Clearwater OL Ethan White commits to UF’s 2019 class


Florida’s 2019 class picked up a verbal commitment Friday from a 6-foot-5 in-state offensive lineman.

Ethan White, a three-star prospect out of Superior Collegiate Academy in Clearwater, verbally committed to coach Dan Mullen and UF’s 2019 class.

White’s recruitment is still in the early stages, with just 14 scholarship offers, including Louisville, Boston College and West Virginia.

With White’s commitment, which is non-binding until he signs a letter of intent, the Gators have six commits in the 2019 class.


  1. I’m from Clearwater, played at Clearwater H.S.., and still go to some games in the Clearwater area. I saw one game of White’s last year. He absolutely dwarfed the opposing D-line. If he keeps improving, he should be a 4 or 5 star after the 2018 season. He is still just a big kid and, hopefully, can pick up the complex blocking schemes that Dan Mullen will run. Hopefully, his verbal commitment will stand. A sleeper commit.

  2. Thanks for the info cattrick. It’s good to know this info because others will probably get unsettled with a 3 star rating. I have seen Mullen’s travel and he is hitting it hard with top recruits. If he picks players out of his camps he can see what they can do so why rely on star ratings for a small number of recruits. As you stated he is in the class and will probably have a higher rating when recruiting gets hot. Watch the interest in this one player and watch other big programs start offering. Other programs know Mullen’s has offered and they trust that so they will make the offers as well.

  3. I’ll trust Mullen’s evaluation on this. He and Hevesy had better performing O Lines at MSU than we’ve had here, and with less talent. He is a man among boys on film. I’m sure after camps and such, his stock will rise.

  4. Deja Vu all over again… didn’t we hear the same exact comments when McElwain got commitments from prospects who were rated about the same? Underrated, coach knows what he is doing, will be rated much higher, etc. The result? 4-7! No one ever claimed Mullen has ever been a great recruiter. Instead of making the same excuses, deal with reality & hope he is a better coach in real games than he is recruiting.

  5. Tebow curse, Steve Spurrier had some 3 star recruits as well including offensive line. He even had a walk on or two that did really well (Chris Doering) I think he did pretty good with the players once they go to UF didn’t he? If you wait until players achieve 5 star status, everybody else will have already offered and the player will say “I didn’t have a relationship with Florida…” Part of recruiting is spotting raw talent that is in the midst of development. You get the recruits committed before they shine completely. McElwain couldn’t develop players. He recruited fine.

    • No, McElwain didn’t recruit ‘fine.” He sucked, and everyone knows it. This is just more nonsense. Believe it or not, you don’t need to “develop” players. It doesn’t matter where a five star goes to school. Chances are very high, in fact extremely high, they will be great players. Mullen is a bum, and everyone knows it. Why do you think, if he was so great, he languished in Starkville for NINE years? How can you lose, in your EIGHTH year, at home to South Alabama a couple of years ago? He’s not as big of a con artist as McElwain, but he’s not too far away. The latest was this flim-flam with showing how much “stronger” UF’s players have become under Mullen. The “before” picture shows someone standing in a certain posture. The “‘after” shows them in a hulk pose. The only people dumb enough to fall for that garbage are Gator fans and the pundits who cover UF. Let’s see them in a “before” hulk pose or an “after” standing pose. Otherwise, it’s just Mullen trying to con a bunch of fools who want to be conned.

      • You have issues. Taggert is really killing it up in Tallahassee after the awesome turnout for their Jr Day. That was sarcasm.

        The buzz in recruiting is in G’ville right now but as usual you’re not really paying attention. Just the typical knee jerk obsession you seem to have with all things Gator.

      • Come on Mikey, you don’t need to “develop” players? You of all people should know that’s not true. How did your all time favorite coach Dumbo do with all those top 5 classes every year? Last I checked he doesn’t know how it feels to play in the playoff or even come close to it, even though he recruited at the same level of Meyer and Saban. By the way, the fact that you’re so focused on their bodies in those pictures speaks volumes. We all know you’re obsessed with Driskel, but he obviously isn’t the only one that turns you on. Try focusing a bit more on the numbers instead. You know most of them gaining 10 lbs of muscle and losing upwards of 2% body fat. You’re clueless!