UF Junior Day elicits commitment from 2019 LB Jammal Abrams


Florida’s 2019 class landed its first commitment Saturday under new coach Dan Mullen.

Jammal Abrams, a 6-foot-3, 225-pound linebacker out of Birmingham, Alabama, verbally committed to Mullen and Florida’s 2019 class while attending UF’s Junior Day.

Earlier, Mullen confirmed Abrams’ commitment.

A consensus three-star prospect and the No. 19 inside linebacker prospect in the 2019 class by 247Sports, Abrams holds offers from eight programs, including Ole Miss, Oregon and Louisville.

With Abrams’ commitment, the Gators have four commitments in the 2019 class.


    • What did you expect? Mullen has NEVER been known for his recruiting skills. The hope is, and has always been, that his skill coaching real games offsets his poor recruiting. If that comes true, then top players will come to UF anyway because of success on the field. But if anyone was expecting Mullen being able to attract top players on his own is living in la la land. He’s just a white guy without charisma or, until now, a guy who has won anything big. being an assistant doesn’t mean anything, when it comes to winning titles. Those rings on his hand are a dime a dozen since there’s nothing special about a guy getting one as an assistant. Meyer, not Mullen, is the guy who he gets the credit for the rings Mullen flashes in the mistaken idea that impresses anyone. He doesn’t even have the number to match another guy on the staff, Sunseri. Mullen being the head coach at UF doesn’t change who he is. I think that UF is getting exactly what it should have expected when they selected the, at least, third choice to be the head coach at UF.

        • At least he’s honest and objective. Everyone is all unicorns and rainbows right now. 3-5 years from now Gator fans will run Mullen out of town win or lose. I’m ashamed of Gator fans. Have been for years. They bring a coach in and get mad when people objectively criticize the coach and then after a season or two of mediocrity, the same fans that wouldn’t stand for the coach being negatively talked about go WAY, WAY over the top with their own criticism and run the coach out of town. Even Spurrier admitted in his resignation press conference that fan criticism played a part in his leaving. Maybe if people had reasonable expectations to begin with, it wouldn’t end so badly. So maybe listen to what other people are saying now instead of getting your panties in a wad. That was a real soft, overly sensitive post you wrote. Largely whining and crying. For the most part, Gator fans are freaking retards.

          • Talk about sensitive. Hurling insults at the new staff with 11 months of recruiting left sounds more like whining and crying to me… with No grip on reality

    • Star gazing this early is a little silly. Justin Fields was a 3-star nobody and the 29th ranked QB this time last year. After spring camps his demand blew up. Relax. If he isn’t any good, he won’t be here 11 months from now.

  1. Stop worrying about how many stars a player has. Jarrad Davis was a 3 star linebacker before he came to Florida, later he became a first round pick. Player development is crucial to any athlete transitioning from high-school to college and Mullen and staff has a good track record in developing players. Hopefully, we can keep Alabama from snagging this guy!

    • “Stars” do matter, and bringing up Davis is ludicrous. Yes, you find a diamond in the rough, like Davis, sometimes. But that doesn’t that strs don’t matter, since the ones that have them are far more likely to become great players than those that do not. It’s ludicrous to bring up Davis, as well, because it’s a team game. What championships or major bowl games did Davis win?

  2. LT – Spurrier never mentioned fan criticism in his exiting press conference. He said it got to the point winning was “a relief”. Big difference. You made some good points so no need to include something so overtly incorrect.

    • Don’t be dumb. Of course Spurrier was referring to how awful many Gator fans are when he lef. When you talk about winning ten games, or more, and going to a major bowl no longer being enough to make folks happy, which, in his own words, is EXACTLY what Spurrier said. Who do you think he was referring to? The A.D. or anyone in UF’s administration? Let’s not be stupid. Anyone with a brain knows who he was talking about.