UF’s Ivey says he’ll return for senior season

Florida player Martez Ivey answers questions during SEC Media Days in July at the Hyatt Regency - Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Ala.. [Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]

“It’s only right to finish what I started with my brothers. 1 more year. Go gators,” Florida offensive lineman Martez Ivey wrote Thursday night on his Twitter account to announce his return for his senior season.

The 6-foot-6, 315-pound Ivey started 31 of the 36 games he has appeared in his three seasons in Gainesville. This past season he played guard and tackle.


  1. The guys with enough talent to actually have a thought in their heads about going pro early now will all be much better off to play one more year for the Gators. They all got shortchanged (except our RBs under Seider) by the unbelievably bad McNuss staff that has been soaking up millions for doing nothing. A very smart decision by Ivey, he will have some highlight tapes after this coming season that aren’t the ones for our opponents. Dan’s staff knows what a dumpster fire they inherited from McYet and are already running balls-out to bring Gator football back. Expect big changes in 2018.

  2. Good news for Coach Mullen & our Gators! Glad Martez will be back for his SR year. The OL with Hevesy running the show & the new strength coach may get better in a hurry. We certainly need a dominant OL. The change to spread O will be interesting. Go Gators!

  3. My opinion is that he and Jefferson made the correct decision, they both will be better off coming back for their senior season. They both played decent but neither has reach the potential that was seen for them when signing. I think both of them realized it as well and they will have a better future at the next level.

      • True David, it doesn’t matter what the reason is though, as it still benefits the team. I guess in these days, youngsters with the potential those two have must look out for themselves in any event, though I will say that this NFL early draft thing sure is putting a hitch in a lot of team’s get-a-longs.

  4. Ivey sucks, and that’s why he’s coming back. He’s assured of starting at UF because UF’s offensive line still sucks. Now we hear the excuse of the “strength and conditioning” coach… Do you need a coach to make you work hard? No, you don’t need a coach to make you stronger, you just need to put in the time, and effort, to want to be the best. Lifting weights is not rocket science, and the guys who coach it are far from being the brightest bulbs in the world. This nonsense about savage being the answer is just another, in a long line, of delusion that makes absolutely no sense. For those of you who actually think, instead of believing the B.S. spouted during the off season. ask yourself if you would actually need someone to make you stronger, quicker, or more agile. It’s not the “strength and conditioning coach. Having the ability to spot someone or display a lack of neck is not important. Florida’s players have no one but themselves to blame if they aren’t working hard. Period. Ivey was just vastly overrated coming out of high school, and Savage isn’t going to change that fact.

    • Well Buddy Rho, as we used to say in the Army a long time ago, “That’s certainly one way of looking at it”. I’m taxing my brain though, as feeble as it may be, to come up with the logical and cognitive pattern of thoughts that led you to that conclusion. Maybe take some of the affect out of it and take a mulligan?

    • Let us all hold hands, unite, speak ill of FSU, and hope you’re correct Emoryjones. I try very hard to be a better person in order not to hate opponents, ie, maintain good sportsmanship, but nothing would give me more pleasure at this age than to watch them come off their self appointed perch for a few years. Well, there is one thing, but again, at this age the FSU stumble is more likely.

      I think the jury will be out on Taggart, however. Apparently everybody in the world wants to play for him, despite his overall record, which is said to be attributed to his willingness to take weak programs to the top. Maybe so, maybe not. Let’s see how great a magician he actually isn’t before we lay the Ron Zook curse on the poor guy. Know whud I mean Verne?