Former UF coach McElwain hired to be assistant at Michigan

Former Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain talks to players on the sideline during the Florida-Georgia Game in Jacksonville. He was hired on Tuesday by Michigan. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Former Florida head football coach Jim McElwain was hired by Michigan to coach wide receivers, Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh announced on the school’s website.

“I am excited to work with this offensive staff and Coach Harbaugh,” McElwain said on a release. “There are a lot of great offensive minds in that coaching room and I look forward to learning from them.”

McElwain and Florida agreed to part ways Florida on Oct. 29, with the Gators in the midst of a 4-7 season. He went 22-12 overall in Gainesville, including SEC East championships in each of his first two seasons.

McElwain’s negotiated buyout with UF’s University Athletic Association is for $7.5 million. McElwain’s buyout was negotiated down from $12.9 million when he and the school agreed to part ways.

McElwain will receive six payments from UF over the next four years. The first payment last Dec. 1 was for $3.75 million.


    • Yes. He somehow seems to have figured out that he has a lot to learn, at least. Of course, what makes it especially sad is that Michigan’s offense only ranked 105 in the nation last year, so the fact Yellow Teeth is amazed by their talent says a lot about how much he sucks.

  1. If you can’t beat them, join them I suppose. I’ve heard from a number of Michigan faithful who are not happy with this hire. Almost as surprising a hire as Nussmeier being hired by the Dallas Cowboys at TE coach, when Nuss never knew what a TE was at UF.

    Personally, ill be glad when we no longer have to read this Mac’s name on a Gator site or page again. Mac and his “good ole boys” coaching club at UF nearly destroyed our football program after 4 years of Muschamp. Scary to think he was even worse than Zook or Muschamp.

    Mac has an enormous amount of personal baggage and Michigan will soon find that out. With exception of Meyer, who Machen pushed for, its amazing how bad Jeremy Foley’s track record was hiring football coaches.

  2. I agree with you Todd. I think Mac was much worse than Zook or Muschamp in that both of those guys put their heart and soul into the job, they just weren’t up to the task. Mac appeared to be mailing it in from the very beginning.
    We were initially fooled into believing that his casual approach was a function of extreme confidence and competence only to realize later that it was neither. Instead it was laziness combined with the frustration of realizing that you do not have the passion required for the job. I believe that by the beginning of the 2017 season, Mac was spending more time on his next move than on making the Gators a better team.

    Good riddance, he is Michigan’s problem now

  3. After Mac’s inappropriate, unprofessional conduct, UF should have told him he wasn’t getting any of his buyout if he got another job. I think it’s ridiculous that UF is/was paying Weis, Muschamp and McElwain ridiculous sums of money to essentially “go away”.

  4. “I think it’s ridiculous that UF is/was paying Weis, Muschamp and McElwain ridiculous sums of money to essentially “go away”.”

    It’s good work.
    If you can get it.

    (with props to the BoDeans!)

  5. Why does the governor allow a state university to pay for two presidents, three head football coaches and two athletic directors? Could the guys in Tallahassee take their football goggles off and lead for a change?

    • The easy answer is that we have become confused as a society as to what is important and even real. The highest paid public official in most states is the college football coach at the state’s local university. I would say it’s supply and demand, but Im pretty sure the public education system wasn’t designed to be run like a profit based business, so I can’t say that, i’m sure there must be a reason that doesnt involve the billions of dollars college football makes. I guess the easier answer would be money.

  6. This is the football coaching version of 50 Shades of Grey.

    First, Harbaugh crushes you on national television. Then he turns you into his assistant and has you fetching his coffee every morning. Talk about smashing a loser down to the ground and then forcing him to lick your toes. I guess Coach Yellow Teeth likes being dominated.

  7. I can’t believe anyone defends Foley with these Football hires. If you rank the top 10 worst football coaching hires in the SEC over the last 20 Years Zook, Chump and McElwain are on it with McElwain probably number 1. Combine that with an lack of focus on facilities and it really was a poor job.

  8. Very strange hire. First, coach Mac and Cheese had no success coaching against Michigan. He is a looser in their eyes. Why would they hire him? Second, coach Mac and Cheese has no clue what a wide receiver is, so why would Michigan hire him to coach receivers?. Third, he has shown no ability to develop any receivers, let alone call a play for them. Why hire a such a looser?.

  9. Guess Mac must have fooled Michigan into thinking he’s a receiver whisperer. At least they were smart enough to keep him away from the QBs. Let’s get Michigan on the schedule again. Bet we’ll see a lot different result next time around.

    • I actually liked Zook, he had the energy of the Energizer Bunny and was a great recruiter. Meyer won two nattys with Zook’s recruits. Muschamp was a DC trying to be a HBC and it just didn’t work out; he’s much more well-rounded into the job at USCe and just beat Harbaugh’s Meatchicken team in the Outback Bowl (I was there sitting with the USCe fans & band, it was GREAT).
      Mac is a whole different story. Total fraud from the get-go, incapable of doing what he was hired for (Offensive guru, QB Whisperer) and surrounded himself with incompetents just like him. A disaster of a hire with very little upside. Even Foley had buyer’s remorse after realizing the lack of coaching and leadership skill that he hired.
      Dan Mullen is above all that. A proven coach, maybe not a world-beater (yet), but we FINALLY have a real staff to coach up these kids that have deserved so much better than they’ve gotten from the last bunch of losers.

  10. I really dislike reading all this negative stuff.
    Are we so small that we need to bash others in print?

    This should be beneath our character.

    Why not take the high road and say nothing, if you have nothing good to say?

    You only hurt your own reputation.