Gators have a ‘great chance’ for 4* DE Lloyd Summerall following visit

Summerall with UF coach Dan Mullen on April 27, 2018 [Photo courtesy of Summerall's Twitter]

Florida’s campus has had no shortage of action despite the end of Spring camp.

Lloyd Summerall, a 6-foot-5, 218-pound defensive end from Auburndale, took an unofficial visit to Florida on Friday, after picking up an offer from Gators linebackers coach Christian Robinson on Feb. 6.

“My visit was great. I learned a lot,” Summerall said. “I decided last week that I was going to come before I stop and focus on spring ball.”

Summerall, a four-star prospect ranked the No. 11 weakside defensive end in the 2019 class, took multiple stops throughout the spring, including the likes of Miami and Georgia. He said he gained more insight on where said programs envision him playing.

“I just have been trying to see how I fit in everyone’s scheme. I want to see what’s their plan for me, and how it would work,” Summerall said.

When it came to UF’s pitch, the Gators also pitched him on helping rebuild a former SEC power.

“Why not compete and play somewhere where you’re going to have the entire Florida fans behind you,” Summerall said of UF’s pitch, “and come play in the best conference.”

But the perceived leader in Summerall’s recruitment is Florida State.

The Seminoles made Summerall an early target during the initial stages of Willie Taggart’s transition to FSU.

“I like how they’ve made me a priority once they got in and have a new staff,” he said. “They immediately reached out to me and made me know I’m a priority kid.”

Rather than attend many camps in the coming months, Summerall’s plan is to focus on his physical development and continue taking visits before his senior season.

“I’m not really going to go to many camps, I’m just going to be trying to go visit,” Summerall said. “I definitely need to work on my get-off. I want to get way quicker than what I was. Stronger, I need to gain some weight.”

When it comes to his recruitment, Summerall hopes to go into his senior season with a set list of several schools.

“From there, I’m going to narrow them down close to early signing period,”Summerall said. “And then early signing period sign and then I’m early-enrolling.”

And although they’re not the perceived favorite, Florida remains in the hunt for the highly regarded in-state defensive lineman.

“They got a great chance,” Summerall said. “I feel like they got their coach. Yeah, they got a great chance.”


    • Naw Bobby…..can’t be helped sometimes. Mullen also kind of resembles one of our famous TV weathermen out here in Central Texas, Andy Anderson (who is also an actor of sorts).

      Come to think of it, you never do see the two of them together in public……..

  1. Gator fan base already demonizing it’s own coach Cousin Eddie?. Just like they did Mac.. aka butter teeth. This fan base sucks. Classless as usual . As long as their Lacrosse team and their Academic profile is there they can talk their bs.
    If Florida was a true southern school they would have better couthe. But they aren’t. Florida is not a good fit for the SEC. Maybe the ACC would be better. Kind of a wine and cheese group of people.

    • Lenore, UF is a charter member of the SEC, and a storied program in its own right.

      Unless I am totally wrong….I dare say you are indeed wrong, dead wrong, about the Florida fan base demonizing Dan Mullen as “Cousin Eddie”. Fact is, that was a lovable character from a pretty funny movie; if anything, it is good natured fun poked at a man we admire greatly. To say that it is indicative of Florida not being a good fit for the SEC, not a true southern school, or uncouthe reflects a pretty dark world view. I don’t know what your school or conference is. but to cast aspersions like that at our school is itself indicative of both poor upbringing and ignorance……you sound like a smart guy, why not act like one too?


    • Excuse me? Florida is the ultimate southern school and it’s place in the SEC cannot and will not be denied. I agree that the ACC is more wine and cheese, but I leave that for elitist northern-lite schools like Duke, UNC and UVA, all of which have much more reputable academics than we do. Let FSU and Miami deal with those arrogant bums. The SEC may lack prestige on a national level, but it fits GatorNation culture and DNA like no other.

        • No umbrage taken, Tim. I knew you were talking to. You have to admit though, a pretty snappy screen name nonetheless. Lenore Skinner? Good take off on one of the most classic Southern bands ever, straight out of Jax.

      • You are delusional Timmy .. Florida fitting the southern culture??? Come on man wake up. Other fan bases look at you with your Tebow tank top and Jean shorts and laugh. Florida fans don’t even talk Southern. You talk like you are from Jersey or south of Miami.

        • Lenore, to the extent your incoherent rant can be deciphered, you appear to be ashamed of UF’s proud Deep South heritage. Trying to lump us in with uppity elitists like Duke, Vandy, UNC and UVA is wishful thinking on your part and exposes deep seated insecurities. We’re a true southern institution with bible-belt values and traditional dixie morals (one of the few left in the state of Florida). You’d know this if you ever spent a single second at a Gator tailgate party. We da Gatas, baby…and we roll with da Dawgs, Rebs, Tigers and damn Tide…warts, rednecks and all! Now pass me another Bud Light!

    • Lenore,
      In case you haven’t noticed yet, the internet is loaded with socially inept, horribly negative morons. Especially comment sections(yes, I see the irony). Judging a group of people by what you read on social media and comment sections is about as inaccurate as you can get.

  2. I don’t agree with all of what Lenore said but he is right that our fans suck. Ive been saying it for about four years now. We run every coach we get out of town and are nasty, classless, and ruthless when it gets done. Good fans done chant “fire Muschamp” when the south end zone is full of recruits. Good fans aren’t happy when Jeff driskel breaks his leg. Good fans don’t say the things Gator fans say about quality individuals like Will Muschamp and Jim McElwain. Even Spurrier took shots at the fans during his resignation press conference. And we all know the fans relationship with Meyer, even though Meyer has to shoulder a lot of that blame. I’ve grown to be ashamed to be a Gator fan.

    • I honestly believe, LT, that you are referring to a minority of Gators, which exist in all college fan bases. No large group is 100% homogenieous, but our perception alone makes it true. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

      • There is a lot of bad Gator fans out there Gata 6.. The Gator fan perception is not good. Bad losers, excuse makers… and most important they wear jean shorts. I never see a Gator wear Bama Bangs either like you do at real southern schools. Yes UF belongs in the Duke ,Vandy , UVA group.

        • Are you a Florida fan, even a little bit? Did you used to be, but not now? Have you ever been or are you now a member of the communist party?

          Seriously, who are you and what’s your affiliation? It’s odd that if you hate UF as much as you appear to, that you would waste your time with it like this. Neat screen name, though.

          • Exactly, Mr. 6.
            For somebody who hates UF and it´s fans so much , he is spending alot of time in the worst place he could be, the comment section of a UF fan site. He‘s either masochistic or like the crazy ex who hates her ex-boyfriend, but is constantly checking his Facebook page or showing up at spots she knows he frequents. Its a little suspect.