Four freshmen officially part of team


Four more members of Florida’s 2018 recruiting class are now on campus and officially part of the football program.

The four newest freshmen to arrive are offensive tackle Richard Gouraige, outside linebacker/defensive end Andrew Chatfield, linebacker/safety David Reese and offensive lineman Griffin McDowell. The four are enrolled in Summer A classes, which began Monday.

The four join eight early enrollees who started classes in January and went through spring practice.

The seven other members of the class will enroll in Summer B in June. They are wide receiver Jacob Copeland, tight end Kyle Pitts, defensive end Dante Lang, defensive end/outside linebacker Malik Langham, defensive back Justin Watkins, defensive back John Huggins and kicker Evan McPherson.



  1. I’m wondering if Watkins status is in jeopardy now. Just a question, how many consecutive arrests on the football team has been non white players. Just a question. I really don’t remember the last time a white player was arrested but maybe my memory is failing me.

  2. It’s getting a little bit more exciting each week! I really believe this class is going to be a big help to the program. some immediately some later in the season and a few will have to wait until next year to prove their metal, but either way these kids will help to bring the program back to what we have been expecting for the last 6 -8 years. Go Gators!!!

  3. I don’t know about one strike and you’re out for Watkins but he certainly showed an anger management issue. Have complete confidence Coach Mullen will handle this properly as opposed to the ridiculous way our prior coach handled 81’s behavior.

    • Well based on track record, if Mullen and Stricklin allowed Jeffrey Simmons to sign and enroll at MSU and only suspended him for the first game of the season after he was caught on tape beating a girl, it’s safe to say this situation wasn’t nearly as bad as that, so nothing should really come of this. I love Mullen, but the jury’s still out on what kind’ve disciplinarian he’s going to be. He seems to come from the Urban Meyer school of discipline. Lets just hope that was more a result of catering to a 5* player that a program like MSU doesn’t get very often and that same style of discipline doesn’t carry over to here. We certainly don’t want it to be another Urban Meyer type program that breaks records for number of arrests.

      • When it comes to predicting future behavior, guess what variable psychologists rely most heavily on? Yup, you guessed it: Past behavior. So we can only go by Mullen’s disciplinary record at MSU for similar cases. Although, it’s probably equally fair to say that the context is different between the two schools since the greater available talent at Florida probably has an effect on level of discipline. Guess we won’t know for sure what the coach is going to do, until he does it. Which is a long handed way of saying that I agree c you, Joe.

  4. “The odds against Jeffery Simmons becoming a model student-athlete were long, but that’s just what he is today.” — Gridiron Now

    “I guess it is time to admit that we were all wrong (and Mullen and Stricklin right) about Jeffery Simmons.” — Gridiron Now

    • Of course not. Besides just being wrong, it would be political suicide. And further, he’s not of UF student and is still in high school! Let’s wait and see what the coach does or does not do once we have some semblance of jurisdiction. Not taking you to task for your level of alarm, Pooky…..just get off this glide path for the time being.