Daily Football Fix: SEC East must do more


The SEC West has dominated the East for the last five seasons since the two division split 14 games in 2012. It looked as if the East was making some headway in 2016 when it won five of the 14 games.

But last year was more of the same with the division finishing with a 3-11 record.

The good news for the East is that it broke a streak of eight straight SEC Championship Game wins for the West when Georgia beat Auburn.

But just two seasons prior, the East was so bad it was rated as the worst Power Five division in America after going 2-12 against the West.

Can the East make up some ground this season? Here are five ways it can:

  1. By winning the title game again.

In the end, a second straight win in Atlanta will get people off its back, even if it is Georgia again carrying the banner.

  1. Tennessee and Vandy have to step up.

The two teams went 0-4 last year and 1-15 overall. That’s not a good look for the division.

  1. Win the LSU doubleheader.

On consecutive Saturdays, Florida plays host to the Tigers and Georgia travels to Baton Rouge. If LSU is truly down, a sweep here would really help.

  1. Georgia over Auburn again.

This is a big game for the East on Nov. 10. The Tigers won the regular season battle before falling to the Bulldogs in the title game.

  1. Win some non-conference games.

This has nothing to do with the SEC standings, but one of the problems has been that the East has lost so many games out of conference. It starts with Tennessee-West Virginia on Sept. 1 and finishes with a slew of rivalry games the final week of the season.


  1. Another compelling analysis by Dooley which concludes, more or less, that we can turn the west-east won-loss balance of power around if next year east teams win more games against west teams than vice versa and continue to do so for a few years.

  2. I’m going to have to start tapping in a little more on other sites, G…..you’re right, that link didn’t quite provide me c the warm fuzzy I was looking for. That said, even tho it seems at times that we’re never going to get our share of 5*s again, I’m sure we will sooner or later. Like you, I’m just hoping for sooner than later.

      • Gator-6, they took down my post expressing concern with Trey Sanders visiting FSU next weekend.

        Just another instance of journalists “crafting” the news rather than reporting it. It’s no wonder the media are in such dire straits.

        • Boy, you just said a mouthful, G. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that among all the threats to our republic, irresponsible journalism is probably the one that will wind up doing us in.

          I remember that post the other day, everyone was saying “no worries”, and you included a link to an website that cast some doubt on that. It sure didn’t give me a warm fuzzy, anyway. I’m sure you got blasted for that, but I appreciated it because….hey….you’ve got to examine every side of an issue to find objectivity. I was a G-2 (Intelligence Officer, in my case an oxymoron if there ever was one) at one point in my career, and believe me the info that shattered the prevailing consensus was the most beneficial most of the time. Disagreement does not = Disloyalty.

          • Are you seriously going to start that crap again, Gator? You otherwise sound like a good guy, but how you come up c stuff like that I’ll never understand. I don’t know who “Tim” is, but he sounds OK to me. I do know GatorG lives on the east coast, has a degree in Chemistry from UF, and is a straight shooter. I live in Texas, will admit to being any sort of scumbag you want to call me, but I sure as hell am not an FSU troll.

            All this paranoia about trolls is flat ass taking the fun out of this site, and I think it’s pretty clear who they are. There has been so much friendly fire on here lately that I’m surprised anybody posts anymore.

          • “Tim” posted the article regarding Trey Sanders. “GatorG” said “they took down MY post”. Multiple personality mixup. Facts are facts.

            I suspect posters are staying away because of the multiple personality troll.

          • I’m confused Gator….”Tim” might have posted a comment on the article referencing Trey Sanders, I don’t remember if he did or not. If he did, I’m sure it was to the effect of “don’t worry…his family are all Gators”. That was the majority response, more or less “ho hum”. But GatorG posted a link which made it sound as tho his visit to FSU was more serious than that. What’s wrong with that? I read it, it got my attention too.

          • By the way, I checked and not only was GatorG’s comment taken down, but so was my response to it as well. I don’t have a clue why, but that’s what he was talking about.

          • Get your facts straight, Gator. Tim posted asking for confirmation of a rumor he’d heard that Sanders was heading to FSU next weekend. I responded confirming the rumor and included a link explaining the situation. I also expressed my belief that Sanders would still end up a Gator, but agreed that the situation is cause for some concern.

            I’m truly shocked and embarrassed how paranoid our fanbase has become. Incredibly unbecoming and juvenile.

          • Well, I knew it was something like that, but to tell the truth I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast today! I think I went to a gun show after that, but I can’t swear to it.

            Don’t stop posting, I rely on it when I get too carried away!

        • GatorSports should explain why they censored some of the comments. I suspect they objected to my response to your comment about Sanders. I laid out my suspicions about IMG and FSU boosters having a nefarious business relationship.

          • Exactly Sly….and I couldn’t find that either (unless my head is so far up my 4th point of contact that I need some light pumped in). Those are pretty much the words you used, and I answered that I finally saw the possibility. Why would GatorSports do that? Got to be an error.

          • Gator-6 – Unfortunately, I didn’t see your response before the thread was censored.

            I don’t know who owns GatorSports/Gainesville Sun. However, the media in general is owned by some very wealthy and powerful people from both sides of the political spectrum. They control and censor news as they see fit. Why do you think Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, and casino magnate and Republican sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson bought daily Las Vegas Review-Journal and the daily Israel Hayom? Those are just a couple of examples. They want to control the news ordinary people consume. Why haven’t we seen more reporting about the Panama Papers? The people who control the Media don’t want the American public to make a huge political issue about “legalized” nefarious activities they engage in with offshore accounts, shell corporations, and such. That is one thing both the left and right agree on. If they are reported, it gets killed and buried pretty quickly. We have to find such stories from public funded outlets such as NPR, the Guardian, and Wikipeida which are not owned by the wealthy and powerful.

          • Sly: GateHouse Media publishes more than 560 community newspapers, including 124 dailies (Gainesville Sun is one), along with more than 485 affiliated websites (Gatorsports is one). Its publications can be found in 38 states.
            We now have another moderator to help keep an eye on the site and may have a quick delete button. His BS meter went off on Tim’s and GatorG’s posts on here. Don’t know what their relationship is, could be what others on here have suspected. Our dude pointed it out and I sanctioned the hit. Sorry you and Gator-6’s responses got caught in the wash.
            Folks, just follow the rules of the road. They have been posted several times and has a home on the Forum. Certainly there are other sites some on here can take their negativity ad nauseam about the Gators and other things.

    • Boy, I gotcha Steve. But care about the East because that’s where we live. We all win when it’s strong.

      Believe me, I know what it’s like to live in a hostile, foreign country like Georgia……been stationed there twice. Try Knoxville, where Rog lives!

      • You got that right! I’m so sick of prison orange (hey, I have two kids matriculating at UTK) and I hope the Vols never beat my Gators but I can tell you that a strong division helps us all because when you’re a great team and you beat great teams, …..well you know the saying about a rising tide lifts all boats. I don’t “root” for UT or UGA but when they are playing Auburn or Bama or LSU…..well, somebody’s got to win so I’d rather it be East than West.