Dooley Noted: UF is finally there at WR, with plenty of options


Pat takes a close look at the Gators football team during spring practice and gives his take on Florida’s facilities plan.


      • Even regardkless of my dramatics, I think Jefferson has a very chance at being cleared considering his situation, but Grimes may have to sit a year. Needless to say, after that crap with Grier the year before last when the NCAA would not budge on any apeeals to his one year suspension and then said “time served” after he transferred to WVU and he started the next season, it would not surprise me to see the NCAA bend us over again.

        Of course, if this was Bama, the NCAA would be tripping over themselves to clear them.

  1. B offense would make fans extremely happy at this point. Frankly, C would be a major improvement on offense, but B would be great in Mullen’s first year after so many years of utterly incompetent offense.

  2. I mostly agree with what Pat had to say with the following two exceptions:

    1. I don’t think Egbunu sandbagged it with his injury. He tried to come back. His knees swelled and he had to get another procedure to clean it up late in the season. He deserves the benefit of the doubt having sacrificed his knee while playing for the Gators. Even if he did sandbagged it, the Gators owe it to him to fix his knee even if he never plays another minute in a Gator uniform.

    2. Pat said that he would talk about what he liked and didn’t liked about the revised facility plan. All I heard was what he liked and him defending it. I’m still waiting for him to say what he didn’t like. Maybe he did but really sugar coated it. I get it. He’s careful not to bite the hands that feed him while they are still in power. What I think he wanted to say was football facilities got put on the back-burner while the vocal minority baseball fans and media got a new stadium because the sun was on their face. They could have located the stand alone football facility to the north, west, or east of the practice facilities if they really wanted to instead of to the south where McKethan sits. Any of the other alternatives would have resulted in the football facility getting built first. The revised scheme ensures the baseball stadium gets funded first while they go raise the money for football facility through donations and naming rights. It’s a lot more difficult to raise that kind of money for baseball facilities. I don’t have a problem with a new baseball stadium but not at the expense of delaying the football facility when it is already so far behind the competition.

    • @ Sly – I happen to love BOTH football and baseball here and the baseball stadium needs to be re-done. They are a championship team. Support that. Football is already better for the hiring of Mullen. Deal with it.

      • A A Ron – Ron – You were OK stating your opinion and I respect that. Then you became rude by telling me to “support that” and to “deal with it”. FYI, I do support the baseball team and I don’t need you to tell me what to do or how to think.

        We can revisit this debate after National Signing Day next February. We’ll see if this facilities decision affects recruiting. Until that time, no doubt our competition will be pointing out to recruits how the University of Florida has made baseball a higher priority and commitment over football.

  3. I’m not sure I grasp why the ncaa would let the ohio state transfer play this year at wide receiver, it looks like any player who didn’t play much could transfer and schools would start recruiting from other teams. which would be fine with me, but I doubt the ncaa wants that.