports site. I will admit to being Conservative, Constitutionalist, and Christian–also Flatulent more often than not–but that’s neither here or there as far as I’m concerned.

          Thanks, looking forward to more interesting and well informed conversations.

    • Tebowcurse: “Why would anyone pay any attention to anything coaches or players say?…..They only tell you what want to hear and it’s never the truth.”

      “I did not rape that girl.”
      –J. Winston, FSU player.

      “He did not rape that girl.”
      –J. Fisher, FSU coach