Daily Football Fix: Perine part of UF’s depth-rich backfield

Florida running back Lamical Perine gets dragged down by linebacker Rayshad Jackson at the Orange and Blue spring game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on April 14. [Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun]

No college football player is perfect, not even Tim Tebow. That’s why every Florida Gator is heading into the summer with the goal of improving certain aspects of their game.

In the case of running back Lamical Perine, the junior is working on becoming more elusive and tightening up his pass protection, a crucial element for all running backs. He’s also looking to gain weight and strength in Nick Savage’s offseason strength and conditioning program.

Making people miss, getting my muscle weight up and just like being more consistent in pass blocking,” Perine said when asked about his summer goals.

Perine said he started working on his pass blocking during spring practice.

“I worked on it after practice,” he said. “Going over film, checking out schemes, defensive schemes and stuff like that, and it really helped me out.”

Perine knows that if he doesn’t improve his game, he could lose carries and playing time, because the competition at running back is going to be very intense in preseason camp.

Jordan Scarlett, the leading rusher in 2016, is back. Malik Davis, the second-leading rusher last season, is supposed to be back after rehabbing from knee surgery. And then there are Adarius Lemons and two talented true freshmen who showed great promise in the spring — Iverson Clement and Dameon Pierce.

“We push each other to be better and it’s really helping us all out,” Perine said. “We feel like everybody can bring something to the table, everybody a different style running back so it’s going to be fun to watch.”

Perine offered a brief description of the other running backs.

“Powerful, breaking tackles,” he said of Scarlett. “You’ve got Malik who can catch out of the backfield, speed back. Iverson Clement, he’s a shifty back. Dameon Pierce, downhill.

“Adarius is a home-run hitter. Eighty yards, he can strike for 80 real fast.”

And what about Perine?

“I would say I’m balanced,” he said.

He’s seeking to expand on his balance this summer by becoming a little bit more elusive, which could lead to some longer runs in the fall.

“I need to make people miss,” he said.



  1. It all depends on the offensive line. If it improves this year–I mean, really improves–whoever the QB turns out to be can pass to our excellent receivers more than dink and dunk, our great running backs will be able to make much more than a cloud of dust, and three and out should be a distant memory. That’s what I’m counting on.

  2. Mullen definitely had production from his running backs at MSU and each one of these guys is talented and the returning players have all looked good in the past. looking forward to watching these guys play. Hopefully these guys can do well on special teams as well.

  3. No team has ever had so many quality running backs. Not even in the age of wishbone offence.
    Speaking of Wishbone, why can’t we just load with 3-4 backfield and shove it down their throat. There is not offense better than the one defense knows what you are going to do and can not stop you.

    • Are you serious? FSU has a far superior backfield. It’s not even close. Alabama, Georgia, also have much better backs than Florida. That’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s many more.

      • FSU has a far superior backfield…Really.. Bro you are are a clown, but I also recognize you are a Tally homer. FSU has a better line than UF, which is what makes your slightly above average backs look better than what they really are. I give you UGA, they’ve got a running back machine going on up there. But I don’t think Bama’s backs are better than UF’s, they also have better Clydesdales in front of them making holes. If UF can find find 5 guys up front to block they should run the ball 50 times a game with the backfield depth they have. You may get one more against UF next year, but count your jollies while you can. Its gonna end, soon, and your boys in red and yellow will be back in their rightful place on the pecking order. Looking up at THE University of Florida.

      • Tebowcurse. I realize logic and data mean little to you. But here are the facts. FSU returns two players, Patrick and Akers, with any game experience. And neither Patrick nor Akers is any better than Scarlett. FSU’s best back is Akers, and he ran last year for 930 yards on 181 carries and scored 7 TDs. In Scarlett’s 2016 year, he ran the ball 179 times for 889 yards. So, I guess Akers is 41 yards better than Scarlett. Akers scored 7 TDs and Scarlett scored 6 TDs on a far less proficient offense. Patrick carried the ball for 687 yards and Perine carried it for 562 yards, so Patrick was a better backup for FSU than Perine was for Florida. However, that is where the line drops off for FSU, my troll. FSU has one more running back and that is Amir Rasul, and he ran the ball 26 times for 127 yards. Florida counters with Davis (79 for 526 yards) and Lemons (19 and 136 yards). Both clearly better RBs than the third RB for FSU. But FSU has no depth at RB after that. Florida counters with stud freshman, Pierce and Clement. I suppose FSU will have a walk on to match up against those two. You better rethink your post stating that FSU has a “far superior” backfield. In truth, it does not match up to the depth and quality of depth that is on the Florida roster. But both Alabama and Georgia have outstanding RBs and quality OLs for them to run behind. But none of the Georgia running backs made Athlon’s preseason SEC teams (four deep teams). Scarlett did. Swift for Georgia made it as a special teams player.

  4. Georgia lost both of their starting backs to the draft. They only return Swift with any type of game experience. Herron and Holyfield are unproven so at this time I would take our RBs over Georgia and FSU