UF’s Lemons’ home run

Florida sophomore tailback Adarius Lemons made the biggest play of the scrimmage, sprinting 89 yards for a touchdown. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida sophomore tailback Adarius Lemons made the biggest play of the scrimmage, sprinting 89 yards for a touchdown.

Mullen praised him for that, but he also said Lemons needs to do a better job in the other phases of his game — catching, blocking, carrying out assignments — or he won’t get that many opportunities in the fall.

“He’s an explosive player, but guys have got to learn is it’s about every play,” Mullen said. “If you’re an explosive playmaker like that, but you can’t execute on a regular play, on an every-play basis, it’s hard to get you in the game.

“As a younger back, that’s what you’ve got to learn. To become a great football player, it’s what you do when the ball’s not in your hand as a running back that’s even more important. I think he’s learning and growing in that aspect of things.”


  1. I like that Mullen is making that crystal clear. I don’t remember hearing about this as a reason why he wasn’t higher on the depth chart last year; but, I do remember he was not very pleased about his position in the pecking order. Everyone assumed the reason was likely the reasons listed here (and Malik Davis was blowing up), but it is nice to receive solid reasoning — both for the player and the fans.

  2. Lemons missed his senior year at Clearwater High School and was not asked to do much there other than make long runs on a regular basis before running into behavioral and academic issues in high school. I watched him at the recent open practice, and he was clearly behind all the other running backs in the pecking order and had to run a lap for missing an assignment. I would not be surprised to see him possibly transfer after the spring game. From my perspective, he did not seem to be a team player out on the field or all the focused or excited like the other players. I might be reading to much into what I saw that day, but it appeared that way to me. And the coaches clearly were not happy with his effort and performance. His past issues with authority figures might still be an issue with him on the field. Time for Lemons to grow up, work hard, listen, respect, learn, and excel. Or transfer to FIU. Hope he does not do the later.

  3. Lemons clearly has a lot of talent at the running back position. Let’s hope that he opens up to strong, positive coaching from this very good staff we now have and stay out of the selfish mode. Want to play in the NFL Adarius? Do exactly what you’re told and excel in all phases of the game or you’ll ride the pine while others score touchdowns. Busting 90-yard runs is great, but Coach is looking for football players, not just sprinters. Tackle the challenge like the future of your life depends on it, because it might.

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      Robbie’s articles are always incomplete. His work has deteriorated in recent years. The other writers have decent insight and it is a small staff so I understand they are trying to produce content quickly. However, its not that hard to write a closing paragraph or talk about his past years.

  4. I don’t know either but because coach makes a public comment to encourage a player to become a more complete player shouldn’t be taken that he’s a bad seed. I am glad he was able to bust a long run for a touchdown! Congratulations! That’s encouraging but it doesn’t take away his need for improvements in other areas of his game. That what good coaches do to challenge young players and build a great team. Go Gators!