Video: Swampcast Spring Game Preview



  1. I have to agree, the gators have good but not great talent. The talk of going to the SEC championship is just talk. Win 8 and I will be happy. Talent wise I think we are comparable to KY. TN and GA have more talent.

  2. First off, I really like you both…but being one of the few Gator outlets for football news- wtf? This is not acceptable standards for any news whatsoever. Watch this and grade yourself. Looks like a weird infomercial. Anyway, all love Go Gators!

  3. I really respect the opinion of these two … however Dooley’s music selections need much work!
    As much as I would like to be in Gainesville tomorrow, I will be watching from Annapolis, Maryland. I’m a big fan of Philipe Franks since I had the pleasure of watching him play when I lived in Wakulla County. He has the talent to be a great player, he just hasn’t had the coaching he needed to truly be great. Mullen and company will make Franks feared around the SEC. Mullen did the same for Leak the last time he was at UF and look what he did with Tebow! The future begins tomorrow! I firmly believe Mullen and crew will have the Gators for a national championship within the next three years. Go Orange! Go Blue … Go Gators!