Gators hire former Miami interim coach/Tennessee OC to coach tight ends

FILE - In this Nov. 27, 2015, file photo, Miami head coach Larry Scott congratulates Miami wide receiver Rashawn Scott (11) after the team scored a touchdown in the first quarter against Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh. Scott was the offensive coordinator at Tennessee last year. He takes over as Florida's tight end coach. [Associated Press]

Less than 24 hours after losing an assistant coach with strong ties to the state of Florida, Dan Mullen replaced him with a coach who has a similar background Thursday.

The Gators’ new tight ends coach is Larry Scott, a Florida native who played college football at the University of South Florida and has coached at USF and Miami. He replaces Ja’Juan Seider, a holdover from the Jim McElwain staff who was retained by Mullen, but has decided to pursue another coaching opportunity. Seider was named running backs coach at Penn State earlier today.

“We are excited to have someone of Coach Scott’s coaching experience and background in the state of Florida,” Mullen said. “Larry will do a great job coaching our tight ends, which is one of the most important positions on our staff based on how we utilize that position and the flexibility they have within our offense.”

Scott spent the past two seasons on Butch Jones’ staff at Tennessee, where he was the offensive coordinator and tight ends coach this past season. In 2016, he was the Vols’ special teams coordinator and tight ends coach.

Before going to UT, Scott was the tight ends coach at Miami from 2013-15. He served as the Hurricanes’ interim head coach for the final six games of the 2015 season, going 4-2 and leading UM to a berth in the Sun Bowl.

Scott began his college coaching career at USF in 2005. Over the course of his eight years at his alma mater, he coached the offensive line, tight ends and running backs and also was the Bulls’ lead recruiter.

Scott played offensive line for the Bulls, graduating from USF in 2000.


  1. Because he knows South Florida, recruits well in South Florida, and isn’t going to be the play caller at Florida. Pretty sure this was already set up before Seider was planning on leaving. If anything, it almost looks as if Seider was doing the Gators a huge favor by staying on and recruiting for them while looking for something different.

  2. Time will tell, but UF has former Mississippi State coaches dominating the staff, a couple of former Tennessee coaches, and a couple of others. That’s not exactly a roster of All-Stars. Their main claim to fame is being assistants to Urban Meyer. Mullen was stuck at MSU because no one wanted him. It’s hard to be a “hot” commodity when you built a program to the point of losing to South Alabama at home in your seventh year. I may be wrong, but I think Mullen is no better a hire than the “Foley Specials”, Zook, Muschamp, & McElwain. Call me wrong if Mullen is around for a 5th year. Remember that the guy who hired him, Stricklin, gave McElwain, and others on the fired staff, raises & extensions the same year he fired them.

    • “stuck at MSU because no one wanted him” is an opinion you cannot verify. We know that if he had not accepted the Florida job he would be coaching at UT, and Oregon expressed interest. Five years ago it was reported he was was PSUs choice to replace Paterno. Michigan papers reported UM had interest in him for the job that went to Harbaugh. There was a rumor he was a coach of interest in the job at Miami that went to Mark Richt. Only time will tell if this was a good hire. But he’s hit the ground running, and was my top choice. I preferred him to Kelly (and it looks like he was a better choice at this point in time to Kelly).

      • I became so happy once I learned that UF HC was mullen’s dream job and he has been a gator fan since spurrier coached when mullen was growing up.You want someone that bleeds Blue and Orange to be your HC. The fact that he calls his own plays which he did as UF’s OC was just gravy!

    • Hey Mikey Hoser:

      I’ll take our staff over Slick Willie and his band of merry misfit coaches.

      Good God man, you spend a lot of your time trolling several Gator sports websites under numerous accounts, posting long, rambling nonsense. If I spent even a tenth of your trolling time at an FSU website, I would recognize that I am not well and would submit to Psychiatric treatment. Truly nutty behavior.

    • Any of y’all ever wonder if TebowCurse isn’t actually an FSU troll, but in reality a negative oriented Gator with a bad attitude? Or too few social skills? Good grief, I’m starting to feel sorry for the poor guy regardless of who he is!

    • “…curse”, your desperate cries for attention by trolling our Gator websites has finally evoked sympathy and sadness from the emotionally and mentally intact posters on this board. You are in our thoughts and prayers. You should know that there is help available if you decide to change your sick and miserable ways and go on to lead a stable and productive life. It is truly sad and regrettable that your life has devolved to the point at which you have arrived. Good luck. God Bless you. Please get help.

      • Some patients just don’t want help, Trooper. Personality disorders are a separate entity from major psychological disorders, and notorious for refusing treatment since in their minds everyone else has the problem, not them. Besides, some people are very comfortable in their respective levels of dysfunction. It’s simply a stable, enduring, life-long pattern of perception, cognition, and behavior that brings them into conflict across several domains of living–interpersonal, familial, societal, legal, marital, etc, etc. Do you “hate” FSU? Georgia? Miami? Tennessee? No, I didn’t think so. We take a sportsmanship look at them and simply want to beat the hell out of ’em every year, playfully banter about them consistent with our own competitive drives, and probably wish them well when they’re playing anybody but us. That’s the normal approach, but this type of character profile can’t modulate or regulate their emotions well enough to do that, and must take virtually everything to the extremes of affect and behavior. As for me, I’m not going to take the bait any more and just ignore him.