Gators to play UT-Martin in 2019


Florida has added UT-Martin to its 2019 football schedule.

The Skyhawks are playing the Gators in The Swamp on Sept. 7, according to UT-Martin. This will be the first meeting between the two schools.

UF now has three non-conference games scheduled for 2019 — Miami at Camping World Stadium in Orlando on Aug. 31, UT-Martin the following week and Florida State on Nov. 30 in Gainesville.



  1. Based on our recent history, this is a good game for us to schedule. This is a perfect warm up game for a program that averages 5-losses a season and is looking to get bowl eligible. Unfortunately, that is where we are at the moment. If we schedule a Miami, Michigan or Power 5 opponent, we are likely to see the same result as when we played an average Michigan team or .500 FSU team. This program has been brought so far down that it will take that Mullen will need these type of games until he can get some players in here and build this program back from where Muschamp, Foley and Mac took it since 2010.

  2. How many Power 5 programs would schedule 2 of their 3 or 4 non conference opponents in a season to be teams the caliber of FSU and UM? While having a permanent annual non division opponent like LSU? Yes, I too hate to see the Gators play a Presbyterian or New Mexico State, but it makes absolute sense to do this when that is the norm for every other Power 5 team they compete with.

  3. I miss the days when we played Miami every year. It gave us three major goals too accomplish every year State Champs, SEC. Champs, and National Champs. I took great pride in the oe of the years Miami won the Natty they weren’t State Champs we were. Foley used to say with 11 game schedule we could afford to keep them on the schedule we needed the another home game. The purpose of adding a 12 game was to improve power 5’s non-conference schedules. It was not made fr twinkie city. As for the argument that no other school would do it so we shouldn’t it is strictly cowardice. If your neighbor does something stupid it does not mean you have too. It was a great rivalry full great moments and a match up that got you juices flowing. Tennessee Martin does get me excited. Miami does.

  4. there’s a whole lot of why? on this page, and absolutely no acknowledgement of the reason, so here goes… florida wants to schedule seven home games a season for revenue purposes. the only way to do this is to schedule a team willing to take a payout for a gainesville appearance without demanding that florida play them at their place next year. more prominent schools with developed programs like miami and fsu won’t do that, so florida finds whoever is willing to play in gainesville without demanding an in-kind game at their place. the competitiveness of these teams is not going to be very good, as their athletic departments are cash-strapped, these teams don’t make much from home attendance, and that is why they take the payout rather than the home game in return. grumble about competitiveness all you want, but money talks, bs walks.