Florida lands commitment from 4* LB Tyron Hopper


Florida’s 2019 class landed a commitment Thursday from one of the top outside linebacker prospects in the country.

Tyron Hopper, a 6-foot-2, 205-pound linebacker out of Roswell, Georgia, committed to UF and coach Dan Mullen over South Carolina.

Hopper announced his commitment on Twitter, which Mullen confirmed soon after.

Ranked by 247Sports as the No. 16 OLB prospect in the 2019 class, Hopper took an unofficial visit to UF on April 4. With Hopper’s verbal commitment, which is non-binding until he signs a letter of intent, the Gators have eight commitments in the 2019 class.


  1. I’ve been reading constant comments about the lack of commitments and FSU this and FSU that, and now we get a commitment from a pretty good 4* LB and there’s nothing but silence. I guess people only like to be critical.

    • Joe. Practically, the only person posting on here any more is the FSU troll, Mike Winter, and he does so posing as GatorG, Gator-6, and multiple other posting names and mostly conversing with himself using the multiple names he uses on here. And why most true Gators do not bother posting on here anymore. He had a conversation going on yesterday with himself as GatorG and Gator-6 and blew his cover because he forgot to switch back from Gator-6 to GatorG when he responded to the other. Sad, really. But so is the dark, idiotic side of the internet these days.

      • TampaGator, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen your name but I admit that mostly I read the recruiting stories and very seldom comment on them. But to see us (potentially) get a highly sought after linebacker, was something to stop and say it’s about time. Boy I can’t remember the last time we got a big time linebacker. This guy if he doesn’t get much bigger will probably wind up at safety. But this is a GREAT start to see we are HEAVILY recruiting top shelf linebackers. BTW, it was good to see one of the old names on here from days gone by.

      • Well, since you have declined to answer me, TampaGator, I must opine that the only dark, idiotic side of the internet these days is none other than you. Tell me, are you and TebowCurse the same paranoid, small little creature that you appear to be?

          • Normally good advice, LT, and I am quite chagrined to be involved in this myself. I probably won’t be much longer, as a matter of fact.

            That does not take away from the fact, however, that whoever TampaGator is, he lacks honor and is a bully. Not much of a man, in my opinion, and for my remaining time here I will not let it stand.

      • TampaGator, this troll identification issue is getting confusing. By what evidence do you conclude GatorG and Gator-6 to be Mike Winter alter-egos? Can you trace those screen names to a single email address, or is it simply writing style and substance? GatorG has been critical of recruiting, but always respectful, while Gator-6 is always civil to everyone and positive in his comments. They seem like real people to me, but on the other hand, I don’t want to play the fool carrying on conversations with nonexistent fans. That’s why I use my real name, and respect others, like Joel Roth, who at least appear to be doing the same.

        • Probably not a bad strategy, Joe…..I’ve noticed that some of us use their own name, you noteworthy and I believe we’ve commented on the same topics before. I’ll check into it and may do the same, maybe GatorG will do the same if he remains on site…..up to him, maybe a day late and a dollar short after this last round of insults, I don’t know. I actually enjoy his posts because he thinks critically and provides balance with his questions….none of which have ever been Anti-Gator in the least. Besides, he’s a good guy.

          By way of clarity, I’m simply a retired soldier who lives in Texas with his wife, dogs, and kids nearby. Nothing complicated about that, and I’ve been a Gator all my life since age 13 when my Dad took me to my first Georgia-Florida game in 1960. Not rocket science to figure that I’m not an FSU troll, although my undergraduate degree is from the University of Tampa and other than some CME here and there, I never went to school at Florida. That doesn’t stop me from loving it as if I did, though.

          • Gator-6, I certainly understand why a person might want to use a screen name on here for privacy issues. I never gave it much thought til now , always assuming that every screen name represented an actual, different person. I guess my mind just doesn’t automatically assume deception.

            I’ve gathered from previous posts that you’re retired military living in Texas, as you just confirmed. It would seem to me to be too much trouble to try to maintain and accurately reference bio info on a large cadre of troll aliases.

            I got hooked on the Gators on a lazy Fall Saturday afternoon in 1974, when I came across a game on an old AM radio. Didn’t attend my first game until 6 years later as a high school senior. I did graduate UF in ’84, but you don’t need to be an alum to be a rabid fan.

            Always enjoy your posts. Nice Roy D. Mercer reference above. Go Gators!

        • Joe…I’m not a computer whiz by any stretch, but you can’t change your screen name, and it looks like you can only have 1 screen name per email account. I must be missing something, or else I’m having a mybrain headache. Fill me in if you know how people do it?

          • Well Gator-6, I’m only marginal myself when it comes to electronics. I don’t know how to change it if you’re already a site member. I’m not, and I actually have to type my name with every post, so I assume I could call myself Larry Bird if I wanted. There’s really no reason you should have to change your screen name just to prove you’re not a troll. After all, nobody can know for sure that Joe Shiver is actually my real name, though I assure you it is. I actually like the creativity of screen names and have used “joeg8or” on the ESPN website. It’s just that when other posters start accusing one guy of posting under 8 or 9 different names, it makes me wonder if anybody is real, although if I thought you were phony, I wouldn’t still be typing.

      • Tampa,
        I know this comment section is infested with trolls, but where did you get the idea that gator6 is one of them. You are way off, show me one post, just one, where he gave you that idea. The guy is one of the few people on here who never has anything negative to say, and even when he disagrees with you, he is respectful and complimentary. Just because someone disagrees with you doesnt mean he is a troll.

    • My favorite from her was this gem back during the NCAA tourney:

      bf…….March 27, 2018 at 6:34 pm
      To hear most of the “experts” right now, one would think Nova is next to invincible. Currently, they are better than even money to win the title.

      One little problem though — Kansas will upset them. Yes, unlike some on here that reveal their predictions after the event is determined (namely, Mac’s Stinking BBQ Sauce), I’ll take Kansas right now in that one.

      In the other game, rooting for Loyola but can’t go against Beilein and better athletes/size. Loyola wins only if Michigan gets into major foul difficulty.

      Kansas/Michigan title game. Tough, Villanova.

      Looks like she knows as much about basketball as she does football. Not alot.

    • Regardless of how many *s a player has, I firmly believe that Mullen and this staff that he has assembled will do well at what the old HBC called “coaching ’em up”. I trust that the guys that they are recruiting and getting commitments from posses the qualities and attributes that they believe will help a 90 man squad to perform as a winning TEAM. Let’s hang in there guys and see how this recruiting class play out between now and the Dec. signing period while we get this coming season to see the impact this staff has on those players that are already here. I think we’ll be cheering the results, but of course, that is just this old gator’s opinion.

  2. Don’t underestimate the lower rated H.S. players. Recent example is Taven Bryan. He was the 3rd DT drafted in the NFL in the 1st round. He was a 3 Star rated the #35 DT in H.S. yet he was drafted ahead of every DT left in his 2014 Class. The DT’s drafted ahead of him were from the 2013 Class rated # 21 and the 2015 Class rated #3.
    I only wish we could convince more of these Juniors to stay for their Senior year.

  3. I think it’s hilarious how excited the pumpers are over this latest commit. Here’s the “real deal”. UF has eight commits. None, not one, is among the top 300 on 247 Composite. Meanwhile, eight of FSU’s ten commits are in the top 300. How silly can you be when celebrating while getting seal clubbed by FSU the same as they have been doing in real games?

    • tebowcursr,
      Here’s the “real deal”, not one single recruit is signed, getting excited about commitments in april is premature and silly. It would be similar to, lets say some acc school, fsu for this example, getting excited over a preseason ranking of #3. Obviously the preseason ranking was just conjecture(as are both recruiting rankings and verbal commitments) and real play showed the true talent of said team. Overestimating a teams talent is exactly the same as underestimating a teams talent. With your past history, id be careful tooting your horn this early. You dont want to look foolish for the 2nd year in a row.