Jordan Smith leaving UF football program


Sophomore defensive end Jordan Smith, whose credit card fraud case is still being considered by the State Attorney’s Office, announced Thursday on Twitter that he’s leaving Florida and is looking to transfer to another school.

Smith, along with eight other players, was suspended from all football activities indefinitely before the start of the season. Seven of the players involved in the credit card fraud accepted pretrial intervention in October, but Smith’s case, along with that of true freshman offensive lineman Kadeem Telfort, remains open.

Here is a portion of Smith’s Tweet: “Due to my recent actions and coaching changes I will not be returning to the university of Florida and will be looking for other opportunities to further my education and my football career.”

There is a report that Telfort, who is facing 30 felony charges, has also left school and is looking to transfer.


  1. Fans need to forgive and forget. It’s yet to be determined how they’ve affected their futures. I sincerely hope they learn from their mistakes and make better life decisions in the future.

    There’s no way to really gauge the impact of their actions on UF and last season’s team. I can’t see any scenario that would have resulted in these two returning to the team.

  2. This young man will have an opportunity to learn from his mistakes & perhaps not go to jail. We’ll see on that. Hope he straightens out his thinking, priorities & stops breaking the law. He is very fortunate that he’ll have future athletic opportunities unlike the two young Gators with the heart conditions.

  3. Imo this kid hurt Mac a lot, may have cost him his job. this guy evidently was the ringleader in getting a bunch of other guys to do something they shouldn’t have. I’m surprised it took this long for us to be finally rid of him, that’s a process that is out of my knowledge base. Mac not knowing what he recruited is hard to overlook if you are at the higher levels. I’m sure coach Mullen will do more due diligence in the future, I can tell since he’s already had 2 guys removed for medical reasons, that shows me doing things right is going to be real important going forward, and I hope we can all be patient with what that requires, because the payoff will be worth it.

    maybe the kid does a ray lewis and at least isn’t involved in anything else as bad for an extended period of time. Maybe he goes to Georgia where they allegedly steal the other teams playbooks before a championship game and fits in perfectly. Maybe he goes to north Alabama and then the nfl. The apology this kid owes is to coach Mac. We will see what comes.

    • Mac brought this on himself and Gator Nation by not paying enough attention to the details of leading these kids. Same philosophy as in the “lift today if you want to” strength program and all the other under-performed coaching duties under Mac, which was basically everything. Outcoached every game, out-hustled every game, made fools of by the opponents on a regular basis (see Michigan games 1 & 2). That is the coaching staff that wasn’t looking when 13% of the scholarship players all decided to commit grand larceny. They thought they would get away with it. Can you imagine this happening under Saban? NO

      As for this kid, he’s lucky if he stays out of jail with a federal rap on his record for the rest of his life. He deserves both. He didn’t care who he was stealing from as long as he got some thug money is his pocket. All made possible by his golden opportunity at the University of Florida.

  4. This was not a victimless crime and it creates a lot of financial stress and strain on those affected. Having said that, I don’t wish anyone’s life ruined once they’ve served their punishment. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson onhow stupid, selfish and hurtful his actions were.