UF still working on receivers’ transfer process

Florida's Trevon Grimes (81) at practice in the spring. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

The University of Florida is still going through the process of drawing up a petition to send to the NCAA seeking a waiver that would make Ole Miss transfer Van Jefferson eligible this season.

The NCAA has already ruled five other Ole Miss players eligible who recently transferred to other schools, including Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson.

Jefferson’s appeal is taking longer because it is more complicated than those of his former Ole Miss teammates. Jefferson has transferred within the SEC, which rarely happens, so league commissioner Greg Sankey is going to be involved in the appeals process in Jefferson’s case.

UF also is continuing to work on Ohio State transfer Trevon Grimes’ appeal to become eligible this fall. Grimes transferred to UF to be closer to his family in Fort Lauderdale because one of his family members is dealing with a serious health issue.

Although the Grimes and Jefferson appeals are different in scope, there’s a good chance UF will submit both petitions to the NCAA at the same time. A ruling should come fairly quickly after that.

The NCAA on Thursday ruled favorably for the four other Ole Miss players — wide receiver Tre Nixon (UCF), safety Deontay Anderson (Houston), offensive lineman Jack DeFoor (Georgia Tech) and linebacker Jarrion Street (UAB) — under a recently revised rule that was used to make Patterson immediately eligible at Michigan.

The NCAA tweaked its waiver process last month to allow players who are in good standing at their previous school to be immediately eligible at their new school if the original school does not oppose the transfer.

There has been no indication Ole Miss is opposing Jefferson’s transfer to Florida.

If Jefferson and Grimes are granted the waiver by the NCAA, it could be a big boost for the Gators’ new offense under Dan Mullen. Jefferson and Grimes were two of the biggest playmakers at wide receiver during the spring, catching numerous deep balls.



    • @ Howard – Did you read the entire article? I guess not, “Jefferson’s appeal is taking longer because it is more complicated than those of his former Ole Miss teammates.” Also, he is transferring to an SEC school, and none of the others are, which makes theirs LESS complicated. OH and SEC commissioner Greg Sankey has to be involved. His schedule might not match up exactly with that of the UFA staff.

      By the way, if you would have taken time to actually read this, you would have answered your own question. LOL.

      • You really shouldnt be taking anyone to task when it is you that is lacking in knowledge. There has been way more than just this article on the subject. see Ray’s post next. UF could have written up these appeals long ago, it doesnt take this many months to do so. Its clear they were waiting to see the results of other players that transferred from Ole Miss to raise their chances of being successful, both from following other successful appeals and to know the best route to take in writing it up. Since the others have all won, it was a smart strategy.

  1. Any update on the Sal Sunseri twitter fiasco? Apparently, a promotional UF tweet went out falsely promoting FSU players as former Sunseri success stories. The players, who are now in the NFL, are pushing back. Our social media promo staff needs to get it’s act together! Embarrassing that we would name drop FSU players to get recruits! That school has more than enough hanging over us. They don’t need our help. Geez!

  2. It doesn’t matter, in the slightest, if Grimes and/or Jefferson become eligible. As seen in the Spring game, you know the one Mullen begged and pleaded fans to attend, both were as invisible as all of the other Gator receivers. Jefferson was benched at Ole Miss after the third game last season and was the fourth most productive receiver. His stats were almost the same as the mighty Brandon Powell last season, UF’s leading receiver. Grimes did nothing, absolutely nothing at Ohio State. It’s just another case of the Gators salivating over players that couldn’t start at thei previous school. Anyway, UF doesn’t know what a forward pass is, anyway. The QB position is a dumpster fire. UF was 102nd in passing offense last year. But, and this is the dirty little secret hidden from everyone, that’s still better than the performance of Mississippi State under Mullen. In fact, Mississippi State has been 133th and 112th in passing offense the past two seasons under the offensive guru, Mullen. I find it to be highly asmusing that there are suckers that actually think Jefferson or Grimes will make bit of difference with the pathetic QBs at UF and the brain trust of Mullen and Gonzales, who don’t seem to know what a forward pass is the past couple of seasons. Florida is going to have a good offense this season? Fat chance!

  3. Captain Bring Down has spoken … U F should immediately forfeit all of this year’s games to avoid further embarrassment to the University of Florida, the pathetic players & Gator fans everywhere. Maybe it’s not too late for our no talent players to transfer before the season begins. When they apply for waivers they will immediately get them because they were duped by the coaching staff into thinking Gator football can, like the Phoenix, be great once again. How about changing our #1 finger up sign logos to a middle finger up & the first one produced goes to …