Daily Football Fix: Conference games winning percentage


During a discussion with Urban Meyer the other day about something unrelated, I brought up that this year is the 10th anniversary of Florida’s last national champion.

“That’s right. It’s 2018, isn’t it?” he said. “That team was the best college football team ever, wasn’t it?”

Well, it is in the argument. Talent-wise, I have no doubt that it was the best ever at Florida.

But it also got me thinking about how the SEC has changed since then, so I got out the conference media guide and started ciphering up some numbers. And here they are. This is the SEC in terms of conference games winning percentage since Florida’s 2008 titleists, a span of 10 seasons:

  1. Alabama .888.

Just ridiculous to be this good in this conference.

  1. LSU .688.

So the second best team in the conference over the last 10 years fired its coach and is 20 percentage points behind the Tide.

  1. Georgia .650.

So the third best conference team … oh, you’re getting the point.

  1. Florida .622.

And the Gators are on their fourth coach since that title.

  1. Auburn .563.

The Tigers are an example of how the league other than Alabama can fluctuate wildly.

  1. Texas A&M .518.

Since it joined the league, so over eight seasons. As we know, finishing around the middle didn’t cut it for Kevin Sumlin.

  1. South Carolina .513.

That the Gamecocks are in the top half says a lot about what Steve Spurrier did there.

  1. Mississippi State .450.

And this says a lot about what Dan Mullen did in the brutal West.

  1. Missouri .446.

Talk about wild fluctuations.

  1. Arkansas .388.

At least the Hogs are in the top 10.

  1. Ole Miss .363.

A lot of bad seasons in Oxford.

  1. Tennessee .338.

The Vols since Phil Fulmer was coaching have been a mess.

  1. Kentucky .288.

Mark Stoops has brought them back, but he had a lot to overcome.

  1. Vanderbilt .256.

And that includes some nice years with James Franklin.



  1. Wow…..two things worth remembering in the same day: (1) Richard Dery’s comment that we actually do have elite athletes, and (2) Pat reminding us that as bad as the last 10 years or so have been, it has been better than a whole lot of other SEC teams in the same period.

    Finally. A Monday where I don’t feel like going back to bed. As Richard said, “It’s going to be beautiful”.

  2. I’m for making sure every player knows how to do autographs, how to act, so that hopefully we don’t have to look at a war eagle signature on the gatorsports page….
    that was a jim valvano type trick, practicing cutting down the nets, to plant the idea in the players heads of preparing to be champion. in truth kids especially value their autographs, its a good little thing.

  3. You know, as we constantly gripe about now vs then, there is a lot of meat in this breakdown for comparisons. I am amazed that some of the bright football minds we have here haven’t jumped all over it, pro and con. No foolin’….I thought we’d have 50 or 60 posts after 2 days.