Florida, South Florida schedule three games


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Florida and South Florida have agreed to a play in Gainesville in 2022 and 2025 and at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa in 2023.

For the two games combined, UF will pay USF $750,000 and UF will receive $250,000 in 2023.

UF and USF have met only once before, when the Gators defeated the Bulls 38-14 in the second week of the 2010 season.

Over the past 15 years, Florida has played Florida State, Miami, UCF, USF, Florida A&M, Florida Atlantic and Florida International.

UF will play Miami to open the 2019 season at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.


          • Auburn, last year, was a better than average team, not a great team, that had it all nevertheless in the palm of its hand, yet dropped it to a better team that night. A better team (on that night), consisting of far less 3 & 4* players, if any at all of the latter, but led by a coach who knew how to coach and motivate.

            Let that sink in for a minute.

          • Exactly. I don’t buy that crap…I work with an alum of Auburn who played ball there and his gave ultimate props to UCF. USF played us tough the last time in the swamp. Also glad we didn’t play them, but it does make sense.

  1. Never liked this idea (or with UCF). The more credibility you give these programs, the more in-state competition you have for top in-state recruits. It’s bad enough there’s three top-tier schools to split the talent; don’t need to add two more.

    • That’s a good thought, Comarley; good strategic thinking at that. But you can’t deny the relative parity between the Group of Five and the Power Five over the last 15 years or so. Now, I’m not including FAU, FIU, and even UCF (IMO) long term….but USF has pretty much proven their mettle and besides, they’ve got a helluva coach who is probably there for the long haul. So why not play then home and away every 3-4 years, as scheduling permits? Both stadiums would fill up, and the risk involved would make it both competitive and fun. Sure beats Charleston Southern.

    • I’ve actually thought this same thing. The question…. how much talent is there to go around to more and more schools….. is probably a real concern. Traditionally UF, FSU, and UM had advantages of larger fan bases/alumni, better TV exposure (that matters to kids), better conferences/opponents, a chance to play for national title, etc, etc. Now in the new world, those advantages are less…. advantageous. I hate the current scheduling methodology of having three weak sisters on the home schedule every year as much as anybody but what would a schedule look like year in and year out that had 8 SEC games, FSU, UM, UCF, and USF on it….not to mention throwing in FAU and FIU every now and again. It would only work if everyone in the SEC did the same thing.

      • There’s only so much time from September to December………

        But we’ve got to get at least Miami back into the mix. Or else, lose two SEC members and get both Miami and FSU in—one in the East and one in the West.

        Did I just say that? No, I couldn’t have.

          • Or so they thought anyway, I guess they didn’t think Clemson was ever going to amount to much ever again………

          • Actually, gelco30, Foley wanted FSU kept out — for obvious reasons. Pretty sure current admin feels the same way. SEC membership is one of the few things we have over FSU football-wise.

          • Let’s hope, Gator-6…other than the Tebow era and a few years here and there, we’ve had little to brag about to them pesky Noles. There’s even more of them (than us) up here in the Big Apple!

          • I forgot for a moment….you do live in NYC. In my book, you get the Gator Perseverance Award for 2018!

          • Arnold, not sure how Bowden’s FB comment supports your contention. As he explains, FSU had repeatedly applied for SEC membership the previous 20-25 years and had been denied every time. Who do you think pushed back — Vanderbilt? Mississippi State? Come on, man. Get real.

            More importantly, as Bowden alludes to, the lone offer from the SEC came in the late 80s/early 90s, the beginning stages of FSU’s ascent to national prominence. Since then, UF has had no interest in letting FSU join the ranks of the SEC. Indeed, it was widely reported in 2011-12 that leaders of the University of Florida, the University of Georgia and the University of South Carolina had a gentleman’s agreement in place to block any SEC expansion in those states in an effort to block in-state competition from another SEC institution.


            UF is not dumb, it believes, schizophrenically, that FSU joining the SEC is the “kill shot” of the Gators chances to reign supreme in the state. I actually disagree. Competition-wise, the SEC is currently in crisis mode, with everything, and I mean everything running through Tuscaloosa and Athens for the foreseeable future. Why top talent would go to an SEC school other than Bama or UGA is beyond me. It’s very clear why we’re getting lesser talent and frankly have Saban-mania and ESPN to thank for this mess. Letting FSU join the SEC would neutralize their appeal and actually level the playing field, giving us a better chance of convincing top talent to come here. (I agree though that financially speaking, SEC membership is a huge plus, which is why UF will never let FSU in)

            As for Bowden preferring the ACC, how is that different from from us refusing to play them early on (it took a legislative act), Ansparger dropping Miami back in the 80s, and Foley refusing to schedule non-conference games outside the state of Florida? It’s perfectly acceptable for a program to pursue self-interest to maximize its chances of success. Given the recent history and accomplishments of both programs, i’d say FSU succeeded much more than we have. I don’t think there’s any dispute that they’ve been the better program going on 40 years now, save the Tebow era and a few years here and there. In fact, i’m pretty sure that FSU has a winning record against us and the SEC over that time period.

            You can try to whitewash these facts, but the truth is that we’ve been the third best program in the state for quite some time (and I’m being kind given what’s going on in Tampa and Orlando). I for one am sick and tired of it and have refused to wear the rose-colored glasses that many on these blogs seem to don. I’m a proud UF alum and fan and for once would like to see my school excel. I like Mullen, I really do, but there’s a reason why Stricklin would’ve taken Kelly or Frost over him. Let’s hope he’s able to turn things around before the “fire ron zook” wackos heat up.

            I know you (and others) question my allegiance. But think of it this way. I’m a proud father. I’d get upset if my son brought home C’s or lower. Turning a blind eye, blaming the teacher, or ignoring the matter does not help him get better. That’s how I feel of my beloved Orange and Blue. I speak the truth because I know we can do better. At least give me that much.

          • Tim, I’ve read and re-read your post a couple of times to fully digest it, and while I would dispute a point or two here and there, there’s some merit to your perspective. That took a lot of Gator heart to say it like that, and I know you bleed Orange & Blue. Still, the long knives will come out–based on my own recent experience with being falsely accused–but I will not be among them. Not that I agree c you fully, but By God, I for one will never question your allegiance.

          • Tim, Bowden said the same in other media outlets, not just on his Facebook post. The SEC offered FSU a spot in the league. What Bowden said/wrote proves what you wrote earlier about Foley is wrong. If Foley didn’t want FSU in the SEC back then, the league wouldn’t have made the offer. UF plays FSU every year, so why keep the ‘Noles out? Just because you ramble on doesn’t make anything you say a fact.

            Don’t care about your allegiance and we don’t know what your relationship is with GatorG, it could be what others on here have suspected.
            But what I do care about is that those on here follow the rules of the road. They have been posted several times and have a home on the Forum. Certainly there are other sites some on here can take their negativity ad nauseam about the Gators and other things. And that goes for people posting falsehoods. We’ll have a quick delete/trash button.

          • Arnold, I’m sorry I even brought FSU and Miami up, vis-a-vis SEC membership. As far as Tim’s “relationship with GatorG”, and in particular “posting falsehoods”, I’m surprised at you. As the absolute voice of reason on here–and in my opinion at least, a pretty good fellow to boot–you above all are in a position to tell if somebody is a troll or not. All Tim did was take an opposing position, and as far as GatorG, he is a loyal Gator who occasionally posts dissenting opinions too. Disagreement does not = Disloyalty!

        • Arnold, Arnsparger (not Foley) was the AD when the SEC invited FSU in 1990.

          But look, there’s no reason for this to get heated. You’re a standup guy and I respect everything you (and your team) do to support GatorNation. Let’s just agree to disagree on whether UF wants FSU in the SEC and on how we as fans should voice our support for the beloved Gator program. Truce.

          Gator-6, thanks again for having my back. You’re the consummate Gator through and through.

  2. I grew up in Florida and remember when Florida played Miami as the last game of the year. By the late 70s, FSU was the final game. The UF-UM series disappeared when the SEC split into 2 divisions and mandated 8 conference games.