UF’s Mullen adds defensive back coach


Florida coach Dan Mullen has added Charlton Warren to his staff.

Mullen made the announcement Friday, the same day offensive line coach Brad Davis left Florida to take the same position at Missouri.

Warren spent this season Tennessee’s defensive backs coach and special teams coordinator. He spent the majority of his career at his alma mater, Air Force, where he served in many roles during nine seasons (2005-13).

Warren also worked as defensive backs coach at Nebraska (2014) and North Carolina (2015-16) before landing in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Along with his college coaching experience, Warren also participated in the NFL minority internship program in 2007 with the Houston Texans. He spent training camp with the Texans, assisting with the defense and special teams.

Warren is the sixth assistant hired by Mullen, joining strength and conditioning coordinator Nick Savage, defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and offensive assistants Billy Gonzales, John Hevesy and Brian Johnson.


    • Tennessee ranked 6th in passing yards allowed last year. The year before at North Carolina, Warren brought Tarheals to a #10 ranking in passing yards allowed. The year before at Nebraska his unit ranked 32nd in passing yards allowed (still pretty fair) but even then ranked #5 in pass efficiency defense. This means that every other pass defense statistic — completion %, interceptions, yards per attempt, etc. — were ranked very high. Before that he was a DC at Air Force so he has that experience too. He hasn’t been being getting a promotion every year because he sucks at his job.

      Facts are always helpful before you fly off the handle — unless you are a troll. If you are a troll then by all means, carry on.

  1. This coaching staff is not any better then what was here already. Heresy is not a good recruiter and thge db coach from tenner that be group over there was awful very disappointed with the coaching staff hires and let’s not forget Mr grab throat Grantham at dc

    • Nope, more then just somewhat your bad. The only quantifiable statement you made is, “Tennessee secondary wasn’t all that great last year.” I responded with Tennessee was ranked #6 in yards given up. I also gave you additional information regarding his previous positions to include the “pass efficiency %” from three years ago. You seem to have ignored the direct response regarding Tennessee and sarcastically mentioned the 4th and least relevant statistic I cited. Also, you did not at all make the point that if he is so good Pruitt would just keep him. But since you have now brought it up — there could be a million reasons. We also have a handful of coordinators that were good enough to keep but decided to move on. It happens. Run and blitz? Judge Grantham on that — the DB coach is judged based on passing yards allowed.

      • Upon further review…

        Shame on you TJ for cherry picking stats. The only reason Tenn was #6 in pass yds per game this year was because they sucked. They lost 8 games (some blowouts) so those teams ran the ball a lot and did not pass. That’s why Tenn was 125th in rush defense. No, that’s not the DB coach’s fault but the pass defense stats will look way better if the other team is running out the clock before halftime. And the 4 games they did win weren’t exactly against offensive juggernauts. UMass, Indiana St, Southern Miss and a GA Tech team that only averaged 4 completed passes PER GAME?

        What about other stats that a DB and Spec Teams coach is responsible for? 118th in INTs, 94th in kick return yds, 67th in punt return yds, 30th in blocked kicks and dead last at 129th in blocked punts with zero.

        I know nothing about this guy, and he may be a great coach…so I’ll trust coach Mullen on the hire. But let’s not cherry pick one misleading stat to make him look like some DB coaching prodigy.

  2. TJ-Gator, pass efficiency is not all DB’s or their coaches are judged on. On PS4 perhaps. Do some of your own research before you choose to go off on some Mickey Mouse superiority binge. Not saying Charlton Warren doesn’t deserve fair chance. Absolutely does, same as Mullen and the rest of the coaches.

  3. Not going to criticize any of his choices, I just don’t understand WHY Randy Shannon was not retained in some capacity. DB coach, LB coach or something. I’m hearing rumors of coaches not being good recruiters, don’t know if any of it is true. But Randy is a PRETTY DAM GOOD RECRUITER, especially in South Florida. Maybe it was a personality thing with Mullen or his choice for DC, I don’t know. I just hope these defensive choices are good ones. Our Defense has carried us for the LAST 8 years without MUCH help from the other side of the ball. They were a very young team this year and thin, therefore they allowed more this year than usual. They will be Pretty good this coming year with maturity and HELP, if the coaches are decent.

  4. This staff is turning out to be a disaster. Of course it won’t be needed anyway when there is no personnel to coach. Recruiting is simply not being done. This staff is without question a huge step down from Mac. Absolutely disgraceful what Mullen has done already. On the bright side we will have 34 scholarship players in the fall……only 51 shy of the NCAA limit. Maybe enough bodies to play a pickup basketball game.

  5. Gary, “this staff is a disaster”? Jump to conclusions much? Mullen hasn’t been on the job a month and you’re already certain he can’t hire assistants or recruit players. Take a deep breath and calm down. More important, give the man a chance.