Mullen to continue his spring speaking tour

Florida football coach Dan Mullen returns to Gator Gatherings. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida coach Dan Mullen resumes his spring speaking tour May 8 in Fort Lauderdale.

The events will be free to the Gator Nation. Mullen was previously welcomed in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando for speaking events in February.

This speaking tour is a collaborative effort by the , and the University Athletic Association.

Date Location Hosted By
Tuesday, May 8, 2018 Fort Lauderdale Broward County Gator Club®
Wednesday, May 9, 2018 Miami Gator Club of Miami®
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Atlanta Atlanta Gator Club®
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Pensacola Northwest Florida Gator Club®


  1. I’m hoping Mullen makes South Florida a bigger emphasis for the program going forward. With a significantly larger metro area population, stronger teams and competition among schools, and overall better conditioned athletes, South Florida just seems to produce more blue chip talent than Tampa, Orlando or Jax combined. I understand that this is far from a secret (which is why so many programs heavily recruit the area), but I’ve always felt we should try harder there and not simply concede the area to Miami, FSU and others. Not to mention, much more $$$ in South Florida than anywhere else in FL, so perhaps Mullen should actively target the area’s boosters and make them a priority. Just a thought.

    • Not a bad idea G….sure can’t hurt. FSU has had inroads down there for a long time and I’m sure Taggart will be no different. Playing Miami again, and whipping FSU’s butt again would help a lot tho.

        • No, wait….I’m Gator-6 and you’re GatorG, remember? Oh God, TampaGator is going to have a meltdown for sure now! (insert smiley face here).

          No worries, Tampa…..just pulling your leg.

          • Lol, Gator-6! I understand (somewhat) TampaGator’s neurosis. It sometimes takes me a second when glancing at the postings to discern whether I’m reading one of your’s or one of mine. GatorG, Gator-6 look awfully similar to my aging eyes!

          • Come to think of it, GatorG and Gator-6 do look alike at first blush, reminds me of a Golden Retriever I once had……every time he’d see another Golden he look up and say, “Geez, I’m not sure which one I is!”.

  2. We are getting Killed right now by both FSU and Miami in this state, as mentioned earlier a couple consecutive WINS over FSU will help us greatly. Reicth is KICKING A… in the South Florida region, he’s beating all in-state and traditional power houses (Bama, Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan, Notre Dame), you name it he’s on a tear in the region. ONLY WINNING is going to change our South Florida recruiting, so be patient, wait on the complete turn around and we will be KING once again!!!

  3. There are more students enrolled at UF from Broward County than any county in Florida. Not sure why South Florida was not in the original list of locations for speeches back in February. Glad he is coming now but would have been nice to be included in the first batch when everyone was chomping at the bit to meet the brand new coach. Sends a message as to what areas are most important.

      • I would assume logistics. No other reason. Not a huge deal of course but a bunch of us were disappointed when he did 4 events and all were North. It is honestly the only thing I wish he had done differently.

        Some in the Gator Nation look down their noses at South Florida Gator fans. I assume it is some of the cultural differences that are found between the North and South. Him not coming down during that first tour emphasized that to some degree.

        As I stated earlier, Broward sends more students to UF than any other County in the State. That is a bunch of Gator fans being churned out every year.

        Look forward to seeing Coach next week!