Orange & Blue Game Final: Orange 35, Blue 30

Florida coach Dan Mullen talks into his headset during the Orange and Blue Game on Saturday. [Lauren Bacho/Gainesville Sun]

The announced attendance for the Orange & Blue Game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is 53,015 on Saturday.

UF coach Dan Mullen said Gator fans support will fuel the team all summer: “To see that type of support was really special to me today.”

First Quarter

Jorge Powell’s 45-yard field goal gave the Blue a 3-0 lead after a 10-play, 47-yard drive in 4:17.

The Orange’s first drive stalls before walk-on kicker Chris Howard misses a 45-yard field goal attempt.

The two offenses combined for only 80 yards and seven first downs in the first quarter.

Orange cornerback CJ Henderson’s play is standing out.

Blue 3, Orange 0

Second Quarter

Another way to get a former player involved. Kyle Trask launched a 52-yard TD pass to former Gator defensive back Lawrence Wright, who came off the sideline. Blue up 10-0.

QB Feleipe Franks then took off for a 60-yard score to cut the deficit. Blue 10, Orange 7. Franks then punted the ball into the stands and takes a piggy-back ride off the field.

Franks with another TD run, this one from three yards out. Then he dunks the ball over the goalpost. He’s having fun, as Team Orange takes its first lead at 14-10.

Scarlett with a seven-yard TD run to culminate a 60-yard drive by Team Blue. Scarlett had a 27-yard run in the drive and Trask a 19-yard strike to Rick Wells. Blue leads 17-14.

Franks then hits former UF receiver Travis McGriff for a 60-yard score. Spring game fun. Orange leads 21-17

Freshman QB Emory Jones gets in the action for the Orange.

Scarlett scores on short run and then offens celebrates with a game of Duck-Duck-Goose in the end zone.

Jones throws rope to tight end RJ Raymond on slant pattern. Raymond takes it 58 yards for the TD to put the Orange back on top, 28, Blue 24.

Antonneous Clayton with back-to-back sacks of Trask. He’s had a promising spring, for sure.

At half: Orange 28, Blue 24

Mullen said earlier in the week that the second half would be a running clock, so fans can make it to watch the No. 1 baseball team play Missouri. The second half will consist of two eight-minute quarters with a running clock.

Third Quarter

Jones with a TD pass to tight end Kemore Gamble. Orange leads 35-24.

Jake Allen in at QB for the Blue.

Jones is intercepted by linebacker Jahim Lawrence.

Team Orange 35, Team Blue 24

Fourth Quarter

Nick Sporles entered the game for the Blue team with 2:20 left and threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Andres Salvidar as time expired.

Team Orange 35, Team Blue 30.

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  1. I’ve optimistic that Coach Mullen can right the ship in Gainesville but I didn’t see anything in today’s game that raised my hopes any at all. I don’t know how anyone could look at films of that scrimmage and come away with any insight as far as the future of the Gator program.

    • I’m not sure how anyone can go into that game expecting to be wowed and think for sure things have changed. 2 weeks of practice people, most of which were spent trying to learn a new offense and defense. Mullen’s in for a stressful year if people were expecting big things coming out of the Spring game. One thing that should be taken from that game is the difference in attitude and the overall fun and excitement that’s back with the program. The players were clearly having fun and playing loose and that’s the first step to a very successful program.

  2. If the OL can have no more than 1-2 false starts per game and none in the red zone then this team is better. If the running backs can avg 4.5 yards per carry then this team is better. Yes it would be great to go 11-1 or 10-2. It is so much better to buy into the attitude of the coaches.

  3. The offenses weren’t sharp. The system seems to do a good job of getting a playmaker on a LB along the hashes, headed downfield. The QBs just missed a few more of those ‘easy’ passes than you’d like.
    All of the deep balls were poor. All of them.

    The 3-4 defense is interesting. I wonder, as the season progresses, if we keep 250 lb DEs or go with beefier guys and move the Zuniga-types to OLB with Jefferson.

  4. The performances of the Florida players in this game gives absolutely no hint whatsoever as to how this Florida team is going to perform this coming year. It was a fun coached scrimmage. That was all. Franks looks more comfortable in the pocket, but Trask looks very comfortable as well. But, then again, both were untouchable by the defense as far as tacking and hitting them in the pocket. But I loved the energy and the positive vibes coming from the team on the field. There is a noticeable difference in their attitude and effort under Mullen vs. them under McElwain. And that is a very strong positive.

  5. On a squad short on developed OL depth the offense was just fine. Trask played with a more consistent level of execution than Franks, had a productive showing that suggests he may well win the starting job. Put a decent staring line in front of him combined with a strong, talented group of running backs, and Kyle Trask likely gives us our best offensive season at quarterback since Tim Tebow in 2009. It’s clear that we’ve got excellent receivers, especially if Van Jefferson and Tre Grimes are eligible.

    • Agreed – excellent summation. On this day, Trask passed the eye test. Franks showed me no obvious improvement in decision making or execution. Trask stood in the pocket better and has a quick, efficient delivery. He appeared more decisive, but inconsistent with accuracy. Emory Jones showed me enough that he could provide a change-up in certain situations, a la Tebow in 2006.

  6. Nothing from this indicated one QB separated himself. Trask threw better but also would have taken on 5+ sacks in a live game. Both QBs made some plays but still hold the ball too long. Emory was better than what I was expecting. And it was nice to finally see slants, crossing routes and plays to the middle of the field.

  7. I was there yesterday and I gotta say our group had a great time. The weather cooperated and there was a really nice crowd. I saw quite a few of the ex-players and that was great to see.

    I don’t expect miracles in year one or maybe even year two, but I still believe, even more so every day, that Dan Mullen is the PERFECT coach for this team at this time. You can just feel that he wants to be the Gator coach as much as Gator Nation wants him here. I just have a feeling that he is going to do great things with this program. This was the first time I’ve been in Gainesville for several years and the vibe around town was amazing!!! We took in the UF-Mizzou baseball game Friday night and it was a great experience.

    As far as how this team will do this year….who knows. We’ll only go as far as the OL and QB will take us but it is encouraging to see talent….developed talent at WR and RB. That’s already a step or three ahead of the past 8 years. Trask looked sharp and confident. Not perfect, but certainly encouraging. The OL will need to protect him, but if they do, I think Trask will do a very nice job running the offense. Emory surprised me in that he looked like he fit right in. I agree with Scotty that I think he’ll find the field this year. Franks…..well he does have a cannon and he certainly has personality. But after watching him again yesterday, I just don’t get a feeling that he is the guy to make this offense go. You still don’t see him watching the entire field.

    I agree again with Scotty in that it was very encouraging to see throws to the middle of the field. Using the whole field on offense….what a concept. Oh, and Kadarius Toney looks like he is going to get his number dialed a lot this year.

    It was a great Orange and Blue game and weekend. I’m even more excited for Sept 1!!!