Gators land No. 6-ranked dual-threat QB Jalon Jones

Baltimore QB Jalon Jones committed to the Gators while on an unofficial visit [Photo courtesy of Jones' Twitter]

Florida’s 2019 class landed a verbal commitment Saturday from a rising quarterback prospect who took an unofficial visit Friday to UF.

Jalon Jones, a 6-foot-4, 205-pound dual-threat quarterback out of Baltimore, verbally committed to coach Dan Mullen and the Gators after leaving his visit Friday.

Jones previously committed to Mullen when he was at Mississippi State, and UF quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson quickly made Jones a priority upon transitioning to UF.

Ranked the No. 6 dual-threat quarterback by 247Sports, Jones committed to the Gators over offers from the likes of Ohio State, Virginia and Alabama. And on Thursday, Jones took an unofficial visit to Clemson.

With Jones’ commitment, which is non-binding until he signs a letter of intent, the Gators have seven commits in the 2019 class.


  1. Mullen is imitating his predecessor. UF is still three star “U”. UF has seven commitments now, six of them are not blue chips. It’s a down year for QBs, yet the latest QB guru can’t even get a blue chip one. Of course, like when McElwain was here, we’ll be hearing how “underrated” all these guys are and blame “coaching” when UF remains mediocre instead of how UF is getting lower ranked players than FSU, Miami, Georgia, Alabama, etc.

      • I suppose reading comprehension is not one of your strong points. Yes, Mullen signed a blue chip QB in the past class, but McElwain also signed one that was rated even higher. Perhaps you saw him play. His name is Felipe Franks. By the way, he sucks and it doesn’t appear that Emory Jones is going to change UF’s continuing futility at the position this season.
        The point is, which is beyond your ability to comprehend, is that a ratio of one blue chip out of seven is not going to lift UF out of of it’ current status of mediocrity. I suppose you may be a member of the group that says facts are “fake news” like a certain well known moron.

        • I preface this by saying I see all the offensive issues and that’s exactly why the blue chip OFFENSE recruits have stayed away. And Felipe was known to be a project coming out of high school! And Emory Jones is 18 years old and has been on campus for 4 months and practicing for like 2 weeks! Y’all need to chill on these kids, let Jones play a meaningful down before you condemn him.

        • Reading comprehension is fine little Mikey. I would still go get that mental disorder checked out if I were you. Munchousin Syndrome by proxy, Bipolar disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Schitzophrenia can all be treated once diagnosed properly. You won’t feel the compulsion to change your name a dozen times and take on different personalities or try and live vicariously through other identities. It will also help with that “Little Man” complex commonly associated with others in the F$U fan base. Don’t waste anymore time. Get some help soon.

    • Tampa,
      We wont get the 5 stars until we win. The fact is we will have to squeeze out a couple winning seasons with less talent than the big boys in order to get back on the radar of the elite prospects. Id say we have the perfect coach to do exactly that.

    • Micah, Mullen has been recruiting Jones for his system for a reason. He’s raw as a passer but his pull it down and go ability is great — and Mullen thinks he can develop the passing ability. Have some faith in a guy who has a proven track record with finding his guys and developing them.

      Besides, I doubt the QB board is completely shut down.

    • @Micah – I suppose you are the Coach of the new Offense on here just trying to stir things up, right? Oh, wait, never mind, you are just an opinionated person that thinks you know more than Mullen (or Ohio State, Alabama and Virginia). I think I will trust in our actual head coach, thank you though. I’m Good.

      • “Oh, wait, never mind, you are just a sad, lonely FSU troll, spending your days performing the minimum wage tasks for your clown college education prepared you, and your nights locked in your mother’s basement chasing the Guiness Book record for self flagellation…”


  2. TebowCurse, I see what you’re saying, but there’s one key difference from the predecessor: the coach. Not counting QBs with high recruiting rankings: Alex Smith (2-star) 1st overall draft pick, current Redskins QB; Dak Prescott (3-star) current QB with the Cowboys; and Nick Fitzgerald (3-star) TBD but currently already breaking SEC stats. No disrespect, but McElwain doesn’t have anything close to that on his resume. Jones is also probably going to pick up another star next year for what it’s worth, he’s only .2 of a point away from that.

  3. TheTebowCurse, a Nole troll, has a bad case of GDS…”Gator Derangement Syndrome.” He can’t find any good news about his team so he continues obsessively putting down the Gators as his way of therapy.

    • Mikey’s nerves are showing. He sees it coming – the shift in football power in this state – and he’s spewing whatever drivel he can muster. It ain’t going away Mikey. The Gators are coming – to take back the state.

      • Like another well-known moron, you say stuff that has no relation to the reality. There’s not a single reason to think UF is going to “take back the state”. FSU continues to dominate UF on the field and also outrecruits UF. FSU still outrecruited UF last class, even with Taggart being behind Mullen in being hired and hiring assistants. FSU will, I am 99% sure, outrecruit UF this class. FSU will, again, dominate UF on the field this season. Mullen was on the sideline the last time UF beat FSU in the “Swamp”, otherwise known as Jimbo Fisher Field, about to become Willie Taggart Field. IF will, after chickening out of playing Miami, will lose to the ‘Canes again next year. UF was the FIFTH best team in Florida last year, behind Miami, Central Florida, South Florida, & FSU.
        Delusional thoughts don’t change facts, and you can’t refute a single word I write, can you?

  4. All I can tell you folks hung up on number of stars is look up Dak Prescott coming out of high school.
    Last time I checked he was starting for the Dallas Cowboys. Dan Mullen was his college head coach who recruited him. When a prospect visits your campus who you offered and afterwards decides he wants to come to Florida, what is Coach Mullen suppose to say, “Sorry, we don’t want you anymore because you don’t have 5 stars?” Alabama and Ohio State wanted this QB Jones and had already offered him but he previously had a great relationship with Mullen while at Miss State.

  5. I have a lot of faith in Coach Mullen & his staff. I think Florida will be back a lot
    quicker than a lot suspect. They have a lot of very good players on this team which
    will give us a very rewarding season this year. All they need is the right coaching to
    bring out the best in them. I for one can’t wait for the first kickoff. “Go Gators”

  6. What makes a 3 4 or 5 star? Some guru watching or claiming to watch endless hours of film on the HS athletes? How did they ever evaluate athletes before the star ratings? Recruiting is a crap shoot rankings look good on paper but don’t always translate on the field. As a Gator congratulations young man on the offer and commitment. Let’s all sit back and see what COACHING actually does it is very obvious that the last two staffs did a poor job of exactly that.

    • Gator-6. You just did respond to him. And not everyone recognizes him for who he is; FSU troll. That is because he changes his ID from this to that four or five times a day. But the negative narrative never changes.

        • The truth is, if we ALL just stopped responding to a single word that Mikey says, he would shrivel up and go away. And, I also just replied, so I am guilty. So, going forward, I will resist the urge and never reply to a single post of his.

          • I don’t know… it’s too much fun getting him riled up. I’ve never seen anyone so hell bent on coming across as a douche.

          • He will go away when Coach Mullen has the gators back in the high life again. Not before…

            Until then I will continue to question his intelligence, sexuality, etc. in response to the literal torrent of sh*t that springs from what passes as a brain.

  7. When Steve Spurrier was coach, his recruiting classes consistently ranked lower than Georgia’s yet he owned Georgia. The same is true for a number of other schools. Coaching matters. Zook recruited well but what did we have to show for it? Once Meyer’s good coaches left including Mullen, Florida went into the offensive spiral that continued last year. Have faith. Mullen knows what he is doing and has a strong staff. Let everybody else win the “Life Championships” and recruiting ranking battles while Mullen shapes the team into a contender. The best thing that can happen is everybody else discounting UF due to lower rankings in recruiting and taking us for granted. It will be that much nicer to beat people that didn’t see it coming.

  8. Mike Winter (calling himself Tebowcurse). I will give you that FSU has been dominating Florida recently and out recruiting the Gators as well. But, from all indications surmised from the intense interest in the positive coaching change at Florida by recruits nationwide, I think both of things are now in the process of changing, or at least balancing out. And I will remind you of this advantage for FSU. The Noles’ coach can sign recruits with academic concerns that Florida cannot touch, including the LB that your favorite team flipped from Kentucky this recruiting cycle. So based on that review of the low FSU academic entrance requirements, I always wonder why you chose to go to North Florida instead of FSU.

    • Once again, as usual, a Hator fan shows his ignorance. UF doesn’t have higher standards admitting football players. It’s a fact that UF was drooling over Xavier Peters but lost out to FSU. Its a fact that LSU and Alabama told Justin Watkins to take a hike because of his shaky academic situation. It remains to be seen if Watkins or Peters qualifies. You must be delusional if you think Dan Mullen is going to be more selective than any other school.

        • You’re wrong, but not intelligent enough to know that. Every school, including FSU, didn’t believe Peters would qualify until very late in the process but UF desperately wanted him when they thought he had a chance to qualify. FSU won, similar to UF winning Emory Jones. It is normal, like the moron in the White House, though, for some Gators to make up a fantasy story.
          We’ll find out if the gamble both teams made pays off if Peters and Watkins qualify.
          One player who is qualified, the “ghetto” gold-teeth loud mouth, Copeland, is a guy UF will regret taking, I predict.

          • Hahaha you’re killing me! WRONG. Stick with Warchant or…

            Try Dr. Metzger if you live in G’ville area. He’ll write you a prescription that will help with your disorder.

          • You know what else is a fact Mikey? FSU has been dominating everyone in recruiting with the exception of OSU and Bama, yet FSU has absolutely nothing to show for it other than a little winning streak against some very bad Gator teams. Hell they’ve even been dominating Clemson in recruiting for several years all the while watching Clemson dominate them on the field. So congrats on being preseason champs, unfortunately you’re regular season losers just like the rest of us. Keep running your pathetic mouth though as if FSU is 10 time consecutive national champs instead of the biggest preseason disappointment year after year. It really is quite comical how delusional you are.

    • Good points, Tampa, but not sure you’re correct about the types of athletes FSU can recruit versus UF. The SEC ranks as one of the least impressive “academic” conferences given the reputations of the member schools (perhaps the Big 12 ranks lower). The PAC 12, ACC and Big Ten are all more impressive. We like to toot our own horn when it comes to how UF compares to FSU academically, but the truth is that the nation at large does not see it that way. We’re all just “Florida” schools and are not taken seriously. Frankly, FSU is the more popular and recognized school because of its membership in the ACC, which includes highly reputable schools in the “New South” and northeast. In contrast, we’re perceived as an oversized southern school in a sleepy backwoods town along the likes of Tenn, Ole Miss, Bama, UGA, etc. The SEC thing just kills us nationally.

  9. Damn, it sounds like most are ready for me to come in on football — heavy! Hell, I’m still into Mittens White’s bb team.

    Admittedly, those enchiladas of MSBS piqued my interest.

    B t w, nobody’s doing a very good job of challenging the al-Hussein Obama/Clinton lover, TheTebowCurse.

    • Ha ha, okay, bf made me laugh out loud this morning.

      I’m somewhat offended though, you picking on Michelle. It wasn’t enough when some members of the press were pointing to Michelle Obama’s muscular physique and some dirtbag journalists referred to her as having man arms. No! That wasn’t enough! Today there is a “news story” about Michelle Obama having a large staff.

  10. Stars aren’t everything. Another Mullen quarterback Dak Prescott was a 3 star recruit. He’s done ok for himself. I honestly think Kyle Trask is going to fit good in Mullen’s offense and could turn out to be a similar QB if he is given the chance.

    • Looking at “offers” is something only an uninformed person would do because there are a lot, a whole lot, of “offers” that are not legitimate. Alabama, for example, “offers” a lot of kids they will not accept. It’s especially true with QBs. A team won’t accept the commitment of a QB if they believe that one they rated higher has a good chance to commit. Jones is a prospect Mullen rated highly, which is all that matters, but thinking that Alabama or Ohio State felt likewise is just a guess. The supposed “flip” of Emory Jones last class should be taken with a grain of salt since Meyer showed very little interest in keeping him. There are prospects everyone wants, but looking at “offers” is not the way to learn who they are.

  11. “Goodness gracious, save for “TheTebowCurse,” everyone on this thread is not only a damnable liar, but also quite ignorant!”

    —Jonathan Gruber, MIT professor, noted patriot and renowned HusseinDaddyCare achitect