Updated: UF picking sides


Florida’s roster will be split into two teams later this week and the Gators will play a traditional game for Saturday’s Orange & Blue Game, which has been more like a scrimmage the past two years.

“We’ll split the team in two and we’ll have a draft on Friday,” UF coach Dan Mullen said Monday. “They will be drafting the teams up and the coaches up on Friday. I’ve always done it that way. It’s not like the ones against the rest of the team or some other thing.

“We’ll find a way to have a game and we’ll have two different teams going at it, so it should be a fun weekend.”

UF alums Gary Condron and Bill Heavener will serve as celebrity head coaches for the exhibition. They will be involved in play-calling, Mullen said.

“The guest head coaches are going to have the opportunity,” he said. “They can say, ‘run-pass, play-action, blitz or play base defense.’ One of those deals. And then specific plays will be called on how we split the coaches.

“Each coach will call the plays for their own team, offensively and defensively.”


  1. You know, I miss the days when humility and class were valued as male qualities as much as how much cash a guy had in the bank. I don’t care how much $ Ben Hill Griffin ever gave UF, It would have been really classy if he said “Wow, no one has done more for Florida Football than the Ole Ball Coach. Let’s make it Spurrier Stadium and Florida Field.” I love UF, my son is starting there in the Fall, but it really stinks that it always seems to be about the money. Spurrier or Danny Wuerffel or Tim Tebow or Chris Leak or Shane Matthews or Jesse Palmer or Rex Grossman, pick your Gator Great. Any former player rather than a couple of fat cats. But those days are long gone. Oh well, thank God we have Dan Mullen as our new coach. Go Gators!

  2. Robert, I get your point, but how do you know these two boosters aren’t humble, classy guys? Maybe they’re “fat cats” because they’re smart guys who worked really hard. By the way, Florida Field was renamed Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field in 1989, a year before Spurrier became the Head Ball Coach, and before all his success as the Gators’ coach. Ben Hill Griffin may have been a “fat cat”, but he was a UF alum who gave back to his alma mater. Besides, compared to guys like me, Spurrier’s a “fat cat” himself, and I mean no disrespect by that. I’m sure he’s earned everything he’s gotten.