Swampcast: Florida Spring Practice Preview, Part 2



  1. Once again, you guys are beginning a season by establishing unrealistic expectations. We all saw last season how a team with good players, but bad quarterback play and average to poor offensive line play, can’t be successful. Nine wins for a team with nothing at quarterback except the faith that Dan Mullen can begin to get a minimal level of productivity out of that position? Are you kidding me? I’m optimistic that Dan Mullen is the right guy to get the program turned around, but it is not fair to hang these expectations around his neck.

  2. Mark…I have to totally disagree with you…Absolutely no reason why UF can’t win 9 or more games this year, their schedule is very favorable next year…Nuss has to be the worst Offensive Coordinator UF has had since the late 60’s and early 70’s…UF will be favored to win at least 9 games this year…and I do believe that had Spurrier been the coach we would have won at least 8-9 games this past year…coaching does make a tremendous difference…I too have full confidence in Mullen’s play calling and player development and I think he’ll tell you he is very happy with this team… I for one, will be very disappointed if we don’t win 9 games this year.

    • Cody – Gatornation, including yourself, need to face the reality that the Gator offense is severely lacking in personnel. This is due to eight years of poor recruiting by two head coaches and a revolving door of O.C.s. These coaches also would not or could not develop the players they had or formulate game plans to maximize the players’ potential. Here are the cold statistics to show how far the mighty Gators have fallen:

      Total offense national ranking (yards/game)
      2008: 15 of 119; 2009: 6 of 120; 2010: 82 of 120; 2011: 105 of 120; 2012: 103 of 120; 2013: 113 of 123; 2014: 93 of 125; 2015: 111 of 127; 2016: 116 of 128; 2017: 109 of 129.

      I agree with you that Dan Mullen and his staff have the qualifications and track record that gives us more hope than we’ve had in quite awhile that the offense will improve. But given the recruiting and player development that’s required to start that process, let’s temper our expectations. Is it fair to expect the offense to move from 109 to somewhere in the 70s in 2018? Let’s focus on the improvements in the offense, because if that occurs, the wins will follow. Go Gators!

      • Very well said. Too many have blinders on and are expecting way too much way too soon. I’m concerned about Mullen being able to withstand the criticism coming his way in 2 years. His wife already has scars from living in G’ville and dealing with unreasonable fans — let’s hope we don’t run them out too soon. We’ll become the next U Tenn if we keep this up.

  3. It’s a good season if they win 8 or 9 games. Don’t see them beating UGA or FSU for now, but everyone else is fair game. We’re 3-5 years from being back. Hopefully Mullen will survive the inevitable blow back coming in 2 years. He’s a great coach but needs significant time to make the program his. Full turnarounds don’t happen in one or two seasons.

    • Gator G- absolutely nothing in college football takes 5 years. Maybe 2-3, but 5 years?? No coach will be given a 5yr window, Mullen fully understands that. Just the scheme alone and getting the ball out in space will help out alot. Look what Georgia did in two years. I think 8-9 wins is reasonable if qb play is better. Offensive line is experienced, defense was very young last year, running back appears stacked, and more playmakers at wide receiver than we’ve seen in years if Jefferson and grimes get cleared to play with Cleveland and Toney. GO GATORS!