Dooley Noted: No reason to be discouraged by Gators’ first scrimmage


Pat covers the state of Florida’s QB contest after the first srimmage, UF’s outstanding baseball, softball and track programs, and more.


  1. I do not mind podcasts. I just wish sites would always use a timeline with each one so one does not have to listen to what one is not interested in listening to, as when one is reading an article. It is not hard to do. Simple. You just have to take a little time to do it for your readers (or listeners in this case). You know, make your audience want to listen in, not skip over it as with Vulcan.

  2. The only discouragement I felt from reading about the scrimmage was the continued bad play and lack of progress of Franks. But, on the other side, I was very encouraged with the continued development and play of Trask. Unless something changes or he gets hurt, I can easily see Trask starting game one for the Gators and being a successful leader at the QB position, finally (or since Tebow).

  3. WOW! It would be amazing and unprecedented if a 2-Star QB that didn’t even start for his high school team becomes the starter for a major SEC college football school. Trask is not even a dual threat QB that fits what Coach Mullen prefers but neither is Franks who doesn’t have the QB “it” factor or IQ to make it.

  4. Trask was a composite 3-star recruit. And he was that and did not even start for his high school team. And Trask is athletic and can run the ball. And he practiced and played in a spread offense in high school.