Gators audition for pros at NFL Combine

Florida defensive lineman Taven Bryan runs a drill Sunday at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Florida kickers Johnny Townsend and Eddy Pineiro had their on-field workouts at the NFL Combine on Friday, concluding their time in Indianapolis.

For the four other former Gators at the Combine, it’s going to be a busy few days.

Saturday, wide receiver Antonio Callaway had his on-field workout, defensive tackle Taven Bryan took a psych test, did the bench and went through interviews, while cornerback Duke Dawson and safety Marcell received their measurements, took a medical exam and went through interviews.

Callaway, a projected 7th-round pick or free agent, is listed as 5-foot-11, 200 pounds. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.41 seconds, his vertical jump was 34 inches and his broad jump 121 inches.

His analysis by Lance Zierlein on “Make no mistake about it, if Callaway had put together a trouble-free 2017 with even average production, he would be one, big Combine performance away from being one of the more buzzed about talents at the receiver position in this draft. However, his character concerns are at a point where they could derail any opportunity for a career. His talent and explosiveness gives him a good shot at making a roster at some point, but being able to stay on track and reach his potential is starting to feel unlikely. If he pulls it together, he could become a dangerous NFL talent.”

Bryan, a projected 1-2 round pick, is listed at 6-4, 291 pounds. He bench pressed 225 pounds 30 times.

His analysis by Lance Zierlein on “Talented defender with rare athletic ability and play traits. Bryan’s lack of production is due to a lack of instincts and feel for the position and he’s still in a developmental phase as a prospect. Bryan played inside at Florida but has the size and talent to play inside or outside. His instincts and feel are below average so his development could take time, but when he is a finished product, Bryan has the ability to become a disruptive, highly productive talent with a very high ceiling.”

Bryan will have his on-field workout Sunday, while Dawson and Harris will take the psych test, do the bench press and go through interviews.

Dawson and Harris have their on-field workouts Monday.

Townsend is projected as a pick in the seventh round or a free agent, while Pineiro is projected as a fifth or sixth-round selection.

The NFL Network has full coverage of the event and with complete breakdowns on every player invited to the annual Combine.


  1. Here is a classic quote from Callaway: “To see the program go down like that and coach Mac lose his job? That hurt me because I know it was basically because of me. I know I could’ve made a big difference. I made a mistake. I was young.” I was young? Now that’s funny. I’m pretty sure some NFL team will take a chance on him. Good luck with that.

  2. Callaway has all the talent in the world but shit for brains. If he makes a roster he will be the luckiest person in the world because in this environment no one will likely take a chance on him. I hope he went to class for advanced grocery packing so he can get a job at Publix, that’s if they will even hire him.

  3. Thats really sad for Bryan and the Gators, that we had such a talent on the team yet he never got developed by the coaches. So we lost such production we could have had. Im just grateful on his talent alone that he still gets a 1-2 grade in the draft!