Florida’s Townsend, Pineiro on AP All-America team

Two Gators were named to the Associated Press All-America Teams on Monday. Redshirt senior punter Johnny Townsend earned a spot on the AP’s second team, while redshirt junior kicker Eddy Pineiro earned third team accolades. [The Associated Press]


Florida’s two kickers — punter Johnny Townsend and place-kicker Eddy Pineiro — performed like All-Americans throughout the 2017 season. Now, they officially have that status.

Townsend and Pineiro were named to the Associated Press All-America team Monday. Townsend is on the second team and Pineiro on the third.

Townsend averaged 47.5 yards per punt this season and consistently flipped field position for the Gators. Pineiro made 17 of 18 field goal attempts, including his final 16 in a row.


    • Totally agree with that. I can understand if they didn’t want to give him the Ray Guy award, but to not even nominate him as a finalist was just ridiculous. This is now the second all-american team i’ve seen him on. I hope Piniero comes back next year. Felt he was grossly underutilized this year. Seemed like there were quite a few 50-55 yard FGs not attempted when you’ve got such a great talent, and why anyone would ask him to kick the ball short when the return teams were so bad was always beyond me. Hopefully a new and better special teams coach will alleviate that problem next year.

  1. The good news is Townsend brother will be punting for the Gators next year…he was also one of the best HS punters in the country last year…going to be another All American in the family…I’ve seen this guy punt and he’s every bit as good as his older brother… maybe a little stronger leg…hearing some pretty good things about Pineiro…let’s hope they are true and he comes back and becomes a first team All American next year.