Daily Football Fix: SEC’s September five to watch


In the SEC, you can’t win a conference or even a divisional title in September. But you can sure lose one.

The teams in the SEC have their usual interesting non-conference games in the month, but it’s those games against their brethren that will get most of the focus as the season gets serious.

Here are five to keep an eye on in September:

  1. Georgia at South Carolina, Sept. 8.

The Gamecocks may be able to make a run at a division title, but they probably can’t be taken seriously if they can’t win this game at home in the second week of the season. This has been a traditionally tough game for the Bulldogs, who need to keep the momentum going from last season.

  1. Texas A&M at Alabama, Sept. 22.

OK, Jimbo Fisher, you wanted the SEC and now you get it in its full glory. The Aggies will be looking for a statement game while the Tide will be looking to show who is still boss.

  1. Florida at Mississippi State, Sept. 29.

Dan Mullen has already declared this game to be the biggest ever in the state of Mississippi, which may be going a little far. But there will be tons of emotion when he returns home.

  1. LSU at Auburn, Sept. 15.

This will be more about the loser than the winner. A loss would cripple Auburn’s hopes early as it tries to win the division for a second straight year. An LSU loss starts the Ed Orgeron Watch.

  1. Georgia at Missouri, Sept. 22.

The Tigers have only one conference game in the month of September, so you know they will be putting everything into this game.


  1. im having some challenges getting my comments printed with the commodore 64 here, so if these show up elsewhere, sorry.
    1. imo we have too many redshirts, except db and rb. redshirt, other than a true medical, not a coaches game, takes up a slot. after they graduate, redshirts can move on anyway, so it doesn’t net much. we need to offer playing time early to good recruits. if you cant do it, then the next recruit knows and moves in. keeping a guy here that should be at Arkansas, well, we are in business to be a champion. I don’t want to run guys off before they graduate, so anyone who gives is all we need for the flow of the program. we just don’t need coach promised me this, etc. words aren’t needed, some things you just know.
    2. I’m for a lot of celebrating, including first downs, good catches, etc. I don’t care about the taunt, as long as all the guys are together celebrating. the positive emotion and flow, high fives, every play if it helps I’m for it. it needs to be us, not me, and misery cant be part of the equation. even if we lose, but you see the growth as a unit. having fun while you play Is the way to go imo.
    3. I don’t care about 10 wins if we haven’t developed proven big time players. that means emery jones needs to be on the field, showing talent. if he plays great but throws a pick 6 while he learns, and it costs us a game, ok. cost of doing business. if he shows he is not good enough to beat south Carolina, the next recruit needs to be ready. sorry mr. franks, mac was wrong to suggest ojt (on the job training). that works other places, not here.
    Go gators!