Report: Former UF receiver Callaway fails drug test at NFL Combine

A person with knowledge of the situation says former UF receiver Antonio Callaway failed a drug test at the NFL combine, a mistake that could damage his draft status. The person says NFL teams were made aware of the result Tuesday. The person spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the league does not release that information publicly. NFL Network first reported Callaway's failed test. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File)


Already severely damaged by his off-the-field issues at Florida, wide receiver Antonio Callaway’s pro football stock has taken another big hit only two days before the start of NFL draft.

According to multiple reports, Callaway’s drug test at the NFL Combine last month has been red-flagged for being a diluted sample, which means it is considered a positive result. ESPN is reporting that Callaway’s positive drug test is for marijuana.

Callaway’s positive result puts him into Stage 1 of the NFL’s drug program. He can exit the program if he does not test positive for up 90 days.

Considered by some draft analysts to have potential first-round talent, Callaway now could slip much deeper than the third round, where some have projected he will be drafted.

Callaway has a history of marijuana use at Florida. He was cited May 13 of last year for possession of less than 20 grams. He ended up pleading no contest and paying a fine.

Also, during a Title IX investigation into an alleged sexual assault case in 2016, Callaway told an investigator that he was too stoned to have sex with the alleged victim.

Another legal issue cost Callaway his junior season last fall when he was suspended indefinitely for credit card fraud along with eight of his teammates. He accepted pretrial intervention in late October. He declared for the draft in early December.



  1. At the rate he is going he will be in jail for offenses worse than pot smoking or credit card theft. He is fast running out of positive options. Good he entered the draft or the Gators would be dealing with more drug (or worse) suspensions/distractions this fall.

    Calloway HAD the potential to do really well in life.

  2. Wasted scholly at UF. Does anyone remember a time when he was out of trouble here? He was always too busy screwing up his life to take advantage of his talents on the field. If he ever gets a low-round draft he will sign for a few million, immediately surround himself with pimps and ho’s who will suck all his money out of him, keep him plastered on drugs. He’ll be out on his azz and will be bagging groceries in 36 months.

  3. this may cost him some early money but be in place for bigger money faster than being a draft pick – I think. maybe not. since the newspaper says 95% of the nfl smokes weed regularly, I don’t think its the big deal to the league. Going undrafted gets him a small contract the first year but then an ability to get a larger contract faster than players who get drafted. could be calculated.

    • I’m sure Josh Gordon would disagree with your thinking. Ricky Williams might have something to say about that too. The league certainly cares about it, there’s just some people that can hide it better than others. Callaway clearly doesn’t fall into that category. Yeah he’ll get his small undrafted contract and use the money to buy pounds and pounds of weed and the suspensions will soon follow. It’s pretty obvious he’s going to ruin any chance he gets.

  4. Momma says “Stupid is as stupid does”. Give him credit for being creative, as he can find more ways to end up in trouble than your average guy. He claimed at the Combine that the birth of his daughter this year has changed him. I wonder how he will explain his waste of God given talent to her someday.

  5. I just feel sorry for the guy. I doubt that he has ever had a positive role model in his life. The NFL does not really care about smoking weed, but his use when he knows he will be caught is troubling.

  6. Calloway will end up making Josh Gordon look like an angel and be out of the league and out of money in three years. Would rather do weed than set himself and his family up for the rest of his life. Stupid.

  7. So as a college player, you just have to stay clean, out-of-trouble for a few years. But nope – too much to ask of toke-a-way, I mean Callaway. OK, no biggie … for the draft all you have to do is stay clean for a few months – easy-peasy -right? …. Uhhhhhhh ….. not so much. On the bright side, I don’t think he’s been arrested in the past 6 months.

    As far as I’m concerned, this douchbag was never a Gator.

  8. This is so reminiscent of Aaron Hernandez. The only difference is that Callaway didn’t have Urban to cover-up for him and keep him on the roster and on the field. Sad, really. The people he associates with won’t keep him out of trouble, and probably not out of prison. Thankfully, he is off the team, and off the campus, and can’t be any more of an embarrassment to the UF than he already has been.