Daily Football Fix: Heisman Trophy drought in SEC

Tim Tebow's Heisman Trophy is displayed inside the Gateway of Champions entrance to the University of Florida's Ben Hill Griffin Stadium [File]

They have been giving out the Heisman Trophy since 1935 and the SEC has been represented. But I don’t know if you would say well-represented.

After all, only half of the SEC’s 14 teams have a Heisman in the trophy case.

Here’s the rundown by numbers:

  1. Auburn 3

Florida 3

  1. Alabama 2

Georgia 2

Texas A&M 2

  1. LSU 1

South Carolina 1

So that’s 14 Heismans total for the best conference in the land. As we know, it doesn’t just take a special season for you to win one, your team usually has to be really good and you have to get support from all regions.

Oh, and the voting system is badly flawed.

Here are the droughts for each SEC school and we’ll spare the ones who haven’t had one by just saying the droughts for Missouri, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Tennessee (sorry, Peyton), Mississippi State and Ole Miss are forever.

Alabama — Derrick Henry in 2015.

Texas A&M — Johnny Manziel in 2012.

Auburn — Cam Newton in 2010.

Florida — Tim Tebow in 2007.

Georgia — Herschel Walker in 1982.

South Carolina — George Rogers in 1980.

LSU — Billy Cannon in 1959.

Cannon recently died, so maybe the most amazing stat here is that LSU, with all of its history and traditions, does not have a living Heisman winner. Of course, neither do seven other conference schools.


  1. Did you know that all three Gator heisman trophy winners family’s, were all in the ministry? I believe that would make a great documentary, movie or film of some kind ! Hint, hint hello out there…

  2. After reading the article a second time and realizing a lot of players were missing, I guess I missed the point of these are the last Heisman winners and the year they won. Sorry Pat…………