Daily Football Fix: Penultimate Saturday schedule is the pits


The SEC’s Pit of Despair isn’t as bad as it used to be.

But it’s still hardly appointment TV.

The Pit is the penultimate Saturday of the regular football season. Teams with major rivalry games basically take the week off to avoid injuries and sweating. Fans are treated to awful games.

But you can’t really blame the teams for scheduling weak opponents before what is usually the biggest game of the year.

The solution to the Pit is to make the SEC go to nine conference games, but don’t look for that to happen any time soon … if at all.

One thing the league has done is squeeze three SEC games in there so fans have something to watch. They are hardly marquee games, but who knows whether they will be big or not? (Bet the under).

Anyway, here are the Big Three games on Nov. 17 in the conference:

  • Arkansas at Mississippi State.
  • Ole Miss at Vanderbilt.
  • Missouri at Tennessee.

Let’s have a parade! Yes, it’s better than nothing and we have to hope the national schedule gives us something to watch. It’s not promising.

Even the Thursday and Friday’s games stink on ice and the fourth best game on paper looks like N.C. State at Louisville. Fifth best — a box of steak knives.

So maybe that’s a day you don’t worry about college football. And then someone texts you and tells you UAB is leading Texas A&M at the half.

Someone get me a TV and the SEC Network, stat!



  1. The SEC should absolutely go to a nine-game conference schedule. I agree with both Nick Saban and you, Pat. But it likely will never happen until the NCAA starts to punish the SEC for not playing a more challenging non-conference schedule each and every year. And the NCAA should encourage all Power 5 conferences to play a nine-game conference schedule. Maybe even make it a requirement to play in the playoffs each year. And each SEC team’s divisional out-of-division schedule should be alternating with no permanent team on a team’s annual schedule. I think Florida playing LSU every year is great for attendance and interest, but I would love the Gators to play Alabama, Texas A&M, or Auburn (or any of the other teams in the west) more often.

  2. Disagree with going to 9 games. If we did you can kiss some of the big ooc matchups goodbye. No Bama vs FSU, no Auburn vs Clemson or UGA vs Notre Dame. The ooc games scheduling will get worse. There is a reason the PAC 10 and Big 12 are usually the ones left out of the playoff and trail the other conferences in revenue.

  3. Pat. There is a strong rumor out there that Joe Burrow, the Ohio State QB, could be headed to Florida as a grad transfer this summer (as Meyer is not likely to promise Burrow the starting QB job for the Buckeyes game one). You might want to provide a daily take on that possible QB upgrade. Does Burrow automatically become the Gators starting QB over Franks, Trask, and Jones if he does indeed come to Florida? Does Franks immediately transfer if Burrows picks Florida? What about Trask? Does he hang around? Clearly, if Burrow comes to Gainesville, Mullen would have to promise him the starting job this fall (which likely would not take much contemplating from Mullen at this point) and he would be the starting QB for two years. Then the table would be set for either of the two Jones kids to win the job in the future. 247 is saying Burrow to Florida is a strong possibility and makes sense.

    • Burrow, if he expects a “guarantee” from Meyer that he’ll be the starter, is a loser, period! If you can’t compete, and accept the outcome, you’re probably worthless anyway. It’s also nonsense that you have to become a starter to make it to the NFL. There’s a QB that won a Super Bowl and had a long career in the NFL that wasn’t a starter in college. His name is Brad Johnson.
      If Florida wants a guy that needs “guarantees” it’s a sad commentary on the state of Florida’s program. Are the QBs so bad at Florida that they would beg a loser like Burrow to come? If you’re afraid to compete, you’re a loser. I’d understand if he lost the competition, but that’s not the case, unless he doesn’t think he’s good enough to beat out Haskins. Either way, it’s just another sign thatUF remains a dumpster fire

      • So…you’re commenting on a “what if” scenario that is categorically unproven, followed by your brand of speculation and innuendo in order to give your never changing assessment of UF stinks.

        LOL…this is your funniest yet.

      • Let me explain, Mikey. Burrow has recognized NFLQB talent. So does Haskins. Both play QB for OSU at the moment. Both cannot display their NFL talent at the same time, and time is running out more for one (Burrow) than the other (Haskins). Burrow wants a guarantee that he will get that chance as day one starter for OSU. I doubt he will get it from Meyer. Therefore, the OSU media talking heads think he will likely transfer and would get the starting nod guarantee from Mullen at Florida because of his skill set and knowledge of a similar offensive scheme. If he did transfer to Florida, he would immediately be the best QB on the Florida roster without question (Jones will some day develop into that I believe). Burrow is very talented. So is Haskins. A problem for Meyer. I think he goes with Haskins because they are basically equal in QB skills (throwing accurately with good arm strength and making good decisions on the field), but Haskins is bigger and faster (and only a soph). A little positive reflection on the truth, Mikey. And no pretense.

      • TheTebowCurse says, ”…if he expects a ‘guarantee’ from Meyer that he’ll be the starter, is a loser, period!”
        Well, the Alabama starting Q.B. for 2 years, and a ”champion” is possibly considering transferring from ‘Bama if he is NOT the starter this year, according to Jalen Hurts’ father earlier this spring. Is Jalen Hurts a ”loser”? And your constant on-line belittling of U.F. Football implies some serious personal insecurities and problems with your social life. As you spend more time (on the team you hate so much like Florida) than you probably spend on your beloved ‘Noles sports page.
        Are all the negative reactions you get here better than the NO REACTIONS you get in your personal life? Show your REAL PROFILE PIC, if you’re such an expert and brave man!

  4. TampaGator: All speculation at this point.
    Ohio State coach Urban Meyer hasn’t said who he expects the starting QB will be among the trio of junior Joe Burrow, sophomore Dwayne Haskins and freshman Tate Martell. Burrow hasn’t played much in three years. Worth a Daily Football Fix during “Talking Season.”

    • Thanks, Arnold. Speculation is that Haskins, a rsSoph is concerned about not starting as well. Meyer has a problem on his hands. A good problem. But still a problem. And, if Burrow comes to Florida, Mullen (I speculate) will suddenly have a similar problem with Franks and Trask (and maybe even a problem with the commitment from the second Jones at QB). Oh, the world of college football today. Again, thanks for the response. It will make for a very interesting future read on here.

        • Smith. Agree that Del Rio and Zaire were clearly Band-Aids. Burrow is more like a cure for cancer for the current QB problem on the Florida roster. Franks and Trask are not going to be top tier SEC QBs. Ever. Jones may develop into that. I think he will. Burrow would come in and be a top tier SEC QB and hardly a Band-Aid….immediately….based on the skill set he has already exhibited at OSU. And he certainly would be a solid bridge for future great QB at Florida (likely one of the Jones kids….one currently on the roster and one committed for next year) as well.

          • Okay..I see you on that. AT LEAST, it’s not that 5th year guy scenario again, which hasn’t seemed to work for any program other than Russell Wilson at Wisconsin in recent memory (I could be wrong…but I don’t recall much success at other spots).

    • Smith. Burrow, if he chooses to transfer, will have to accelerate his course load at OSU between now and June in order to graduate from OSU and in order to graduate transfer as a football player to another school. If he does that, he will have two years of eligibility left. So, he has to pass that workload before he can even consider transferring, and Meyer has to tell him he will not be guaranteed the starting position game one sometime between now and June. Also, Nebraska is going after him hard. But Florida is being mentioned most by the media covering Ohio State because of the close association to the spread offense (terminology, formation reads, etc) that both Meyer and Mullen run. He would be learning an entirely new scheme and system at Nebraska. Bets from the Ohio media is Florida if he does transfer. But, maybe, he just sticks it out at OSU and Mullen can only hope for the best with Franks and/or Trask this year. Or Jones makes a huge jump from spring practice to game one and becomes a freshman phenome.

      • Burrows has already graduated, if the picture of him in a cap and gown with his dad isn’t fake. Anyway, I think he’ll be a loser if he quits Ohio State. I hope he goes to Florida because he’ll fit right in with all the losers at QB since Tebow left. It will be very, very entertaining to hear the excuses, something a lot of Gator fans love to whine about, for why this “NFL” QB fails miserably at Florida. Will it be “coaching” again? I would bet that it won’t be because the guy sucks. Everyone that plays for Florida is just too “talented” for that to be true, right.

        • Thanks, Mikey, for sharing worthwhile information for a change. Burrow did take extra classes and graduated just recently (spring semester for OSU I guess). Wide open door for this very good QB to come to Gainesville if he chooses to do so. Or he can stay put or go to Nebraska. But you better hope he does not come to Gainesville, Mikey. For the sake of your Noles, you better hope that.

      • TampaGator: Dan Mullen talked with the Lakeland Ledger, our sister paper, and other sports writers there:
        Fans hoping the Gators would dive into the graduate transfer quarterback market for a third-straight year may be in for some disappointment.
        Mullen said, right now, he did not expect to add another quarterback to a room featuring rising sophomores Feleipe Franks and Kyle Trask as well as early-enrollee Emory Jones.
        Florida has been linked to Ohio State’s graduating quarterback Joe Burrow in recent days.
        “I don’t think that’s a spot we would look to take anyone,” Mullen said. “I feel pretty good about the guys we have and the depth we’re creating at that position and the competition at that position.”