Mullen says Gators setting standard

Florida head football coach Dan Mullen does the Gator Chomp with Dick Vitale, ESPN's legendary basketball commentator, during Saturday's game against Baylor at the O'Connell Center. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

New Florida football coach Dan Mullen addressed the crowd during halftime of the Florida-Baylor game Saturday, asking for support from the fans for UF’s spring game April 14 at The Swamp.

“That standard is not just SEC, but national championships,” said Mullen, who was offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer for UF’s national title teams in 2006 and 2008. “That’s what we promise we’re going to bring back to you here in The Swamp in Gainesville and put the Gators back on top as the most dominating team in the United States of America.

“Our guys are working their tail off right now to live up to what we know the Gators standard is. And that Gators standard is about having a national championship baseball team, about any team that tries to come in here as No. 1 in the country like Oklahoma tried to do (Friday) night (in gymnastics,) they’re going to go home with a loss.”

Mullen then took a picture with ESPN basketball analyst Dick Vitale and went into the student section to hi-five some of the Rowdy Reptiles in attendance.



  1. Without Coach Mullen coaching a game at UF, I am convinced this may be the greatest hire in UF history. Don’t know why I feel like that, however, I have followed Kelly at UCLA and Taggert at FsWho and Mullen is the only new hire that has lit up the recruiting trail and fully embraced the culture of our beloved university. I realize I’m going all fanboy about it, but, it’s like Spurrier, Myer and Muschamp has a love child. I have never seen a new coach embrace the Gator Nation the way Mullen has. He has found is forever home.

  2. Man, this coach is doing what its going to take building up the recruiting line for Florida. He came in with hustle and has been on the road since he got here. I hope he can maintain the energy it really takes a lot out of someone on the road but this is what college recruits require to get their attention. Thanks Coach. Like what you said at the basketball game and showed Vital the chomp. I’m a 70 year old fan and you got me jacked up! At Florida with what your doing you can’t help but succeed. Let’s go coach!

  3. This guy has ME fired-up! I know it will take more than chomp-leading to get us back on track, but I have never seen a coach embrace the entire Gator sports program like this since SOS. I believe in this guy, and if the players do too, then we are on our way! We need to give Mullen and his new coaches and teams all the support we can, no matter what the early outcomes. I think he is doing the right things, and doing things right. Go Gators!

  4. I am excited about his desire to shoot for the top. It’s hard to reach goals you never set, and he is making it clear that from day one everyone associated with the program is expected to work to achieve greatness. He understands championships are won in the off-season, and so he is rocking and rolling right now because he leads by example. Want your players to work hard? You work hard. It’s that simple, and Mullen is bringing it.

  5. I am humbled from my negativity in the past prior to Dan Mullen’s hire. He has electrified the entire Gator Nation, stood toe to toe with Saban, Meyer and Dabo in recruiting. He has finally put a legitimate strength program in place. The only part of the equation remaining is up to Scott Stricklin. Build the stand alone facility. Shovels were supposed to be in the ground in December and there is no mention of it anywhere. Mac had many faults, but he questioned the administration, and it should still be questioned openly and with enthusiasm, not criticism. Build it and they will come.

    • David – There is no comparison between Dan and Mac. One is a hard-charging leader and the other a lazy, anything-goes loser that was not upset at all when getting constantly blown out by rivals, embarrassing our Gator Nation. Dan has turned the mindset around – simply put, he’s in the driver’s seat now and he knows how to do this job. No OJT needed with Mullen – he has been extremely impressive from Day 1. Stricklin saw the critical need for a change, fired Mac and got us back on track.

  6. Coach Dan is bringing it. Really enjoyed the pep talk with the Reptiles & Dickky V. I like everything I’ve seen so far. Need a good close out with this recruiting class. I’ll be at the spring game this year since it’s during the day. Very much looking forward to that with the strength & conditioning program & new look offense & defense.

  7. Recently I read an outstanding post from psychology today about what you deserve vs. what you are entitled to…in addition to being really good info it was based on a study right here at UF psychology Dept.!

    This and 50 other things makes you realize we are so lucky to be around what is going on. Sure we gripe but no program overall has been better in this century in terms of what people value. I know some schools might be temporarily better in some sports. I know Ohio State claims the overall sports title because it’s woman’s water polo team is in a stratosphere by itself..but no one is better imo. And our program is better than I deserve and I’m sure the same is true for most of us. I’m truly grateful.

  8. I sort of liken it to a race car driver that is really fantastic, but had a piece of crap car and team/product to drive. Now take that same driver and put him in a quality product, with a quality team and a reputation for winning and step back and see what happens. Give a winner like Mullen the Gator product to sell to recruits with his history of coaching, and you get a top notch plan for rising to the top. Saban walked into it, as did Meyer, and it makes the whole job alot easier to sell. A recruits choice of Miss. State vs. Florida, is not really a choice. No offense to MS, but the history is just not there. I like what I see so far, and it is what I expected from Mullen.

    • Dunno, Gratis…..Kelly was a flirtation and it sounded to me like our AD was the one to move on first. The other was a known given to Nebraska, and I’m not so sure Mullen wasn’t the main guy all along. Doesn’t matter now anyway, we all agree that he’s the man.