Florida coach Mullen’s Spring Practice update



  1. My takeaways from Coach’s press conference.

    This team has a long way to go. Reading, maybe not-so-between the lines, it sounds like the entire team just simply has not been coached well in any area (duh..) over the past few years and they simply don’t understand how to play to a higher level. Obviously we saw that time and again but I think Coach may be seeing it first-hand every day.

    I love the concept of the “game slowing down” as you get more experience. I remember reading about Wayne Gretzky many years ago and hearing him talk about how his ability to process game speed information so quickly and automatically that he didn’t have to think about it….he just did it. That seems to be what Coach is referring to here in that these guys are trying to process and think on the fly which keeps them from just playing at full speed …. and having fun ….. and being productive.

    This team has some talent and I fully believe this coaching staff can maximize that talent (finally), but a big part of that process is mental development. It’s not as easy of a process as simply going out and learning which guy to block or which hole to run through. But as I’ve said before …. I just want to see progress.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — the turn-around will take 4-5 years. If the fanbase cannot come to terms with that reality, Mullen will skip town in 2 years and we will become the next UT. It’s that bad. We kid ourselves into thinking we’re something that we’re not, but reality will very quickly (and cruelly) put us in our place. We are (and have been for more than 40 years) the third best program in the state. Our only time on top (the Tebow years) came when FSU and Miami were at historical low points. Even SOS had losing records against FSU and Miami. It still boggles my mind how UF — the largest, oldest and best endowed university in the state — could be so lacking for so long in such drastic ways. We finally have with Mullen a real opportunity to change that, let’s hope we don’t blow it with unrealistic and unhinged expectations.

    • I greatly disagree, perhaps because I think a turn around is actually playing properly, being disciplined in every phase of players actions, not just wins. I expect improvements immediately, and I doubt this coach is leaving after two years either. Time will of course tell.

    • The 3rd best for the last 40 years? Did you forget about the Head Ball coach years? There was a national championship in those years. FSU has gotten the best talent in the past 10 years but not that all much was accomplished nationally except for one year.

        • Tim, I don’t doubt for one second that you’re a true blue Gator through & through……and there’s some wise counsel in what you say. But it’s been 8 years, not 40. However, you may be correct in your assessment of 4-5 years, and we better be prepared to give it that long. I think it will happen in 3 to 5, that is, return to elite status and in the conversation every year for SEC/NC.

          • Thanks for not doubting me, Gator-6…you’re one of the most decent posters in these comments. I want nothing more than for us to get back to our winning ways, but it does frustrate me to no end when FSU and Miami fans have the upper hand on virtually everything football. Since 1976 (when Bowden got to FSU), we have been the third best program in the state with losing records against both instate rivals — it’s not even close. How can this be given all the resources at our disposal? First football program in the state yet last to win a championship? Come on now. I just think that it’s time that once and for all we dominate this state in football. We should be leaving FSU and Miami in our dust, but unfortunately it’s too often been the other way around.

  3. I’m convinced it will take a few years. If it happens faster that would be great but pushing it to be faster could create more fragility in terms of taking too many high risk recruits…or a repeat of the Meyer deal. we’ve had a lot of pain since 2001 other than the tebow years. Hopefully the fans can get the right balance of smarts and love…

  4. I agree 100% in that it will take longer than most of us are dreaming of. 3 years minimum to realistically think we’re in the SEC/NC conversation every year …… probably longer as most of you point out. It’s more than just having 5* talent… which obviously we don’t have. But once we get the talent rolling in, it’s about having a certain mentally and (I hate to say it this way) a process of how your program goes about its business. Winning programs are built bottom to top and everyone is buying into leadership’s philosophy. I think we were headed there before Urban’s meltdown and now after 9 years of regression….we are starting over. But I 100% believe that Dan Mullen is our guy to get the Gator Program to where we’d all like to see it. If Scott Stricklin can work magic with facilities and Coach Mullen can recruit and coach em up….. it is entirely reasonable for the Gators to rule the State and compete year in and out for the SEC/NC.