JUCO TE Lucas Krull has Gators in top 3 following official visit

JUCO TE Lucas Krull (pictured) on his official visit to Florida [Photo courtesy of Krull's Twitter account]

JUCO tight end Lucas Krull is close to making a decision on his football future, and Florida appears to be a considerable option for the 6-foot-7, 255-pound prospect.

Krull, a former baseball prospect who initially signed with Arkansas, took an official visit to Florida over the weekend, and the Gators are one of three programs vying for his commitment.

Krull, who has graduated junior college and will be eligible to compete during the 2018 season, will also consider signing with Missouri and Kansas State, meaning UF has its work cut out if they hope to pull him out of the midwest and land his commitment.

And that commitment is coming soon – Krull plans to announce his decision within the next month, and he hopes his upcoming visits clear up his future.

“It was awesome. It was everything and more that I thought it was going to be,” Krull said of his official visit. “I’ve been to Florida a couple of times, but it’s never been to Gainesville. And it’s The Swamp, so it’s the real deal.”

Krull had an opportunity to continue getting to know his potential future position coach in UF tight ends coordinator Larry Scott, yet it was Dan Mullen and the entire UF coaching staff pitching the Shawnee, Kansas, product on coming to Gainesville.

“We connect really well. It’s a very home-y feel with them. They’re going to coach me real hard if this is where I end up coming,” Krull said. “It’s a little bit of everybody, but coach Scott is really the main coach, considering that’s who I would be with the majority of my time here. But him, coach Mullen and the entire coaching staff.”

Transitioning from a collegiate baseball career comes with a different training regimen, and it’s one Krull continues to employ while focusing on his recruitment. He said he intends to reach a final decision before the end of June, allowing Krull to focus on his development for the next level.

“You know, it’s definitely different. Baseball is a different world of training than football, but I’ve always loved the weight room. I’ve always pushed the limits for baseball, so for me it’s going to be easier than I would expect. Because obviously I’m out of shape right now, but I love the weight room,” he said. “For me getting back in the weight room, it will be an easier move for me. But it will always be tough, very tough.”

Krull said he plans to make a decision “next week”, but not before making several more trips first.

“I’ve got a couple more visits, and then I’ll probably make a decision next week,” he said. “Not really (a top) right now, because I’ve got to go on a couple more visits right now, then it’ll be out there.”

Yet Krull, who played tight end in high school, said he will reassess his recruitment Thursday after visiting Kansas State, and if he feels comfortable with his decision he plans on committing.

“If I feel like there’s something missing,” he said, “I might go on one more.

“I want to be able to come where I, I’ve got three years to play, so, I can feel at home and where I feel I can be an impact player pretty soon,” Krull said. “For me it’s never been, yeah obviously it’s going to have my family close, but at the same time if I’m away, with football everything’s always on TV nowadays so it won’t be a factor for me.”

And when it comes to making that big decision, that is just what Krull’s seeking: an opportunity to contribute early, wherever that may be.

“For me, it’s really going to be how I can be used, you know,” he said. “For me it’s going to be how I get a relationship with the coaching staff and how that affects my role.

“(UF) says it’s going to be everything. They’re going to flex me in, flex me out, match-ups, you know. One-on-ones, so. It’s really anything I can do they’re going to have me do.”


    • Dave that horse has been beat for this year, maybe after we show that we are going to be a force in the near future we will win some of the in-state battles. I’m not saying we are not putting a dent in the process because we are. I would like to see us put a big dent or even crush the process next year especially with the LINEMAN on both sides of the ball. It seems to me any and everybody comes to FLORIDA and take the TOP lineman to other states and we get leftovers. It’s time for that to end, and I’m hoping it will start NEXT YEAR. GO GATORS!!!

  1. This is the honest truth: Krill is very talented, unfortunately he was a complete bully to the underclassmen on his high school football team. Trust me, I’m the parent of one of those players. He’s not in the same class as Jegen. Hope he can grow up, take some cues from guys like Tebow and Manning. It’s hard to be happy for a guy that bullied his own.

    • That’s a rather serious accusation, especially these days when adolescents in general seem to display less ego controls and access to weapons appears unrestricted. Not sure this is the right place to voice your concerns.

    • This comment is not true. Both of my sons have attended Mill Valley. The same school as Lucas. My oldest son played football with/against him in the junior levels. Lucas was a senior when my younger son was a Freshman. My family has know him for years. He is a very nice, clean cut, and God devoted young man. In high school, he was massively larger than most of the other kids, especially under class-man. Because of that, he was intimidating to the smaller kids. He wasn’t a bully. He is confident in himself, and should be. The bad news is that I am a die hard Kansas State fan. I hope you guys never have to worry about it. lol GO CATS!!

  2. Oddly enough, the thing I’ve noticed with the recruits sporting the ”Gator gear” is that FINALLY the AAU put the SAME LOGO on BOTH SIDES of those very cool white helmets. Thank God for that! That ‘F’ on one side, and script ‘Gators’ on the other was as strange as I have ever seen in my 50 years of Gator life.
    Those white helmets look ”tight” now with Gators on BOTH SIDES of helmet. GO GATORS!

  3. As I recall, back in the 50’s and early 60’s, the helmets were white with a block “F” inside a circle on both sides, and later was changed to orange in late 60’s went to orange with the intertwined “UF” logo on both sides. It was later changed to the “Gators” script we see today. My first recollection of the return of the white helmet with the “F” on it was the SEC Championship game in Tebow’s senior season. Gators went into that game #1 and unbeaten but got pretty much clobbered by Alabama. Since then, every time I see that damn white helmet I want to throw something at the TV. Of course, anything is better than the reptile skin helmets and unis, so I’ll roll with anything but that I guess.

    • I think we were going thru a “retro” period back then, or something similar, and seem to have repeated it a couple more times since. Personally, I don’t care for it either……the script GATORS on either side of the helmet signifies to me, at least, the Gators age of prominence. We should never deviate from it. I don’t care for same color pants and jerseys either, but I’ll admit that’s a minor nitpick.

      • Thanks 6. We have the same thoughts on the entire uniform. The mono color look is very much in vogue today, and with the NFL and Nike behind it, it may be around fro a while longer. Its all about selling more merchandise! I’m with you that it’s a minor nit pick, but in my day, the look of the helmet (color, logo, etc.) was sacred. Worst example of this trend is Maryland. What the heck does all that crap on it mean?

          • I love being an ORF; I’d love it a lot more if it weren’t for the age that goes with it, and a little thing called CRS syndrome! (Can’t Remember Shit)