Florida to start season with night games


Florida will begin its football season with two consecutive night games, the SEC announced Thursday.

UF’s first and second contests of the season against Charleston Southern (Sept. 1) and Kentucky (Sept. 8) will be played at 7:30 p.m. on the SEC Network. Meanwhile, the start time for Florida’s third game of the campaign against Colorado State (Sept. 15) will be played at 4 p.m. and broadcast on SEC Network.

On Wednesday, CBS announced the UF-Georgia game on Oct. 27 will again be at 3:30 p.m.

 Additional game times will be determined as the season progresses.


  1. Great.


    You’d think after how many times we’ve had games cancelled over recent years because of early evening thunderstorms that we’d have learned our lesson about early season games.

    With the brutal and oppressive humidity and heat of summer, late afternoon and early evening is when you usually get the most thunderstorms.

    Get ready to for another game getting cancelled.

    • I can think of one game (Idaho, 2014), plus the hurricane games, which were cancelled regardless of game time. Am I missing something or is this post just an exaggeration? Sitting in the swamp from mid afternoon to early evening (when your storms can still threaten to stop a game) in the summer is not my idea of a good time. Bring on the summer night games!

      • NWIA TB, I no longer reside in FLA., but my memory serves me correctly and the T-storms happen somewhere between 13:00 and 15:00 – STOP – then a thick blanket of humidity is thrown over the area. I haven’t forgotten getting out of the shower and starting to sweat immediately. Great way to keep weight down, but as you get older, it is more comfortable to stay inside with the a/c and a 75in. TV. I can’t wait to watch the GATORS this year. The LADY GATORS looked awesome on the big screen beating those dogs! GO GATORS!!!

  2. The local news paper says the Gators are going to play usf aND maybe some other Florida schools going forward.

    Roll over in your grave Jeremy Foley…I Kno w you are still alive but Spurrier was right in 1990 and it’s just as true today. shame it took 30 years. Life is like that way too often.. particularly in the modern world when people should know better.

  3. Mveal. Would love to see the future Florida schedule include FSU annually and at least one of the following every year (Miami, USF, UCF, and FA/FIU). I think Lane Kiffin coming Gainesville would fill The Swamp and he always coaches a good game.

    • I think you’re right, mveal. With regard to FAU, FIU, FAMU etc, same-same GA Southern, etc, etc. I don’t think UCF & USF every year, but a home and away every few years makes sense……AAC football generally has pretty good parity, especially USF over the longer term. But above all else, we need to find a way to get BOTH FSU and Miami on the schedule each year. IMO, that’s the right thing to do.

  4. I can see home and home with UCF and USF every few years. FAU and FIU once in a blue moon. Miami would be a good neutral site game. Home and home? No, you don’t want to send your fans to Miami. Playing all of our OOC games against teams from the Sunshine State makes no sense. Home games against teams like GA Southern also make no sense, as nothing good comes from it when we win, but losing those games are humiliating. Fans will pay and attend to see quality opponents (Southern Cal, Arizona, BYU, Oregon State, Notre Dame, GA Tech). We can’t load the schedule every year, but paying season tickets for only two to three quality home games each year doesn’t make sense.

    • What you get for your season ticket ought to be considered, and I really agree with you, John. So too with the scheduling of high quality OOC teams besides the one we have habitually, FSU and (hopefully) Miami.

      It’s got to be a real mess to get these schedules together! You’ve got space for 12 games, 5 of them are dedicated to SEC-East teams, got to thrown in room for a couple SEC-West teams, and the sacrosanct rivalry game (FSU)……hell, my brain is starting to hurt already before we even get to other conference schedules. Oh, and get Miami in there too, and by the way……well. I’ve been an S-3 twice but I wouldn’t want to take this one on!

      • Gator-6: Very good post. I agree. I remember when the SEC went to 2 divisions and required SEC teams to play at least 8 conference games. (This was during the old 11-game season). And Florida was still required to play FSU. That was 9 games. AD Bill Arnsparger wanted a cupcake game–or 2–so he decided to drop the annual Miami game. Miami protested (the old Orange Bowl was full of Gator fans for that game) as it was their best money-maker of the year. Arnsparger countered with a home and away series, but the ‘away’ game for Florida would be at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando and the Gators wanted a guarantee of a 50/50 split of revenue, including TV rights. Miami wasn’t buying that deal, so that ended what had been a traditional annual affair with the ‘Canes. 30 years ago. I’m old enough to still remember the famous one-handed TD catch by James Jones from Wayne Pease with 1 minute to go that gave the Gators the lead and the win. That was 1982.

        • You’ve got a good memory. Cattrick! I didn’t see that game, I was stationed in Germany at the time, but I did catch the replay about 3AM on AFN (probably on about a 9″ screen and drunker than Cooder Brown)…..but I’ll never forget it either.