Florida homecoming game set for Nov. 3


[Updated] Florida has announced that its homecoming game this season is the Nov. 3 game against Missouri.

LSU was last season’s homecoming opponent, a 17-16 loss.

Florida has a 67-25-2 record in Homecoming games all time, 25-4 since 1989. The Gators are 3-4 overall against Missouri. The last time Florida and Missouri met in a Homecoming game was Oct. 15, 2016, a 40-14 win for the Gators.

Season tickets are $380 per seat plus the Gator Booster contribution which varies based on seat location.

How fans can purchase tickets:

*Visit floridagators.com/tickets and purchase online

*Purchase via phone by calling the Gators Ticket Office at (352) 375-4683 or (800) 344-2867 Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

*Visit the Gators Ticket Office in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


    • This is just another poorly written and lazy article from Robbie. Season tickets are $380/seat + booster contribution. That is not the price for just Missouri. You always have to take his articles with a grain of salt.

  1. I wonder who is the genius that chooses Homecoming opponents? Last year the arrogant Gators were dumb enough to choose LSU. Guess what? LSU whipped UF’s ass.Missouri is no pushover, as seen when they dominated UF last year and in the bum’s, Jeff Driskel, final appearance as UF’s starting QB.Homecoming is supposed to be a feel-good weekend, including a victory over an overmatched foe. Vandy or Kentucky would be a better choice, although Vandy did whip UF’s ass recently on Homecoming. You’d never know UF is mediocre now, though. The arrogance still exists. Perhaps Missouri should take a cue from LSU and give the Gators a dose of reality.

    • ”LSU whipped U.F.’s as#”?!?! Really, ”TheTebow”?
      Really? Because L.S.U. ONLY scored 1 T.D. in the 1st QTR. And only 3 points in the 2nd QTR. And LSU’s last score came in the 3rd QTR for ONLY 7 points.
      And oh, U.F. held L.S.U.’s R.B., Guice, to ONLY 50 yds. rushing. And you believe that’s an ”as# whipping”!?!?
      What’s ”arrogant” is that statement. As LSU got LUCKY!
      And the purple & yellow kitty cats won’t be that fortunate again, in G’ville (AGAIN), for the 2018 game.

      • You must not know why you play a game, from your ludicrous response. Games are NOT decided by stats, such as how many yards or other such tommyrot. Games are decided by who has more points at the end of the game. A silly person, like you, must think that LSU beat Florida the4 year before last, since LSU dominated the stats. As Spurrier said, stats are for losers. When you LOSE, pay attention now, you had your ass whipped. It doesn’t matter if the margin is one point or fifty. The result is the same. No one cares, or remembers, unless they are a stat geek that knows not why you play, how many yards or any other nonsense. The only thing that matters is if you win or lose. Period. LSU DID whip UF’s ass! Check the score!

        • You are wrong man who lives under bridge, 17-16 is NOT an a$$ whipping, 44-0 is an a$$ whipping. We did not whip UToothless’s butt, we beat them, and were lucky in certain aspects, as LSU was (missed extra point).

          Mizzou is a great homecoming opponent. Nuff said.

    • It is hard to read such a naive and ill informed commentary. Since the SEC schedules 8 opponents, there is no way around homecoming being anything but a conference foe. Only losing 5 games for homecoming since 1989 is pretty good. At least Florida has the guts to schedule tough homecomings. If they were a team in the Almost Competitive Conference (ACC) then of course they would win all of their homecoming games. I do hear that Wake Forest and Duke are national title contenders. Look out!

  2. The tickets are actually $50.00 each. The price in the article is the cost of season tickets per seat. You can get single game tickets from the University if they are available. Usually only the non-conference opponents (other than FSU) and maybe one or two SEC games such as Vanderbilt are available.

  3. Attendance at games is down because large numbers of children of Alumni are not getting accepted at Florida. The unconditional love of your school tends to fade when your children get accepted at Georgetown but not Florida.

      • Actually, it is VERY near (22 vs 40), and if you take into account GTown is a private catholic school with a 7k undergrad population, the comparisons are closer. Also, UF would be the the location of choice for eng degree. The fact that GTown is in the slimeball city of the U.S, right smack in the middle would make UF more attractive to most urbanites.

        • Sorry gelco30, but most people would not consider UF to be in the same league as Georgetown. I live in the northeast and struggle all the time defending my UF undergrad degree (chemistry). Sadly, outside of Florida we’re perceived as another oversized southern school in a backwoods sleepy town — much like UGA, UT, Bama, Miss, etc. The SEC thing just kills us. Of the Florida schools, I’d say Miami gets the most respect, primarily because of where it’s located and the national scope of its student body. FSU comes in second because of it’s overall popularity and ACC membership which includes northern schools and reputable “new south” schools like GT, UNC, UVA and Duke.

        • Sorry gelco30, but most don’t consider UF to be in Georgetown’s league. I live in the northeast and struggle to defend my UF degree (chemistry). Sadly, we’re perceived as an oversized southern school in a slow, sleepy town — much like UT, UGA, Bama, Ole Miss, etc. The SEC thing just kills us when it comes to image and reputation.

  4. Attendance is in decline everywhere, not just here although the Gators have some special reasons why things are different now. We have sucked for about 10 years, throttled by our former AD’s poor choices for coaches with McElwain being Coup De Grace, maybe the worst coach in SEC history. But attendance is down primarily because it’s a lot easier to enjoy the game in air conditioned comfort on your new 70″ 4K HD screen, with commentary, slow motion replays and your favorite beverage in hand, unlike sitting on hard seats in the hot sun. I imagine all teams will continue to struggle to fill their stadiums.