Report: Florida pitches SEC transfer proposal


The SEC’s annual spring meetings are usually relatively dull and pedestrian. But there’s an item of business this week in Destin that certainly should catch the attention of Florida football fans.

The league will be voting on a proposal that would lift all SEC restrictions on athletes who want to transfer from one league school to another if their original schools have received a postseason ban by the NCAA, according to the USA Today.

The proposal is being sponsored by Florida and Texas A&M, and if it passes, would have an immediate impact on wide receiver Van Jefferson, who transferred to UF in January from Ole Miss, which is under NCAA probation and banned from postseason play in 2018.

If the new rule goes into effect, it would help clear the way for Jefferson to become eligible immediately. He also would need to receive a waiver from the NCAA seeking immediate eligibility.

UF has not yet sent a waiver request to the NCAA for Jefferson or wide receiver Trevon Grimes, the Ohio State transfer who is seeking immediate eligibility based on the fact he transferred to UF to be closer to a close family member dealing with a significant health issue.

If Jefferson and Grimes are ruled eligible for the 2018 season, it could have a significant impact on Florida’s offense, which has been lacking playmakers at wide receiver in recent years.

Jefferson and Grimes both stood out in the spring by consistently making plays.

Jefferson already is a proven playmaker in the SEC. In his two seasons with the Rebels, he combined to catch 91 passes for 999 yards and four touchdowns.

Grimes, a five-star recruit coming out of Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas, played in two games as a true freshman at Ohio State last fall, catching two passes for 20 yards.

Along with impacting transfers within the conference, the proposal being voted on at the spring meetings this week also would impose a substantial financial penalty on schools that have been banned from postseason play in football or basketball.

All postseason revenue — from the NCAA, SEC or bowl games — would be withheld and could be worth millions.

The SEC currently withholds postseason revenue from schools banned from the postseason, but returns some of the money if the school is not involved in any major NCAA infractions over a five-year period.


  1. I wonder why we have not applied for the waiver, it seems I remember another school actually getting one. I can’t see any reason that a waiver has not been requested, if someone knows otherwise I would appreciate being educated.

    • Vulcan. Why would Florida send a waiver to the NCAA when the SEC would not allow the waiver for the transfer of Jefferson between two SEC schools, which is the conference rule at the moment? I would think that the NCAA would not now even approve the waiver for Jefferson’s transfer knowing that the SEC would not accept it. Therefore, it is simply logic to first get the SEC rule changed to allow Jefferson to transfer to Florida from Ole Miss immediately and then file with the NCAA. At this point, it is almost an automatic that the NCAA would approve a waiver for Jefferson if he is allowed to transfer within the SEC, which is not the case at the moment.

  2. On the surface the financial punishment concept sounds good but the reality is that this is yet another reason why the NCAA will be “reluctant” to punish the habitual cheaters in the SEC. This is window dressing only. We all know what is going on everyday in the conference with immunity so I view this as a joke.

    • So nobody in the SEC cheats……….I didn’t know that.
      I could swear that Ole Miss is on probation right now but my “hatred” must have imagined that.
      I hate to break the news to you but you see I have been a loyal Gators fan longer than you have been breathing.
      Lighten up Francis

      Thanks for playing too.

      • I didn’t take you as a troll, didn’t sound like it to me even tho I always could be wrong nevertheless. Still, we commit a lot of fratricide on here so maybe just take a few more keystrokes and explain your comments? Shame you should have to do that, but I for one would be interested in knowing more about your premise.

  3. ”U.F. has not yet sent a waiver request to the NCAA for Jefferson or wide receiver Trevon Grimes…” (05-27-’18)
    I am NO lawyer, and I’ve never ”played one on T.V.” either”, but I can only surmise that U.F. is waiting on their ”SEC transfer rule” vote in Destin?!?!
    Still, I feel for both Jefferson and Grimes, because this seems like an ”all or nothing” deal in Destin. No waiver requests sent, no info on either player’s chances (other than this story and a few others).
    So best of LUCK to Florida and Texas A & M’s proposal, because if the majority of the other teams vote ”no”, then Jefferson and Grimes will be starting their appeal and ”waiver process” very late in the game. These 2 players did NOTHING wrong, other than ”life happens”. So…

    • That’s the most sensible analysis of the situation I’ve seen yet, GI. It sure would be a shame if we go in way too late to impact the coming season, but I can’t help but believe there has to be more going on than we’re aware of? Sure is a curiosity.

  4. This is getting to be a silly soap opera. Every few weeks we get a different story. First they’re waiting on the NCAA, but wait!, they haven’t filed their paperwork yet. Then we get the story that UF is going through the process of requesting the waivers. Ooops! Seems as though they still haven’t filed the waiver requests. So, does anyone actually know what’s going on with these players? They’ll be waiting until doomsday at the speed that the university and the players are moving. Same ole song, verse 38.

  5. I wish Scott Stricklin would come out and state what the hell is going on. Sounds like both us and A&M are taking the long way home in trying to get these players eligible for this season. Why not just apply for the waivers now under the rules in place, and try to move the mountain later for future transfers?

  6. I might be taking the synical view, but I think it’s a no-chance of winning this battle, and the staff is dragging it out so that Jefferson and Grimes don’t give up on the Gators and move on (to the NFL or elsewhere). Let’s face it the rules are there for a reason. We wouldn’t want our people transferring willy nilly either. That said, I’m not crazy about one and done players, which at least Jefferson will be. Mullen needs to get back out on the recruiting trail and move on to the next Jefferson coming out of High School. That’s the only way to build a program from the ground up, not the one and done upperclassmen that take playing time from the younger commits.

    • Akum84. Jefferson and Grimes cannot transfer again this year regardless of the outcome, unless they go the JC or lower division route. And I doubt either of the two players would even consider the later. Obviously, Jefferson knew the rule when he transferred to Florida and will have to abide by the decision that the SEC makes concerning changing the rule or not (and Florida certainly has a lot of influence in the SEC). And Grimes clearly picked UF for other reasons than just football. I met and spoke briefly him at the open practice, and he is a very articulate and intelligent young man with a bright future in front of him both on and off the football field.

  7. understand why they have not applied for transfer waiver for ole miss WR Van Jefferson; but why have they not applied for waiver for OSU WR Trevon Grimes – seems like two different situations