Incoming Florida signee arrested after trespassing incident


Florida football signee Justin Watkins was arrested in Ocala on Wednesday and charged with one count of misdemeanor trespassing on school grounds at Ocala Vanguard High School last Friday.

According to police, Watkins, who is not a student at Vanguard, followed his girlfriend on to campus and kicked her car multiple times and also let some air out of one of her tires.
Earlier, at a gas station, Watkins threw his girlfriend’s cell phone to the ground, shattering the screen, police said.

Watkins, one of the highest-rated prospects in UF’s 2018 recruiting class, was released from jail early Thursday morning after posting a $500 bond.

“We are aware of the incident with Justin and are still collecting information,” UF coach Dan Mullen said in a statement.


  1. Immaturity is a big issue with some of these young men. It all goes back to how they were raised I’m sure. This is not the actions a decent woman would look for in a man. I hope he can learn from this incident and hopefully he has this shame to consider as to what happens in his life will always come out and slap him in the face. Life lesson for every young person to hear and understand. What you do in your life with the attention of being a college ball player, will always put you into the spotlight of public shaming. It also reflects poorly on your college, your team mates, and your family. Get publicity for being an outstanding person and athlete. The opposite sex can make all of us crazy at times, you just need to understand when to walk away and when to run. OK I’m done for now. GO GATORS!!!

          • Gator-6, I was a Staff Sergeant when I had to medical out after 14+ years, but I was raised correctly and I never hit a woman that didn’t deserve it. I have never destroyed any property either. I have always lived my life thinking that there is very little worth going to jail for. Of course that didn’t work too well when I would drink and get into fights…lol. I just hope these young men learn that their lives are under 100% scrutiny every day! GO GATORS!!!

          • Ed, I sure hope the VA took care of you at least financially. 14+ and E-6 is well over half way to go, or more…….and that is such an adversarial system even with combat injuries. GO Gators, Bud.


    • Yeah….probably more to the story, but young & dumb is young & dumb, more than upbringing. The difference is, when you are a star player and recruit…we hear about it. I grew up with all sorts of guys from the country clubs of Tuskawilla, to the orange groves of Seminole Co…who were all brought up with great parents…and did silly things for girls. One country club guy backed his brand new truck over several stop signs over a break up, his parents gave him the business..and he is just fine as an adult.

      Stadium steps and extra conditioning perhaps, but based on this narrative, probably a lesson learned due to the embarrassment.

  2. Sooo…He threw her cell phone on the ground shattering the screen, kicked her car multiple times, and let air out of her tires….and he gets hit with a Trespass on School Grounds charge???

    • With all of the school shootings, anyone not attending that school can and will be subjected to a trespass charge if they create an issue for themselves. What he did was cause destruction of property of this young lady on school grounds, so he got what he deserved. People today don’t seem to remember that EVERYONE is responsible for their own actions!

      • Ed, you seem to be adding to the alleged evidence. No where does it say that he caused destruction of property on school grounds. Thus, he was charged with trespassing. He did nothing on school grounds that caused damage, unless letting air out of a tire or kicking a tire, is destruction. Thank God, Ed that you would not be part of a jury.
        My prediction is that this charge will be dropped and he will be banned from the campus.

        • I added nothing. I merely stated that since he was hit with a trespass charge, this incident must have occurred on High School property. Logic doesn’t work for everyone, but it does in this case with the info provided in this article. And I have been on a jury. I also have a BS in Criminal Justice. Please feel free to give your opinion any time you like to and I will provide my logic to help enhance the intelligence of the fans on this site. GO GATORS!!!

      • Ed…I hear you. I don’t “necessarily” disagree that the charge wasn’t warranted, but I just don’t go off the deep end and pretend I was disciple of Christ 24/7, over silly mistakes made by 19 yoas either. Not saying you are doing so at all…just in general when you see the comments as if no other college students, frat boys, regular joes and schmoes don’t do stupid crap. Some of the deviant behavior many of my coeds at UF did and didn’t get caught…was not due to lack of parental control or upbringing.

  3. Enablement can and often gets one into a lot of trouble. So does losing one’s juvenile mind over a woman. Justin, stop and ask yourself this. Was she worth possibly losing your free college education and a possible lucrative football career over if you had taken it to the physical assault stage with her? Grow up!

        • Indeed. Thank you, in fact. 09 May, yesterday, I had a chance to read some scripture during a men’s group, which gave me some more perspective despite my anger. I posted on one of TampaGator’s comments and offered him a sincere way to take this thing off line, asked him to tell me if he was interested in similar good faith. I haven’t heard back for >24 hours. The “Ibid 1124 hours/10 May” simply refers to my follow ups today (Thursday) to again see if he’s interested in solving this in private between two Gator fans who probably have more in common that real differences. Nothing nefarious or insulting about it. I will continue to wait for a response. Appreciate your concern, Gator…I’m pretty sick of it myself and it is not characteristic of me.

          • Mr. 6,
            I agree, with all due respect(which is alot), maybe let it go. He wont admit he made an error in judgement. We all knew he was wrong. You took the high road, you’ve done all you can do. Id rather get back to reading your opinions on gator football.

  4. Trouble starting already. What’s wrong with football players ? As I look at other sports teams it seems the football players are the one’s who gets in trouble. EGO’S. I already quit watching NFL because of what they are doing off and on the field. I for one am sick of reading these kind of articles.

  5. I don’t think it’s any higher percentage among football players than the general public for stupid decisions. Read the arrest logs almost any day now and you see this same thing happening everywhere. The difference is the publicity football players get. There was a fight just yesterday at Ribault High and a mother came onto campus with a gun in her purse and got involved. Stupid decisions seem to be the norm nowadays.

  6. Doubtful if this charge will stick. Huntley Johnson needs to get on this and get it dismissed. If it was a serious matter, he would have been arrested last Friday when it occurred. And, one wonders what the young lady did? Instead, he is arrested 5 days later, and charged with trespassing. Why? Probably no witnesses on anything more serious. Looks like a he said, she said. Huntley Johnson needs to get involved. One also can’t get charged with trespassing usually without a warning. Maybe, he had a prior warning as he was formerly a student at Vanguard.
    As for the comment that only football players get in trouble, I can recall that UF baseball players have also had a problem or 2. AJ Puk was arrested for climbing a workplace crane or something along with another player and of course, Liput has missed a few games because of violations of drugs.

  7. Most people including jurors, know that the police and prosecutors in some areas, only allege one side of an incident and often, this side is false. Sparky says he destroyed her phone. Are there witnesses to this? Women have been known to lie and exaggerate with coaching from prosecutors and police. Austin, TX police are renowned for filing false domestic violence cases. They happen to issue more protective orders than any city in Texas, bar none. The police in one report, say no damage was done to her vehicle. Yet, Sparky insinuates her property.
    School police are even worse, usually fat, incompetent, and underpaid.

      • And, Sparky your inability to read and to believe and embellish anything you are able to read, is outstanding. Let’s wait before we jump to conclusions. Get a life, Sparky
        You make up stuff, Sparky, ala Donald Trump.

      • Maybe a bias, maybe not Sparky. One thing for sure, Austin is the San Francisco of Texas, with more Marxists per square inch than anyplace but…well, California. Hell, they even banned gun shows! But I do not doubt gatorlover about the APD and false DV charges. I live 50 miles north up I-35, as Madeline Kahn said in Blazing Saddles, “Is it twue what they say about Austin……Oh, it’s twue, it’s twue!”.

        • What, Gator-6, that Austin is the one city in Texas that allows diversity of opinion within its population, has places of worship that are not limited to the Christian faith, and encourages the development of the arts and culture, much less the mind; other than shooting guns and spreading hate? How Marxist of Austin. And you go to Bible study for what purpose?

          • That’s not the way to solve this TampaGator, but I suppose it is in effect an answer to my missive and follow ups asking if you were interested in taking this off line, possibly solving it in a friendly way and not in a public forum. Go figure.

            I go to Bible study in an effort to be a better man, husband, and father, and to hopefully find salvation through grace….which I admit I clearly don’t deserve, before you tell me so.

            Austin is not the only large city or town in Texas that has diversity, other faiths, culture and arts. In fact, your stereotype of Texans notwithstanding, they actually tend to be very tolerant people, and Texas itself is a wonderful place to live even if you’re not from here originally. But yes, we shoot a lot of firearms out here…I myself am particularly fond of the 1911 pistol and all variants, as well as Colt “snake” guns. Both are beautiful works of engineering, although I fail to see what they have to do with “spreading hate”.

            Since this has nothing to do with Gator football, I’ll end here. But I will, one more time, rebid my offer.

          • Gator-6. I lived in Houston, and I have been to both Austin and San Francisco multiple times and never met or encountered a Maxist at either place, ever. But I did repeatedly enjoy great food, great music, and other fabulous cultural events and highly educational experiences at both places with some fantastic and intelligent people. And I have been to Texas a lot, and I have had some great experiences there as well. Mostly in Austin and Dallas. But I have also encountered a lot of extremist social, political and religious views from personal experiences meeting people in and from Texas. I tend to think of most Texans as not being mainstream in thought, and more in the direction of 13th century conscious of thought instead of the 21st century direction. But that is my biased view of Texans based on personal experience and examination/readings. You clearly have a different perspective of Texas (other than Austin) and California than me. But, based on our interactions and your comments on here, I think we likely view life (including the spiritual) polar opposite. And I will leave it at that. And, by the way, I support the 2nd amendment. But firstly, the first amendment and the freedom it employs in a democratically free society. And I fully understand that most 2nd amendment lovers are not that in love with the first amendment these days. And I think I have realized why.

          • Well, I happen to love all 10 of the Bill of Rights, gun guy or not, and especially the 10th Amendment. I love Central Texas, can’t think of anyplace I’d rather be, except maybe home in Central Florida, but it didn’t work out that way after the Army. I still dream of Cuban Sandwiches at the Columbia, but my 7 year old physician says too much sodium, so it doesn’t matter.

            Ideology and theology don’t matter much to me as long as you love America and have appreciation for the spiritual side of being human; I’m a Constitutional Conservative and reformed Anglican who is now just a believer. I’m also flatulent more often than not. I get along with liberals well and respectfully; Marxists,
            Socialists, Fabians, and Communists—not so much. I’ve actually lived in too many of those countries t abide by it.

            I went to school in California and did a rather lengthy post-doc out there in applied psychophysiology—had a wonderful time, but did actually meet a lot of folks who at least thought they were Marxists. Same for Austin, I go down there a lot since my adult kids and grandkids live there. One of them actually is a communist, or thinks he is, but I love the little buzzard anyway. All 6’8″ of him.

            We’re probably a lot more similar than either one of us realizes, TampaGator.

    • gatorlover. You got one thing right about most school resource officers. They are “underpaid.” Just like school teachers. I personally know one SRO that helped save the lives of hundreds of middle school kids by helping to prevent a mass murder in the Pinellas County area. He nearly gave up his life in the process. But think what you will. Heroes is what I think of when I think of those who put their lives on the line for kids every day. Thank you.

  8. So I just read that the 5 Ole Miss guys that transferred to other schools are eligible to play this season. The only one that hasn’t received approval is Van Jefferson because we are the only school that hasn’t sent in the paper work….why would we wait to do this when everyone else is on top of it? This just makes me feel like we are still not where we need to be as a program. His wavier should have been top priority for us considering he is our number 1 guy.

    • Because of the millions involved in this sport, I would bet they didn’t just procrastinate this for no reason. I bet there is some lawyerly reason why they have not requested the waiver yet. For example, I know Jefferson’s case was not as strong as Shea Patterson’s because Patterson has less eligibility remaining. I bet they were waiting to see what happened with the other cases before applying for Jefferson’s waiver.
      Perhaps all the other players having their waivers approved makes the case for Jefferson stronger or they now know what reasoning is more likely to be approved.

    • Jim, Jefferson’s situation is different from the other players that have been granted eligibility. Those guys were 2016 signees whereas Jefferson was a 2015 signee, so it’s not a similar argument for him. This is the reason why they haven’t submitted the paperwork and are doing their due diligence.

  9. Based on Mullen’s track record at Miss St. and the track record of his Mentor here at UF, this kid will be playing immediately regardless if he is guilty. You can find the book on discipline by Mullen and Meyer right next to the book on monogamy by Tiger Woods.

  10. Meanwhile in Athens……..Lest we forget…..Thank you Alabama for taking away UGA’s claim to the 2017 SEC Championship. A friendly reminder: Gators WIN our national championship games, remember that dirty dawgs! Go Gators!


    Happy Thought of the Day

  11. I am speaking as a high school teacher of 17 years. From 2001 to now I have seen a shift for the worst in children’s lack of responsibility. The more we try help the students prepare to become productive members of society the more we get comments like ” we are tripping” or “we do too much”. I tell them that it is my job to do “too much”. They don’t want to take responsibility for anything. Early childhood is the most important stage in any child’s development. If their life is chaotic during that stage that will set them up for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t matter what socioeconomic background you come from. Sometimes money just hides how chaotic a child’s life is. I hope this student athlete learns from his mistake, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he repeats this mistake or worst. Not trying to preach doom and gloom, it’s just fact and reality of today’s youth from the trenches. Go Gators.

    • PRGator. I also taught school for about eight years. The large majority of my students took full responsibility for their educations and their actions, as did their parents. But I did have a small percentage of the large majority of students who tried desperately to upset the applecart. But they always failed in the end. And, you know what, I would not be surprised to see this kid learn from his mistake and become highly successful both on and off the football field. I also believe that Dan Mullen is going to be there to help him accomplish that. Just another perspective on life, PRGator.

    • Marshall. Or not. And provide an example of what real mentoring is by helping a young man overcome the challenges of youth and help him grow up into a successful person in life. Just a thought.

  12. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if the 2 were back together before he was arrested. Event happened on Friday and wasn’t arrested until Wed. Lovers spats happen all the time. But, several on here differ on how often it happens and the reasons. More than likely, the only one willing to press charges was the school where he formerly attended.
    If one reads the entire narrative, he left some residence with her cell phone. She chased him to the service station, where he threw the cell on the ground. He then chased her to the school, where he kicked her tires and tried to let air out of one of them. I have seen more violence than that in a kindergarten class.

    • gatorlover. But it certainly could have been worse than it was. And hopefully a big time learning experience for this kid. But also certainly nothing to keep him from being on the UF campus or playing football for the Gators.