Tracking Florida’s scholarship players for 2019

The Sun has gone over the roster (and projected what it will look like heading into camp) and came up with a scholarship tracker that is broken down by position and class. This tracker will be updated if and when there are any changes:

Note: (*) indicates player who has already received a redshirt


QBFeleipe Franks*Emory Jones*
Kyle Trask*
RBLamical PerineMalik DavisIverson Clement*
Dameon PierceNay'Quan Wright
WRVan Jefferson*Trevon GrimesKyle PittsJacob Copeland*
Tyrie ClevelandKadarius ToneyDionte Marks
Freddie SwainRick Wells*Ja'Markis Weston
Josh Hammond
TELucas KrullKemore Gamble*Dante Lang
Keon Zipperer
OLNick Buchanan*Stone Forsythe*T.J. Moore*Chris Bleich*
Brett Heggie*Richard Gouraige*
Jean DeLance*Griffin McDowell*
Tanner Rowell*Evan White
Kingsley Eguakun
Will Harrod
Michael Tarquin
Riley Simonds


DLJabari ZunigaMarlon Dunlap Jr.*Zachary Carter* Andrew Chatfield*
Adam ShulerKyree Campbell Brenton Cox, Jr.David Reese*
Luke Ancrum* Elijah Conliffe Jaelin Humphries
T.J. SlatonMohamoud Diabate
Jon GreenardLloyd Summerall
Jeremiah Moon* Khris Bogle
LBDavid Reese James Houston*Jesiah Pierre
Amari BurneyTyron Hopper
Ventrell Miller*
Lacedrick Brunson*
DBJeawon TaylorC.J. Henderson Marco WilsonJaydon Hill
Shawn DavisTrey Dean IIIKaiir Elam
Quincy Lenton*Chester Kimbrough
Donovan StinerTrent Whittemore
Brad Stewart
C.J. McWilliams*
KEvan McPherson
PTommy Townsend


Special Teams112


  1. It’s interesting to note the small number of seniors. Is that typical attrition (drop outs, transfers, early movers to the NFL)? Or is it due to the last coaching staff’s inability to recruit players? It’s also interesting to see how unbalanced this group of players are by position. Lots of soph DBs only 2 Jrs, for example. It will be interesting to see how recruiting goes over the next year to balance things out.

    • I noticed that too, Gator jack…..we had a lively discussion the other day about how to keep the defense from getting gassed so early on, pretty much a consensus for depth and rotation. Considering how late Mullen & Grantham were able to get started for this year—and how well they did regardless of that—I think it’s fair to say that next year’s class should balance out very well and get us close to where we want to be.

    • I don’t think so, just an addition error. As Vulcan says though, how much development can we expect? That’s the crux of the matter. I think Gator jack was looking at it by position, and accounting for injuries etc, I was too as far as being able to platoon defensive relief in and out. I happen to think that this class turned out right well, Sparky… year should be even better. Go Gators!

    • i’m thinking the error came figuring in the punter – looking at the spreadsheet, the punter seems to be left out by his lonesome, and the junior class doesn’t add up either – it’s just a spreadsheet boo-boo

    • Very perceptive Sparky! We added junior defensive lineman Jabari Zuniga late and added him to the junior total but forgot to add him as a defensive player in the totals table. Thanks for pointing it out and it should be fixed now!

  2. Agreed. Mullen has already commented about trying to get the class balance. It appears he knows what he is doing in that regard. If he can make us respectable on offense this year, the sky is the limit in the future. I know I for one am tired of trailing fsu in any sport….especially football.

  3. Why can’t we for once have 85 scholarship players? It seems every year we sign less than our allotted number of players on NSD and always end up 6-7players short come fall. While that does not seem like much , it affects the depth in the long run. Doubt Bamma or Ga has this issue every year.

    • Dan Mulle, basically, did poorly in recruiting. After being given a terrific head start by the former staff, as seen in the fine Early Signing Day haul. Mullen petered out down the home stretch leading up to the February signing day. That even included a holdover, Gouraige, from the old staff. I think, let me know if I’m wrong, that UF was 14th or 15th in recruiting on Early Signing Day and finished 14th after February’s final signing day. Mullen, especially since he should have known that a 4-7 team needed a lot of reinforcements, missed out on signing a full class. Perhaps he thought he could get more players this class, and count them back towards last year. But I think that, especially at Florida where a coach is only a loss or two away from the hot seat, he should have done a better job at getting as many bodies as possible to help his job security. Mullen has never been known for his recruiting prowess, but he is considered a good evaluator and developer of talent. I don’t know why he didn’t sign some “under the radar” prospects that were his bread and butter at Mississippi State.
      I know it’s only May, but with the early signing period the recruiting process has accelerated greatly and Florida is currewntly ranked 23rd on the 247 Composite rankings. UF is behind Georgia, Miami, FSU, and others, including even Tennessee. If there ever was a dumpster fire, it’s Tennessee, which had a coaching search that was the laughingstock of the entire country. How in the world are they above Florida in recruiting right now? Mullen better get his act together, and quickly, or UF is just going to become an afterthought in college football, like they have been ever since Tebow’s departure.

  4. TheTebowCurse…. calm down. we were 4-7 last year and Mullen hasn’t coach one game this year. Let him build his resume and some wins at Florida and the recruits will come. Tennessee should be ahead of us in recruiting they have the whole state they can grab recruits from unlike us who has to fight Miami, FSU, UCF, and USF. He has the recruits happy with the atmosphere he has created but now he just needs the wins to come..

    • The “whole state” of Tennessee doesn’t even come close to three counties, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, in Florida. Tennessee also has to worry about losing talent to others, like All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey who FSU nabbed. Stop making excuses. I don’t understand why so many Gator fans don’t accept reality and, instead, whine and make excuses. It’s still early, so Mullen can still make amends. But if you’re comfortable with where Florida stands now, then you’re content with mediocrity. If UF can’t beat Tennessee, who are a real dumpster fire, in recruiting, what is Mullen doing at UF.

      • Pruitt and Mullen are both 1st year coaches at new schools, both have rings (mullen has 2) but Pruitt got his last year combined with Nick Satan’s approval that he is a good fit for Tennessee. While Mullen earned his ring when these kids were probably 8yrs old. Mullen will get some wins and he will have a better class next yr. No fair to say Mullen is not gonna do well when he hasn’t even coached a game. That’s like ordering a cheeseburger, not taking a bite of it and sending it back to the kitchen saying it taste like fried garbage.

      • Florida will be just fine. As I recall, Mullen was the one who recruited Percy Harvin, Brandon Spikes, and Tim Tebow to Florida. He also talked meyer into offering Brandon James. Florida’s class is rated what it is for now because of the numbers in it because Mullin is going after the top players and top player don’t commit early they wait and last time I looked, florida is in the mix for many top players in the country.

  5. This is a great way to look at the roster. Other than the small number of seniors, it looks like the roster is balanced in terms of classes. But obviously several position groups better balance and mix. But I think Coach is all over this. And regarding being under the 85 player limit, my thought is that Coach didn’t want to fill the roster just to fill the roster. Why bring in under-recruited players (2 and 3 stars) to fill out a roster and then have to jettison them in the next year or two when recruiting (and winning?) starts to pay off. Quality over Quantity.