UF football assistant coach pay: Grantham is Gators’ first million+ dollar man

Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. [Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun]

Florida has its first million-dollar assistant football coach in terms of base annual salary — defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, whose base salary is $1,390,000 in 2018.

UF released Grantham’s contract Tuesday along with the contracts of Dan Mullen’s other nine assistants as part of a public records request.

Grantham signed a three-year contract in November that calls for his annual base salary to increase by $100,000 each year. He will be making $1,490,000 in 2019 and $1,590,000 in 2020.

The veteran defensive coordinator is UF’s first assistant coach to crack the $1-million mark in annual base salary.

Defensive coordinator Geoff Collins earned a little more than $1 million in 2016 after his base salary was raised to $890,000 and he also received a $150,000 retention bonus.

And defensive coordinator Randy Shannon, who was named the interim head coach for the final four games last season, earned $1,001,500 in 2017 with the help of a $100,000 retention bonus and a $10,000 equipment bonus.

While Grantham has a three-year contact, UF’s other new nine assistant coaches all signed two-year deals.

UF’s co-offensive coordinators — wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales and offensive line coach John Hevesy — will be making $565,000 this year and $590,000 in 2019.

Veteran defensive line coach Sal Sunseri also will be making $565,000 this year. His annual salary remains the same for his second year.

The next highest-paid assistant is running backs coach and special teams coordinator Greg Knox, whose annual salary is $440,000 for each of the next two years, followed by quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson, who will make $415,000 this year and $440,000 in 2019.

Safeties coach Ron English’s annual salary for the next two years is $340,000.

Tight ends coach Larry Scott and cornerbacks coach Charlton Warren will see their salaries more than double in the second year. Scott’s annual salary will go from $190,000 in 2018 to $415,000 in 2019, while Warren’s will increase from $190,000 to $390,000.

Linebackers coach Christian Robinson, in his first year as a college assistant, has an annual salary of $80,000 for the next two years.

Each assistant also gets $10,000 annually as part of the school’s equipment and apparel contract with Nike, $1,500 a year as an academic incentive and the use of a courtesy car from a local dealership. Grantham and Gonzales could opt for a $500 monthly stipend instead of a dealer car.

Florida also signed strength and conditioning coordinator Nick Savage to a one-year, $250,000 deal.

In all, the school will be paying $4,740,000 for the 10 assistants in 2018.

Mullen’s annual salary is $6 million.


Coach                   Responsibility                    2018 salary      2019 salary

Todd Grantham      Defensive coordinator          $1,390,000       $1,490,000

Billy Gonzales         Co-offensive coordinator      $565,000          $590,000

John Hevesy          Co-offensive coordinator       $565,000          $590,000

Sal Sunseri             Defensive line                        $565,000          $565,000

Greg Knox              Running backs/special teams  $440,000         $440,000

Brian Johnson         Quarterbacks                        $415,000          $440,000

Ron English              Safeties                                $340,000         $340,000

Larry Scott              Tight ends                             $190,000         $415,000

Charlton Warren      Cornerbacks                          $190,000         $390,000

Christian Robinson    Linebackers                           $80,000          $80,000



  1. When will the $$$ madness in college coaching end? I was feeling sorry for Robinson for only making $80,000 a year. $80,000 a year is a big salary for most people. Insulting, almost, if you are a college football coach. Something is just wrong with all that. And, by the way, what is the annual salary of the average professor at UF?

  2. College professors have a much larger supply than the demand. So paying for their services comes at a much lower cost, since there is a lot of competition for the positions.

    Top-level college coaches have a very limited supply, so they get paid much higher salaries for their services. Entry-level assistants have a much higher supply vs. the demand, thus receive much less than an experienced, top-level coach.

    Good, experienced NFL Quarterbacks are in very high demand, relative to the supply. So to retain a talent like Matt Ryan commands a $30 million/year contract, with a 5-year term.

    Basic stuff. Nothing nefarious or “insulting” about it.

  3. no1g8r. I would not exactly classify Grantham as a “high demand” defensive coordinator. He was chased out of Athens to Louisville and then went to Miss. State when they tired of him in Louisville. Then to Florida. Grantham, to me, has a lot to prove to justify his high (way too high in my opinion) salary. I hope he earns his money this year and in years to come. Otherwise, he will become less in demand very quickly.

  4. Tampa, you’re getting harder to please in your old age. Great coordinators will be made to look bad by lesser players. Look at the improvement MSU made when he got there. He will do great things at UF, and then leave for a head coaching job in a season or 2. As for the salaries, entertainment in general pays are out of proportion with the rest of society. …but we all keep watching 🙂

    • Sparky. I came out of the womb “hard to please”. And Grantham will never be a head coach of a Power 5 conference team. Maybe a lesser conference team. Maybe a Idaho State or a New Mexico State. But not a Power 5 conference team.

  5. I’m all for a guy getting his fair share, but it’s a bit distressing watching competition within our old redneck conference lead schools to pay such astronomical salaries to football coaches. I know academics has never been our conference’s strong suit, but no need for it to take such a clear a back seat to athletic success. Man, Saban mania has really destroyed the SEC.

    • Tim. Florida is one of the highest rated academic conferences in the country for all Power 5 conferences when it comes to academic ratings and also with graduating student-athletes. The SEC also is a leader nationally in athletic achievement in football and a wide range of sports. So try again later with something you might be able to prove.

        • Tim. The Big Ten really stands out, as do a few schools from the Pac 12 (UCLA, Cal, and Stanford for example). Otherwise, the SEC has excellent schools across the board. And a degree from The University of Florida is respected almost everywhere in this country and the world because UF is highly recognized as one of the top public universities in this country and the world. I think UF is ranked around 14th in the entire country as a public university. Also ranked high are Georgia and Texas A&M. I believe Vandy is a private institution, but is also ranked very high. And all of the SEC schools are in the top 100 for public universities. No reason for any graduate of any SEC school to be laughed at by any reasonable, intelligent, or respectful person. But to state that academics is not a strong suit of the SEC is just not the case. It is an alternative fact to suit a desire purpose or intent on the internet.

          • Couldn’t agree with you more, Tampa. I love my UF degrees and encourage any smart young man or woman who has the opportunity to go there. Wouldn’t trade my time in G’ville for the world. Unfortunately, though, up here in the Big Apple (and most of big city America outside of the south) UF is not perceived as a prestigious school. We’re seen as more of a large big box public school along the lines of Bama, UGA, U Tenn, Ole Miss, etc. While I’m very proud of our SEC southern heritage, it’s actually a strike against us in the nation’s eye. The redneck culture and mullet-toting fanbase that they perceive us as being just doesn’t fly in these parts. Wish it weren’t true, but it is. I have many emotional battle scars trying to prove others wrong over the years. But worry not, I’ll never lay down my arms and give up the fight in support of the boys from old Florida.

          • Tim, what you speak of is yankee arrogance and elitist attitude! goes hand in hand with the libs. But you dont need their worthless approval. Screw them, you know what your education is worth! We get the same discrimination from the worthless lib media that tries to promote the idea that anywhere but new england and Ca. valley is hick town in America. Ive never been one to care a whit what others think, I walk to my own tune and let others follow!

      • No need to insult the man, Tampa. “So try again later with something you might be able to prove”? And you’re somehow the final arbiter of all this? God help us, I think you bit off a little more than you can chew there, pardner. Are you going to call Tim a troll now?

        • No matter, I like “greepy” better anyway. I imagine that we’re running out of put downs by now, I haven’t engaged in such conversations in quite a while and my supply is more limited than I thought at first blush. While I used to be able to do it until the cows came home, I’m an old man now and quite rusty. I suspect it’s the same for you.

          After perusing this morning’s entries, to include some posts from men I admire more than a little (eg, Rog, Joe Shiver, OcalaRob, Daz Wazzle, Prariegator) I repaired for my Wednesday morning Men’s Group. To my surprise, we were still in the Book of James, specifically 4:11-12. I was quite astonished by those verses, which I won’t bore you with…..but nonetheless moved. Don’t get me wrong, Tampa, I’m still angry as hell at you; but I saw a solution to a problem between two men who probably have a lot more in common that they do in differences.

          I’ll take all the risk, which is minimal anyway. Just say you’re interested and I’ll tell you what I have in mind, which is taking this matter off-line, hopefully in a good way. –Neal

          • That took alot of guts! Hope it bears fruit, gator fans shouldnt be at each others throat.

          • Well, so far at 0755 CST, 10 May 18, no response at all. I’ll give him 24 hours, then I’ll know if he’s a write off or not.

  6. This will end in an even bigger disaster. The coaches have a near 0.500 record! All I ask is after this is over we bring a real gator back to the AD position and undo all the damage done by the predecessor.

    • Jacob. I have met and talked to our new AD, and I am very impressed with his accomplishments so far and his obvious devotion to serving the university with high intelligence and motivation. He is doing a great job in my opinion.

      • I believe he is a man of integrity, who is now being loyal to those paying his salary, but nobody is perfect in decision making and no matter what he decides there will always be people who disagree! I dont know anyone that I agree with 100% of the time and I bet thats true for Jacob too, so we have to give everyone some leeway. Jacob, I dont know a more real gator than Dan mullen who has been a Gator fan since he was a youth and Spurrier was coaching, This is his dream job and you could ask nothing more because he has his whole heart in it! Were every University so lucky to have a true fan as their head coach!

  7. The parable of the talents in the book of matthew is not my favorite but it sure seems like what is going on here. produce more and there is more. second prize is a set of steak knives. good luck to all of the people in this difficult game.

  8. Grantham is good but I’m not sure 1.4mil good. Is he the best DC in the country? I mean they say third and Grantham for a reason, right? I’m excited to have him on staff. He’s going to make the defense fun to watch again. And time will tell if he is worth his paycheck. But 1.4mil seems like a lot of money.