Daily Football Fix: SEC will rock it in October


When the calendar turns to October during a college football season, it’s like a car trip vacation. You’re excited in the beginning and it gets trilling the closer you get to the end, but a lot of your enjoyment is based on how well you handle the grind in the middle.

Certainly, it is that way in the SEC where there are games during October that feel ginormous but all they really do is set up the next big game.

October is also where 11 of the 14 teams take a week off to catch their collective breath. But there are still plenty of big games. Here are the five best of Rocktober:

  1. Florida-Georgia, Oct. 27.

It’s always big and there is no way of knowing how big because we don’t know what the SEC East race is going to look like. This game can get coaches fired. Just ask Jim McElwain, Mark Richt, Ray Goff and Doug Dickey.

  1. Texas A&M at South Carolina, Oct. 13.

There is no consensus on how relevant either of these teams will be, but there is a good chance we’re going to make this can’t-miss TV at this point of the season.

3 and 4. The LSU double-dipper, Oct. 6 and Oct. 13.

The Tigers pulled tough duty in having to play Florida and Georgia from the East and to make things worse they get them in back-to-back weeks. LSU stunned Florida last year and plays for the second time in a row in Gainesville before hosting the Dawgs.

  1. Auburn at Miss. State, Oct. 6.

The cowbells will be clanging and if the Tigers are going to defend their division championship, this is a legitimate hurdle.



    • it’s not too inconceivable that SC is 5-1 going into Texas A&M – this assumes they win one of two games, home vs UGA and road vs UK, and the other four which should have SC favored. Muschamp is growing as a coach, and even though he’s recruiting against Clemson, he’s not doing a bad job considering the challenges he faces. Muschamp vs Fisher is an interesting comparison now that they’re at different schools. i’m not sure how big a game it is, but it’s definitely an interesting game.