Swampcast from UF football practice


Sun sports writers Robbie Andreu and Graham Hall break it down.


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  1. Great swampcast! Thank you for showing this. I love seeing Coach Mullen out there running around, pulling players aside, coaching and coaching.

    It makes me wonder… if maybe we didn’t get to see practices before because Coach MacThreat was on the sidelines chewing gum and smiling while his assistants were out there instead…Probably didn’t want anyone to see that aspect. Lol…

    Anyway, good to see the effort increasing, that is a great start. Go Gators!

    • AA Ron – Mac and his assistant coaches collectively may have been the worst the SEC has ever seen. Mac’s game-day decisions were beyond terrible. Can’t remember any staff squandering as much talent as those pinheads. All uphill from here.

  2. A A Ron. I went to a couple of McElwain’s open practices and he was out on the field coaching, as were his assistants. But the intensity of his practices (from both players and coaches) was nothing like what I saw under this weekend under Mullen. You can see and tell that much better planning and coaching is going on now and that the players are much more engaged in the process and buying into it big time.