Video: Recruiting update from Graham Hall


Gatorsports recruiting correspondent Graham Hall answers reader questions about the UF football program.

Graham Hall talks recruiting Live. Hey, guys, thanks so much for your questions.

If you see a question below that you want the answer to, well, check out the video for Graham's thoughts.

Posted by Gatorsports on Thursday, January 18, 2018


    • Ditto, John. I also enjoy Graham’s written articles. By the way, did Florida drop football and not announce it? I’m reading sports media coverage of “Most on the Rise Teams for 2018”, etc, etc, etc….nobody is even mentioning that the Gators actually exist, but of course are falling all over themselves for Michigan, WVA, FSU, Texas…..again….etc, etc, etc.

  1. Graham, you referred to DT Marlon Dunlap as a JUCO transfer, but I thought he is already here and on the roster so to speak. I believe that he transferred straight in from UNC several months ago and is not a JUCO guy that is currently being recruited by anyone any longer. He is similar to the OT Delance kid who also that transferred in a while back.

  2. Good stuff Graham! Very informative. Impressive video calling out prospective recruits by name without referring to your notes. Kudos for updating us on recruiting. I like watching/listening to you better on video than reading your articles.

  3. Boy things have changed. I remember not long ago, the year after Graham started how people on here were trashing him for poor coverage and knowledge! Just goes to show you, you have to give a person time to grow into a job and become experienced without trying to chop their head off or compare them to the experienced guy who just left. Gator fans can be brutal sometimes and impatient!

      • I do have a gripe though….who’s in charge of “moderation” around here? When I first started posting on this site a year ago or so (I personally consider it the best), my posts were under the “awaiting moderation” flag for about a week or so, then after that immediately showing up. A few weeks back I signed up with a password, and ever since then I get the “awaiting moderation” junk every time, and often it’s a couple of days before my posts actually appear. What’s up with that?

        • Gator-6: GateHouse, our parent company, redesigned the site over last summer. Don’t know about the “awaiting moderation” deal with you, because you are cool and all, but some on here need their comments cleaned up. Maybe the system is being wary of folks. It shouldn’t take longer than a day to see your posts, it’s just that we are not on here 24-7, we have to tend to our other assignments.

          • Roger copy, appreciate it Arnold. Sure can understand y’all have other duties too, and the system being wary (I’d be wary of me too, actually, and if I ever had a lieutenant like I was back then, I’m stomp him into a grease spot!). Thanks….

  4. Graham, you are doing a nice job and you have learned a lot about recruiting since you first arrived on the scene. I have been following recruiting closely like a hobby for over 50 years and as you probably also have learned, there is no exact science or rhyme or reason sometimes in terms of what kids are going or not going to do. I knew right away that you may have been confusing Dunlap with someone else and I also knew that Gerald is the #1 JUCO DE in the country and not really a tackle, unless he were to gain a bunch of weight over the next couple of years, which is possible. I believe they are recruiting him as a rush DE, similar to Ce Ce, who could possibly move inside in certain situations, but would primarily be either a DE or stand up OLB in Grantham’s 3-4 scheme.

    I enjoy your input, so keep up the good work.