UF coach Mullen ‘Having fun’



  1. It’s a good season if they win 8 or 9 games. Don’t see them beating UGA or FSU for now, but everyone else is fair game. We’re 3-5 years from being back. Hopefully Mullen will survive the inevitable blow back coming in 2 years. He’s a great coach but needs significant time to make the program his. Full turnarounds don’t happen in one or two seasons.

  2. Urban Stoops both won NC in year 2. Now while I don’t expect that nor would it be fair for those type of expectations a quick turnaround to respectable is not unreasonable. Let’s not forget what UGA did this year in year 2. For 7 years our coaching was not good for the last 3 recruiting was equally poor. Once CDM finds a QB not named Franks is when we’ll see turnaround

  3. Mullen needs to immediately push for better facilities. I was in Tallahassee last month and the Seminoles’ football facilities destroy ours. The stadium is one of the most beautiful and architecturally impressive in all of college football. The indoor facility, which they’ve had for years, is as good if not better than the one we’re getting. They’re also building a football only facility that will be state of the art. College Town, right next to the stadium, has a collection of bars and restaurants that are straight out of NYC or Miami. I know FSU has been the better program for most of the past 40 years, but it’s inexcusable for them to be so far ahead of us on the facilities front. It’s frankly embarrassing. Get to work Mullen!

    • Tim, your opinion of the facilities at fsu is greatly exaggerated. While Doak Campbell looks nice from the outside, it is a facade. It is still the erector set underneath it always was and very dated. As for the IPF, UF’s is both newer and nicer. You said the one “we are getting”, this is the second season we’ve had it so not certain what you are talking about. Also, the College Town is far from a certainty, certainly not to the scale you are describing. The funding is nowhere near in place for that. UF has built a student athlete academic center, as well as announcing $100 million worth of facility upgrades. Granted it had fallen behind, but the effort to improve the facilities has been underway for some time. The disparity you describe just isn’t accurate. Guessing you are a troll.

        • Tim I have been to Tallahassee recently and you are incorrect. Collegetown is not right next to the stadium and it offers a bagel shop and a gastropub. Not at all what you describe. You are clearly a troll. You were as factually accurate about Collegetown as you were about the IPF that acocording to you UF hasn’t built yet. Bye.

          • Not a troll — UF undergrad and law. Love the Gators with all my heart, just not keeping my head in the sand and turning a blind eye to facts. There is absolutely no reason why we should be the third tier program in this state — which is exactly what we are.

            You’re still wrong about College Town — Centrale, Madison Social, Township are all rocking bars/restaurants near the stadium that destroy anything we have to offer.

        • Tim, nice try buddy but it is apparent you are trolling. Your points are factually incorrect and seem to change per comment. The places you mentioned at Collegetown are not “rocking bars” they are gastropubs and delis. You began your description of Collegetown as “right next to stadium” then “near the stadium”. People who have been there no the truth it is an apartme t complex with a few stores and resturants and a Publix. Not sure why you want it to be more. As for actual univesity facilities, you said fsu had an IPF that was nicer than the one UF was “going to have”. Anyone with any knowledge of UF football knows that the IPF was built in 2015 and is newer and nicer than the one at fsu. Also, you mentioned stand alone facility, well Tim you are again ill informed or are a troll. Fsu has no plans in place for stand alone football facility or have begun process of securing state funds which it will be necessary. As oppsed please reference the below link to UF announced facility upgrade plan with funding in place. UF is still top shelf and your description of 3rd tier is the delusions of a troll. Take care troll, enjoy make believe.


          • Clay. Boy, you’re a bit defensive to the indisputable charge that our facilities lack those at FSU — looks like I struck a nerve. Distinguishing between gastropubs and bars is pure semantics and not a very convincing way to win an argument. CollegeTown is indeed next to the stadium (look at a map) and is ground-zero for all pre and post game festivities. Regardless of how you prefer to characterize it, it beats anything we have in G’ville and makes “The Swamp” and other similar bars on university look like old and dated. Also, FSU is very much in the process of planning for it’s football only facility and Taggart is making revisions to what Fisher had demanded. Plans are currently in the concept phase of where it will be located, and you can rest assured it will be built (google it).

            Oh, and for your information, FSU is ahead of UF when it comes to facilities, just take a look…


    • Prior to 1976, neither program was worth anything so the overall record means nothing. Plus, we started playing almost 40 years before they did, so of course we were stronger in the beginning. Truth is, since both programs found national relevance, FSU has been the better program. We either accept it and deal with it, or ignore it and things will continue unchanged. I took a look at their facilities and I fully understand why they’ve had the upper hand for so long. For the sake of our program, I hope we all snap out of it soon and stop kidding ourselves…even if you won’t.

  4. I do know that FSU has out recruited UF for HS state of florida players for a very long time.

    I am hoping DM can change that.

    Truth is that FSU, Bama, Ohio St, Clemson, have regularly out recruited UF in FLA. And many others have hand picked 4 & 5 star players away.

    The last few year UF has been lucky to get 1 or 2 of the top 50 FLA HS players. That is crazy and needs to change.

    • Thanks, Buck…that’s exactly my point.

      I can’t worry about the backwoods, jean short wearing, ‘neck fans on these boards that give our fan base (and many in the SEC) such a terrible national reputation. I personally think that type of trash is part of the reason why both UM and FSU have been the better programs for so long.