Florida’s Stricklin joins College Football Playoff committee

Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin. [Kaila Jones/Correspondent]

Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin’s job description has grown with a new important role.

The second-year UF AD was named one of the six new members  of the College Football Playoff selection committee that was announced Wednesday.

Stricklin replaces former Arkansas AD Jeff Long as the SEC’s representative on the committee.

 “Jeff did a wonderful job serving as the SEC representative on the committee and I hope to continue that legacy,” Stricklin said. “The College Football Playoff has become a special part of our sport and the committee’s job is to pick the best teams and to represent the game with integrity.”

Stricklin has spent the majority of his career in the SEC as the AD at UF and Mississippi State, his alma mater. He’s also worked at Auburn and Kentucky on those schools athletic staffs.

He served as MSU athletic director for six years before being named the AD at UF in 2016.

 Stricklin was named Athletic Director of the Year among FBS schools in 2016 by the National Association of College Directors of Athletics (NACDA). He has served as the SEC representative on the NCAA Division I Leadership Council and is currently a member of the Division I Football Competition Committee.

The CFP committee consists of 13 members who operate on three-year terms.


  1. Normally, I would be proud of someone from UF who received a prestigious honor. In the case of Scott Stricklin, not so much. He is a fake. He is not a person of principle. UF’s bedrock athletic principle has been “winning with integrity”. However, Stricklin was willing to cast that principle aside by going after an offensive guru with a show cause from the NCAA in his resume to be the face of Florida athletics. Fortunately, he wasn’t successful. Instead of firing the previous coach and paying him the contractually agreed upon buyout, he weaseled out of millions of dollars by playing the show cause card. Give Stricklin credit for being business shrewd and media savvy, but he will do what it takes to succeed. In a short time since he has been onboard, he has changed UF’s culture from “winning with integrity” to “winning at any cost”. I suppose it is a accepted in this day and age to cheer and support such a person as he is popular with Gator Nation. Look no further than the top two contenders Americans voted for in the most recent presidential election. I would not trust either to babysit my children. It speaks volumes about our present society and culture. The means to an end takes precedence over sticking to one’s principles.